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71st Convention Motions


Motion Submitted by: Brother Camilla Romero, Nicon Chapter.
M. President, I move that:

Seconded By: (requires a second by a seated delegate)


Motion Submitted by: Brother Emily Lewis, Vitruvius Alumni Association
M. President, I move that:
Active dues are increased from $50 per semester to $65 per semester.

Please provide a brief explanation of the motion:
Dues were last increased in 2002 at the 55th National Convention. Since that time, the fraternity has experienced a period of unprecedented growth and has nearly tripled in size. With greater influence comes an increase in expectations, responsibilies, and services that the National Fraternity should provide. During this same time period the cost of doing business has also increased exponentially. We are seeking to increase active dues in order to meet the changing needs of a larger organization. The pledge fee will also increase to $65 and the new initiate fee to $90 to match the increase in active dues.

Seconded By:(requires a second by a seated delegate)


Motion Submitted by: Brother Michele LeTourneur, Metagenes Alumni Association
M. President, I move that:
The Class of Membership of “Active” member be renamed to “Collegiate” member wherever that classification appears in the Constitution of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity.

Please provide a brief explanation of the motion:
In our fraternity, members remain actively involved with Alpha Rho Chi, whether alumni, non-graduates, faculty, honorary or Master Architect. This activity should be encouraged of all members, not just those brothers enrolled in university. Membership classifications appears in the following areas of the Constitution: Article III, Section 02 Members Article IX, Section 01 Classes of Membership Membership classifications do not appear in the Bylaws. “Active member” is used in Article XXV Emblems Section 01 to request all active members to wear the official badge, which would be left unchanged. This motion does not rename the “Active Chapters” in our Constitution or Bylaws. The term “active chapter” can be contrasted with chapters that have become dormant.

Seconded By:(requires a second by a seated delegate)

Additional motions may be proposed before or at the 71st National Convention, provided they do not increase dues or amend the Constitution, By-Laws, or Ritual.


The following Convention positions are up for election, and their nominees are listed:

  • Convention President
  • Convention Secretary
  • Moises Valcarel Gonzalez, Nicon Chapter

The president will then appoint two additional officers:

  • Convention Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Convention Parliamentarian

The following Grand Council positions are up for election:

The remaining positions will be elected at the completion of their term:

  • Worthy Grand Lecturer (2019)
  • Worthy Grand Estimator (2017-2019)
  • Worthy Grand Associate Architect (2017-2020)
  • Worthy Grand Scribe (2017-2020)
  • Worthy Grand Inspector (2017-2020)

The duties and responsibilities of each position is described in detail in this document. Please refer to the document for more information. Please email with nominations and with any questions.

Delegate Information

Here are notes and tools for members serving as a Convention delegate.

Appropriate Dress

Business dress is required. Jeans, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, torn clothing, and low cut/revealing articles are not acceptable. Please be respectful and ask if you are unsure. Business dress is not to be confused with business casual. Men should consider wearing a shirt and tie, but jackets are not strictly required; women should wear nice pants and a blouse/sweater. The meeting room may be cold, so consider bringing a sweater or nice jacket.


The delegate is expected to attend the Robert’s Rules workshop as well as all business sessions and be attentive and on time.


Chapters and Alumni Associations should use the Convention Credentials Checklist to help ensure their good standing and that their delegates are properly credentialed with the Credentials Committee. This document includes instructions and deadlines for submitting reports to the Convention. It can be found below, along with other resources.

Convention Reports

Reports are listed here. If a page can not be found, that report has not yet been filed: please submit it or contact

APX Foundation
Nominations Committee
Grand Council
Audit Committee (submitted at convention)


Alumni Associations

Convention ToolsDocumentation and resources for Convention business

  •  Convention Minutes

    Links to minutes from prior National Conventions
  •  Guide to the APX Convention

    An informal overview of the operations of Convention business sessions, including credentials, Convention officers, and the handling of motions.
  •  Convention Standing Rules

    An example of standing rules for the national convention. Note: Each Convention adopts its own set of standing rules at the beginning of its business session. Those rules may differ from this example.
  •  Convention Credentials Example

    Sample of a delegate credentials for the APX National Convention. This sample is not valid for use by delegates.
  •  Robert’s Rules Tip Sheet

    A short guide to running meetings with Robert's Rules of Order. Applicable for chapter meetings as well as Convention business session, this guide includes tips on what to do in common situations.
  •  Convention Motion Form

    Blank Microsoft Word form for submitting motions to the Alpha Rho Chi National Convention.

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