53rd National Convention

Lincoln, Nebraska
March 23-25, 2000

Convention Minutes

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Grand Council Reports

  • Worthy Grand Architect – no report submitted to Convention Secretary
  • Worthy Grand Associate Architect – click here
  • Worthy Grand Scribe – no report submitted to Convention or to Convention Secretary
  • Worthy Grand Estimator – click here
  • Grand Advisor – no report submitted to Convention or to Convention Secretary

Report of the Worthy Grand Associate Architect
Brian A Swilling, Associate AIA, NOMA, APX

Dear Brothers:

First let me apologize for my absence. This past year has brought challenges that were so unexpected that I am still reeling from their collective impact. I would like to thank those of you who expressed your sympathy and support for me in these ‘troubled times” which beset my life. In an effort to deal with these issues and to get my family and myself back on track, I am taking an official sabbatical from my fraternity duties until the summer meeting. Barring any more deaths or house fires, that time should be enough for me to get back on track mentally, emotionally and professionally.

Although I was Constitutionally obligated to plan this Convention, it made logistical and logical sense to place the planning of this event in the hands of Ted and the Pytheos Chapter, so I focused my efforts on other goals this past year. I did, however, make some inroads and inquiries that should allow us to reduce the cost of Convention next year through sponsorships and gifts. More will be forthcoming on that topic as the funds become available.

A major goal of this office and a directive from Convention 1999 was to get the website up and running. Thanks to the efforts of the website committee, which included the Webmaster, Jim Thompson, Shawn Good, Rob Ford, Vicki Horton, Jennifer Fritz, Dana Habel, and myself, we have revised and updated the website and are adding new pages on a consistent basis. We are in the process of creating forms for the use of the chapters and alumni associations, and are looking into the feasibility of the chat rooms and newsgroups, which were discussed at the last Convention. So while we have not completed all of the directives as related to the website, we have made a start and look forward to great progress in the very near future. Please visit the webpage and offer comments and suggestions to any of the committee members.

In an effort to keep Alumni abreast of Fraternity goings-on, we issued an Alumni Newsletter this fall that spoke about Convention, introduced the new WGAA, gave some information in various chapters, colonies and individual alumni. I intend to send this out on a quarterly basis in the future in an effort to keep the alumni more up-to-date on the happenings in the Fraternity. I also intend to make sure that it becomes a permanent feature of the website.

Unfortunately, several of my objectives for this year fell short of the mark. I plan to utilize this time off to reassess my plan of action for this office. I understand the charges I was given when I took office and I respect the faith you placed in me when you elected me. Make no mistake. I am not withdrawing from Fraternity life, just taking a break, But come July, I will be back at full speed. I wish you the best during this Convention and am sorry that I cannot be there with you. I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces next year.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian A. Swilling

Report of the Worthy Grand Estimator

Convention President, Secretary and Delegates:

I am pleased to report that over the past year, we have maintained our solvent status that Worthy Grand Estimator Emeritus strove so hard to achieve. We are in no danger of having financial problems; in fact, I believe that money is the least of our concerns. However, this organization would quickly cease to exist if every brother did not continue to fulfill his or her financial obligations.

Enclosed in this report are the following documents for the current fiscal year (1999-00):

  • A. Balance sheet of all assets and liabilities; (FY 98-99)
  • B. Income and Expenses by Month and Expense Summary pie-chart;
  • C. Profit and Loss Comparison (budget versus actual) to date;
  • D. Summary of Activity Report for Alumni Associations; and
  • E. Summary of Activity Report for Chapters and Colonies.

I have a complete report for the previous fiscal year including the General Ledger; if anyone would like to review this year-end report, please see me.

