Alumni Days

Alumni Days is a series of events held across the country in various metropolitan areas. It is a national Fraternity event to bring brothers together to rekindle brotherhood, create new relationships, and strengthen connections within these metropolitan areas, unifying under the theme: Building Fidelity, Building Brotherhood.

Alumni Days is important so that we can keep the spirit of brotherhood alive. With brothers continuously moving to new cities, it is sometimes hard to keep track of where brothers are or what they are doing across the different regions. With Alumni Days, we can bring brothers together to introduce new relationships, make memories, and remind us why we’re brothers for life.

Whether you are new to the city or have been there for years, there are brothers there that you may not know. Alpha Rho Chi is unique because we can stay connected and have this common experience and passion. Come to Alumni Days to reconnect with brothers you knew in school and meet new brothers in your current area. There will be a range of activities for all to participate in: exploring the city, opening conversations of where we all first bonded, and strengthening the brotherhood at an evening reception.

Seattle, Washington: September 15th 2018

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | SAVE THE DATE

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Washington, D.C.: September 29th 2018

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | SAVE THE DATE

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