There were several goals that I had hoped to achieve or at least make significant strides in during this fiscal year.
These goals included the following:

  • Learn the accounting and procedures for this office which included;
    • Learned Quicken and Tim’s accounting procedure (98% complete)
    • Responded to 15+ requests for information
    • Processed 62 monthly reports (issued corrections on 58)
    • Issued by-monthly chapter status updates by e-mail
    • Recorded and processed over 400 checks
    • Recorded and wrote over 25 checks
    • Issued Fall and Spring booklets to ever chapter and colony
    • Coordinated and arranged for monthly conference calls
    • Attended and participated in the APX Foundation annual meeting in Illinois
    • Made minor improvements to most forms
    • Wrote alumni dues invoice and gave to Lark for distribution
    • Wrote two articles for the Newsletter
    • Compiled end-of-year report for FY 1998-99
    • Contacted Merrill-Lynch and completed transition in January
    • Started sorting through records for 1968-1992 (11 boxes)
  • Complete the transition from previous WGE;
    • Complete except Bank still does not recognize new mailing address
  • Improve alumni dues collection and ensure prompt deposit of alumni dues; and Sent out individual invoices instead of inclusion in newsletter
    • To date have received $2100 (60 alums) more than combined 1999 & 1998 campaign
    • Next year expect to mail out invoices in December with a second reminder mailing going out in February
  • Improve badge and certificate order turn-around.
    • Researched historical turn-around time
    • Researched (3) “missing” badge orders and determined problem was not on national’s end
    • Chapters need to have badges/certificates mailed to their address at the university to eliminate lost deliveries during breaks.
    • Implemented mailing a minimum of 4x during year or combined order of more than 20 brothers
    • Changed order form — hopefully an improvement
  • Get the forms on the Web
    • Tim Tourville relinquished control of this effort in December
    • Dana Habel, Iktinos alumnus, volunteered to translate forms into Java in February
    • In the meantime, continue to use the forms that I c-mailed out to every chapter
    • Status — in the works; should be on-line by September

There were several directives that the 52nd National Convention asked my office to complete during the past fiscal year.

  • Distribute a Fundraising Idea Sheet to all chapters by September 1, 1999
    Discussed a proposed list at WA Conference in September;
    Distributed a revised list on November 20, 1999
  • Determine cost of publishing and distributing a membership directory
    Cost would be approx. $6.44 per copy
    Total = $19,320 if copy for every member (3000) plus postage
    Distributed via e-mail in November/December 1999
  • Determine cost to expand Web site memory
    Preliminary estimate from provider is an increase from $10/month to $100/month
  • Get the forms on the Web;
  • Get the photos of jewelry and merchandise available on the Web;
  • Improve proper completion of forms;
  • Compile a comparison report on past alumni dues invoicing;
  • Compile a comparison report of badge/certificate orders;
  • Include a gift with alumni dues invoicing (says www.alpharhochi.org);
  • Separate life-time members out of dues invoicing and appeal to them for donations;
  • Upgrade accounting program from QuickBooks version 4.0 to QuickBooks Pro version 7.0 (works with Word & Excel) for $165.00;
  • Work with the WGAA to improve Convention budgeting and record-keeping;,
  • Work with chapters to establish healthy accounting procedures;
  • Work with alumni associations to maintain or establish budgets and dues collection;
  • Continue to condense past WGE materials; and
  • Continue to analysis accounting procedures and look for ways to improve.

I am disappointed to report that we have not spent all of the money that we had budgeted for the year. While I am pleased that we are working within our budget, I would prefer to see more programs and services for all members.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nicole A. Morris
Worthy Grand Estimator

Grand Council Appointee Reports

Report of the National Inspector
Vicki Horton

The past year has been incredibly busy for me and everyone involved with Alpha Rho Chi on a national level. As in any year, the Fraternity leadership has had to confront occasionally volatile issues affecting every facet of how we run this business we call Alpha Rho Chi. I have had the privilege to work with a team of’ arguably the most dedicated Regional Deputies this Fraternity has appointed since my initiation in 1984.

When I was appointed National Inspector almost two years ago, I vowed to make communication my top priority. In addition, I pledged that I would do my very best to demonstrate that I was not simply, going to accept an appointment to add to some resume. Surely I’m not alone when I say that, in years past, the National Inspector appointee was a mystery. More often than not, no one knew who the National Inspector was, much less what that brother’s duties were. Just after my first appointment, I was charged with obtaining proof of each chapter’s corporate status within their respective states. With only two exceptions, this task was completed within three months of being assigned. The only other official assignment I’ve received since that time has been to assist in the locating “lost” Xenocles brothers for the Fraternity’s database. Priority to playing detective, my focus has been on the chapters, associations and colonies that have asked for my help (the calls for help have kept me and many others very busy this past year :). This past September, I attended the WA Leadership Conference in St. Louis, which was very motivational in terms of seeing the dedication and commitment shown by our younger leaders. These brothers are not afraid to ask tough questions or face tough issues head on. On the contrary, it appears as though the chapters have realized that it is their duty to do just that.

Anyone who knows me knows that communication, or lack thereof, is my pet peeve. Therefore, I assigned myself a schedule… a regimen, if you will… to communicate with the Grand Council, Regional Deputies, Chapters and Colonies on a very consistent basis. This communication has not just been limited to WA’s and colony presidents, but anyone who has indicated they have an interest in the Fraternity and its activities. It has led to further challenges, but the rewards have far outweighed the headaches, as I have gained even further insight into the issues facing our chapters.

On a more local level, I have taken the initiative to reestablish the Xenocles Chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington. I had a very successful meeting with the Dean of Architecture in September, where he showed genuine enthusiasm and indicated he would cooperate fully with our efforts to reestablish the chapter. I have since made contact with the AIAS President at the University and he seems to be quite excited about possibly playing a leadership role in the colonization process. It took only one relatively quiet weekend to put together a PowerPoint presentation of the Introduction to Alpha Rho Chi brochure, so that if could be easily shared with a larger audience at virtually no cost. In addition to the previous material on the brochure,
I added:

  1. testimonials from brothers nationwide, attesting to the benefits of membership in APX
  2. my personal email address as a local contact name
  3. information specific to the UTA campus and Xenocles Chapter, including a brief history of Xenocles, the architect, and photos of his work

In light of the likely review of colonization requirements by the delegates gathered here, I chose to suspend my forward progress until the review is complete. However at the close of this convention I intend to refocus attention on my goal to reestablish Xenocles Chapter no matter the outcome of the colonization process review.

It is exciting to see the return of Satyros Chapter and the fast approaching installations of chapters at the University of Cincinnati and Detroit Mercy. This is a strong indication that Alpha Rho Chi remains a worthwhile organization, offering unrivaled opportunities to its members. Obviously, the situation leading to Satyros’ installation caused temporary discord among some brothers, but it is important to remember that disagreement is occasionally necessary to initiate communication… and communication is the key to achieving our goals.

Exciting as the news is about the colonies, it is important to retain one’s s enthusiasm if the upcoming installations are countered with the demise of three or four active chapters. It seems every chapter has had its share of financial and membership hardships this past year. In the instances where these problems still exist, it will only take fresh perspectives to find solutions to them. In others, it will take innovation and dedication to reach resolution, but the brothers will only become stronger once those problems are resolved. Those are obviously the ideal situations, but I feel it is essential to point out the obvious many of our chapters and associations are in danger of dissolution. How much longer will we ignore their pleas for help and leadership, to focus on “expansion?” How can the active chapters, or any of us, be excited to build on a questionable foundation? To strengthen our foundation, we must consistently provide the broad range of services we have promised to our membership. In addition, we should make every effort to reestablish our inactive chapters before actively recruiting students at universities with no previous Alpha Rho Chi presence. This is not to say we should reject any and all inquiries from students interested in forming new colonies, only that we should not allow our focus to stray from the chapters we already have, or have had.

On a national level, there are few things more detrimental to this Fraternity than an image of apparent chaos, either internally or externally. It has been said frequently that this Fraternity is very much like having family all over the world. Absolutely true. Unfortunately, this family as it exists right now, is dysfunctional. It is contemptible that so much of this Fraternity’s talent and spirit is squandered, typically in favor of politics. I’ve heard the frustration with the leadership of this Fraternity, voiced by chapters and associations nationwide. It’s very difficult to sympathize with their complaints because the choice of leaders of this Fraternity belongs to us, every year, at this venue! We have absolutely no one to blame but ourselves if we continue to elect candidates based on anything other than their ability to lead: No longer can, or should, the membership accept the status quo. This year, the right and responsibility to see that the leadership of the Fraternity is placed in qualified hands, has fallen on your shoulders. It is your duty– regardless of your chapter affiliation, personal feelings (for or against candidates), or any other baggage brought to the table–to see that the best possible candidates are elected to propel the membership toward our common goals. The time is long overdue for battles of the past to be buried forever! I challenge each of you to set aside your personal differences, forget past “transgressions” in favor of taking a new perspective with your fellow brothers.

The Brothers across the nation have put our faith and trust in you to set the proper course for our Fraternity and we all deserve the finest the Fraternity has to offer. Please do not falter in the decisions you make here. Alpha Rho Chi has the potential to be a major driving force among student organizations. Let’s work as one to insure that potential is transformed into reality.

Fraternally Submitted,

Vicki J. Horton
National Inspector

“Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.” — Benjamin Franklin

Regional Deputy Report – Region 2
Edgardo L. Martinez-Vazquez

Dear Brothers,

These year have been a tuff one for some Chapters of APX, as we have all heard before. My Region doesn’t have any active Chapters at the moment, which instead of made it easy for me it puts more pressure. I have visit couples of universities in last four month in order to start some colonies by the beginning of the next school year.

I have been at the University of Virginia, these is a pretty big University and the school building also houses other architecture related faculties, like Fine Arts, these will be a good opportunity to not only strength our field but go beyond it. At least a group of 15 people show their interest in APX (out of 20 that I met with). On the summer we will be meeting again and plan the strategies, rules, and requirements to start a colony at UVA by the fall semester.

I’ve been try to reach some Alumni from Metagenes at Virginia Tech in and effort to re-start that Chapter, some of them which were given to me by some of you. Unfortunately, these people never get back to me, I haven’t had the opportunity of visit this campus but that will be one of my goals before the end of the school year there. In the other hand I have been in contact with several students from their Alexandria consortium, and they sound very interested in start something down there. I had ask advice in how we want to handle these project since they are part of Vtech but they are not in the main campus. They actually have basically no contact with them until there graduation day. So please give your feedback on these matters.

Catholic University, is a whole different story I have really good friends over there that will love to start a fraternity, but policies of the University prohibit any fraternities. I have find out that there is one single fraternity in the whole campus I will be in contact with them to see what they do and how they get the administration to approve them. No promises here but let’s see what happened.

University of Maryland will be my next objective for next fall, why next fall, I rather work hard in start the colonies in UVA and Vtech, and get that going before try to make another approach and don’t dedicate time to neither of them.

On the beginning of August the AIAS has Grassroots, which is the meeting of the presidents of each Chapters, in my opinion this is a good opportunity to let the different schools of architecture about APX. I personally first heard of APX in an AIAS Convention back in 1994 in Lexington, KY, when brother Grogan was the Worthy Grand Scribe. I did make an approached but never follow it since I was down in Puerto Rico, But when I came to the states and learned that UF had an APX Chapter, never did I doubt in joining it. So I if somebody can send Brian Swilling or my self some brochures about the Fraternity I’ll make my way to Grassroots and give them out and talk to some of them. I work for the AIAS for several years so I know some people over there that will help me spread the word.

Well brothers I think is been a wonderful year and that the fraternity is has grow up as an organization. A lot of things still need to be done but we all has to work as a group through out the year, I have heard several problems between different chapter, the grand council, and within chapters. If we continue working these way we will never grow as persons, as organization or as family. I think the e-mail has been really effective as a way of communication but people also like to receive a call once in a while or hard copies of some important documents. We should all (chapters) try to send a list of the activities to every other chapter and post it in the new web page so even if we are not close or can go at least everybody knows what the other chapters are doing. So lets all work together and with the Grand Council; and Grand Council work with the Chapters, it works both ways.

I’m willing to continue as a Regional Deputy if is the Grand Council desire and give my best to the improvement of the Fraternity, I would really like to see APX to grow and be a strong National Organization for Architects and related arts.

Thanks, is been a pleasure working for you these past year.


Edgardo L. Martinez, Assoc. AIA, CSI
Regional Deputy-Region 2

Regional Deputy Report – Region 3
Rob Ford

March 21, 2000

Dear Brothers:

Regretfully, Amber and I are unable to attend the 53rd National Convention as we will be attending my cousin’s wedding
the same weekend. However, we are planning to be at the 54th National Convention, wherever it may be.

You also will note that no representatives from the Apollodorus and Seshait Chapters and Alumni Associations will be present at this year’s convention. I cannot give a reason for the absence of either Seshait organization. The Apollodorus Alumni Association is absent because I apparently was the only member who knew the dates and location of Convention. I have various theories for this: poor communication from the Grand Council, poor communication from me (I did not go Out of my way to inform people), and poor participation by the officers and general members of the Association. While I believe the combination of all of these to be the cause, the information was nonetheless easy to get: Chapter calendar (via e-mail), Chapter web site, Fraternity web site, Fraternity alumni mailing, et cetera. Plus, the officers are aware of the general timing of Convention (three of the four have been to at least one), yet nobody asked.

The Apollodorus Chapter, however, has other issues that prevent its representation. The Chapter and its Brothers cannot afford to travel to Lincoln, and since the Chapter has been unable to pay national dues for almost a year now, they cannot vote on Fraternity issues. I think this is the first time in its existence that the Apollodorus Chapter will not be represented.

I feel very privileged to have been asked to serve the Fraternity as Regional Deputy, and I hope I have served you well. I wish I could say Region 3 had a stellar year, but other circumstances have forced me to define success as merely keeping both of my Chapters-particularly Apollodorus-in existence. It has not been easy.

I have all but neglected Seshait, and I am truly sorry for this. I sent several e-mails to and left a few voice mails for the WA with minimal response. To be fair, I was not very persistent in following up. I am aware of the exchanges between the Grand Council and the Seshait Chapter, and I am pleased that a good dialog is building. Although the Chapter is on advisory status for low membership (which I believe to be on paper only), I am further pleased that they expect to initiate four pledges within the next month. I think they understand that I am available and willing to help, and I hope they let me know of issues before they become crises.

I have concentrated nearly all of my focus on Apollodorus. I live ten miles from the Chapter House, it is the Chapter that initiated me, I am still the de facto Worthy Superintendent, and it is also the Chapter in most need of assistance to avoid bankruptcy and eviction from its House. In brief, the immediate past Worthy Estimator failed to collect nearly $3,000 in rent and utilities between January 1998 and May 1999. This was not discovered until September 1999, and virtually every cent of each active Brother’s dues since then has gone to pay for rent, utilities, and insurance for the Chapter House. They doubt that all of these monies are collectable and would feel very lucky to recover one-third of it. Without these monies, the Chapter will be short at least $1,500 which would otherwise cover the reimbursement of three Brothers’ security deposits and the Chapter’s past national dues. While I could go into additional details of the Chapter’s plight, I expect them to be covered in the Chapter’s report. You can also call or e-mail the Worthy Architect or me if you would like to talk about the issues.

The Apollodorus Alumni Association elected a new Board of Directors last fall. They are planning on a campaign to collect local Association dues (which have not been collected for some time), but because only a few Alumni have paid their national dues, I question the sincerity of this effort. In general, enthusiasm is better than in recent years, but I personally feel the Association could be doing more to help the Chapter. There seems to be a differing of philosophies between what the Chapter wants its direction to be versus what the Alumni Association wants the Chapter’s direction to be. Until this difference is resolved, mutual cooperation, trust, and respect will be hindered.

The Chapter has asked the Alumni Association to help them get out of the mess it is in-a mess the Association seems to feel is solely the Chapter’s responsibility. (Never mind the fact that the current actives had no influence over the situation they inherited. Those who caused the situation or allowed it to happen have graduated or left school.) Unfortunately for them, help has not been very forthcoming. In fact, it thus far has been limited to the Alumni Association sponsoring a rush event, hosting a party, and telling the Chapter that if it recruited a pledge class and kept the Chapter House, “the money would be there)” Needless to say, the Chapter was not planning to do otherwise. (In all fairness, four alumni have contributed financially to the Chapter, but the situation is more than what four Brothers can offer on their own.)

Despite their efforts, the Chapter has initiated only one new Brother since December 1998-Suzanne Soeldner (Omega Class, Fall 1999). They generated a great deal of interest in and enthusiasm for Alpha Rho Chi early this semester. Attendance at several of the rush events was high, and contact with attendees was made after each one. Even though no students pledged, several said that they would like to pledge in the fall. Because the Chapter will not have a pledge class at least until then and because of continuing issues regarding the House, the active Brothers have yet to see any money and is now fearful that the Alumni Association will not help. I openly admit to being biased in favor of the Chapter despite my roles as an alumnus and as Treasurer of the Alumni Association, and I am quite certain my feelings are known to both organizations. Through my efforts in helping the Chapter with easing its financial woes, I am well aware of the issues the Brothers face. Several alumni, however, seem to think that if the Alumni Association ignores the situation it will go away. The Association also insists upon the Chapter renewing its lease on the House. Many alumni believe that without a House the Chapter will disappear. In my opinion, the Chapter, as a group of students, is ill equipped to manage it effectively on its own. However, the Alumni Association refuses to assist in its management. (The Chapter, it should be noted, is not planning to renew the lease unless the landlord agrees to a few reasonable terms.)

Currently, the Chapter has nine dues-paying members and a full House, and it fully expects to meet the bare minimum of its financial obligations (rent and utilities only) through July 31-the end of both the lease term and the fiscal year. Six of theseBrothers were active last semester and currently comprise the Executive Board of Directors.These Brothers are: Lidia Bustamonte, Lucas London, Chris Dunlop, Michael McGowan, Amber Ford, Suzanne Soeldner.

They should be commended for their dedication and hard work, and I personally will present each of them with “Brother of Year” honors at their next chapter meeting. All but four Brothers will be graduating in May, yet those four remain optimistic and will have the support of several of the graduating Brothers and myself throughout the next school year.

In closing, I thank Brothers Nicole Morris and Vicki Horton for their support and advice, and I am grateful for their dedication and service to Alpha Rho Chi. They have given both the Chapter and me courage and hope to make it through the year. I also thank Brother Tim Tourville for donating the funds to reinstate the Chapter as a corporation in the State of Florida, (Honorary) Brother Harold Kemp for a $1,000 donation ($200 of which began the Steve Crebbin Memorial Scholarship), and three other Apollodorus Alumni for donations to help the Chapter. Brother Sam Douglass has given much financial advice, which is also greatly appreciated.

I look forward to continue serving the Fraternity in whatever capacity I am needed.

Fraternally yours,

Rob Ford
Fidelitas, Amor et Artes

Robert Ford, Regional Deputy 3
4518 SW 83 Drive
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 377-0597
rford2l 12@earthlink.net

Michael McGowan, Worthy Architect
627 SW 12 Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 374-2826
mwm 328 l7@yahoo.com

Regional Deputy Report – Region 4
Jennifer Fritz

My report will start with a chronicle of my travels, then review the strengths and opportunities of my chapters and colonies, followed by a list of “to-do’s” for next year.

I. Travel
I traveled to convention last year and told WGA, Ted Ertl, of my willingness to serve APX on a national level. He was very receptive and said I could begin traveling right away as Regional Deputy. He also mentioned that I would probably have Vitruvius and Demetrios as my active chapters, so I set out with big goals and lots of enthusiasm. Little did I know how greatly things would change for me over the next year.

I first visited Demetrios for their chapter meeting on March 29, 1999. I wanted to get started helping them right away. They seemed excited to have a National Representative right down the road. Then came April, a very busy month. On the 10th I traveled with 10 other Demetrios actives to attend Anthemios’ White Rose Formal. It was held on the boat “Spirit of Chicago” on Lake Michigan. While stormy weather kept us from cruising the lake, we barely noticed we were going in circles in the harbor after a few drinks and many dances. Doug Milbum, social chair at Anthemios did a wonderful job planning this event (Iktinos came too!!). The following weekend was initiation at Demetrios.

During a break in the festivities, on Saturday afternoon (April l7th) Demetrios Alumni Association had its annual meeting and Founder’s Day celebration. Brother Suzy Boder was instrumental in organizing this event. A total of 8 alumni showed up to share ideas on how to regain the support of our lost brothers. It was a great brain storming session. Elections were held with Suzy and I becoming Co-presidents and Bruce Huhn staying on as treasurer. Eric Lipshultz volunteered to be an alumni advisor to the active chapter as well.

On the next weekend I traveled to Vitruvius with one active from Demetrios to see their initiation (April 23rd) I learned a lot since this was the first time I had seen initiation at a different chapter than my own. Unfortunately, I had to leave early and didn’t get to see the end of ritual (the best part).

On April 27th I met with Director Rob Livesey of the Knowlton School of Architecture at OSU (an initiated faculty member). We discussed the future of APX at OSU and how the Demetrios Chapter can benefit the school. He offered his support and assistance in finding a faculty advisor for Demetrios. They now have two, one in Architecture and one in Larch. Phew, April was over. May contained several trips to Demetrios chapter meetings. Elections were held and I was confident we had a good group of leaders to carry the chapter forward. In June I was honored to present Brother Aimee Moore with the Alpha Rho Chi Medal at the OSU graduation ceremonies. Demetrios and I had anticipated a visit from WGA but circumstances changed at the last minute. He would visit soon enough. Then summer came and we’ll call this time the calm before the storm.

In August, I received my official letter from the Grand Council informing of my appointment to Region 4 Deputy for the chapter of Demetrios and Vitruvius. And Ted, I still have that paper. But then a funny thing happened. I received the invitation to the WA Conference and saw Brother Shawn Good’s name on the list as Region 1 Deputy. Now I knew Shawn is a Vitruvius Alumni and he would most likely be deputy for Vitruvius, but whom did that leave me with? Just Demetrios? Demetrios and Iktinos? Demetrios and Anthemios? Or ALL THREE? Now upon arriving at the WA Conference September 17th I sought Ted out to resolve this “miscommunication”. And Ted said, I was hoping you would take all three. Now how could I say no when in the back of my mind I’m thinking I could have had four if Shawn hadn’t volunteered. So I was in (for the long haul). The WA conference was a great learning experience for me. It was a chance at mid year to re-establish my National roots and gain a vision of the fraternity for the future. I also discovered that Ted had a specific vision for my region that kept expanding.

I met Ted a few weeks later at University of Miami in Athens, OH for the PFA conference. There, Dan Pitera won the distinguished professor award. Ted and I had an opportunity to talk to the dean of the college of Architecture about starting a colony there. He seemed receptive, and gave the names of students to talk to. And Ted and I were on our way… to Cincinnati (another part of Ted’s vision). Demetrios Alumni Chuck Nickel joined us for an open forum discussion with students interested in starting a colony there. The meeting went well and Ted gave them the petition to sign and mail to the Grand Council. Dinner afterwards with Chuck, Ted, Dan, his wife Allegra, and I revealed that the University of Detroit Mercy was also ready to organize a colony. In one day my region almost doubled. Now it was kick back and coast time right? Well at least I got to party with Demetrios for Halloween (Oct. 29th). Then it was back to work. Cincinnati’s petition was approved and colonization was set for November 6th. This was an exciting time for my region and I was really proud of how they all joined together to launch the new colony. We had actives and alumni form Demetrios, Iktinos, and Anthemios there. Which was good because we needed big brothers for all 40 new pledges. UDM was also able to come and hand deliver their petition to colonize. WOW! The BBQ afterwards really helped further develop the fraternal ties established there. After several dates given, follow-up for Cincy would be Sat. November 20 at Demetrios (where three more pledges joined the ranks) and UDM would be on Sunday November 21st at Iktinos. Ted was then able to attend both ceremonies. I was getting the hang of this now and it seemed to go pretty smoothly. And the pizza afterwards helped everyone relax. Then thankfully everyone went home for Christmas and I only had to answer e-mail, “where is Demetrios’ MMRs, Satyros petition is void (20), blah, blah, blah… you know the usual.

In January, The Cincy colony had their first rush week. I was able to join them for game of DAAP-ture the flag and a little partying afterwards. And yes after enough drinks this Regional Deputy will table dance. Pledging of the Alpha pledge class was held January 23rd with four more pledges joining the Cincy Colony. In February, I traveled to Detroit to visit UDM and pledge several students who missed the colonization at Ann Arbor. Then it was time for my own personal vacation for two weeks. Upon return I made arrangements to attend this year’s convention and thus ends Jennifer’s Travels”

II. Chapters and Colonies 
Anthemios is one of those chapters that every deputy wishes they have just once. I hope I get the honor again next year. They e-mail me promptly when I check on them. They let me know the comings and goings of their chapter voluntarily. They are strong and thriving. I never hear whining only mention of a possible colony, and we’ll definitely work on that next year. As an opportunity, I feel like they need to ask me for help more often. They no longer have to do everything by themselves. So take advantage of me. I know it becomes hard since they are my farthest chapter but I really don’t mind driving. I look forward to attending their formal again this year. Demetrios, well what to say about my own chapter. For being right down the street, they didn’t take advantage of me anymore than Anthemios did. In fact, I mostly found out about events after the fact when the actives whined and complained about how bad everyone else was doing his/her job. In January, I asked Grand Council to place Demetrios on alert status for failing to initiate new members. This is not to say the chapter is going backwards but are in danger of stagnating. They have a lot of energy that they spend on arguing rather than uniting for the good of the chapter. Here in lies their strength. The energy is just misdirected. They could be the best chapter in the country, if they can focus on the chapter and not the individual. Iktinos is coming along nicely. They contact me with problems but also with good news. I like good news. Dana keeps me on my toes and Courtney helps keep a leash on Dana. In this case I believe the opportunity is similar to Demetrios. They have the energy but it is often misdirected at Nationals when there is nothing Nationals can do for them. They need to ask themselves more “What am I putting into this organization?” and not “What is Nationals giving me?” I really dislike that phrase. My two lovely colonies, how I wish I could say I sweated you into existence. Instead I have been the worried mother hen. You both have taught me more about being a brother and believing in “something” than you could ever know. The opportunities for you are limited only by your imagination and what you let other people tell you. Your strengths reside in your strides for a better education through APX and your belief in what you are doing is right for you, your classmates, and your school.

III. The Future
I would like to continue as Region 4 Deputy. I still see tremendous opportunity of growth for the chapters and for me. I want to host a regional conference on the weekend that UDM is installed as a chapter to focus on the break out sessions that everyone is always talking about. I’d like to put together a recruitment packet for all regional deputies to have to send out to potential Architecture Schools about colonization. Next year I would also like to focus on the Alumni Associations in my region and make sure they are coming along also. I would like to thank Ted for answering my pesky colony questions. Thank You Vicki for your support with all my colonies and for keeping me abreast on fraternity news on the whole. Thank you to my chapters for working with me most of the time and for reaching common ground the rest of the time. And finally, Thank you to my colonies for bearing with me when I had no idea what I was doing!

Fraternally Submitted this 24th Day of March, 2000
Jennifer Fritz
Region 4 Deputy

Regional Deputy Report – Regions 5/6
Scott Alan Tafoya

From: Scott Alan Tafoya APX RD6
To: Alpha Rho Chi Grand Council
RE: Yearly Regional Deputy Report


It has been with great pleasure that I have been able to serve the fraternity of Alpha Rho Chi over the past 2 years as a Regional Deputy. Here is my report over the events that have happened over the past year. I currently have 1 active chapter in my region, 1 advisory chapter, and 1 colony-in-organization. I will discuss them in that order.

Pytheos, at the University of Nebraska, has been a model chapter and a pleasure to serve. The current leadership continues a tradition of excellent brothers who serve for the betterment of the fraternity. The chapter was the host chapter for the 2000 National Convention, held March 24-25, 2000 in Lincoln, Nebraska. I held a summer organizational meeting at Indian Cave State Park, which approximately 9 Pytheos and 3 Rhoecus officers attended. We discussed the concerns of the chapters, brainstormed solutions, and began to organize activities for the future year. The Pytheos chapter raised no major problems or concerns, and most of our time was spent brainstorming new rush activities and professional events. The fall rush was very successful with a pledge class of 15 new pledges. I am happy to announce that 14 pledges were initiated in January 2000, and the 15th pledge will be initiated at the National Convention in March 2000. I personally visited the chapter 2 times in the fall semester to visit with the new pledge class, and I attended the initiation ceremony in January.

The Rhoecus chapter, at the University of Kansas, was placed on advisory status in March of 2000 due to a lack of paying dues and turning in monthly membership reports. The chapter was reminded on more than one occasion that they were missing reports and dues by both the Worthy Grand Estimator, and myself but they chose not to comply. At the summer organizational meeting there were 3 Rhoecus officers present. Amy Stillwell (WA), Jesse Goldman (WE), and Katie Griffiths (Pledge Trainer) attended. There was much discussion about how the chapter intended to bring themselves into good financial standing with the fraternity, and I was completely confident in the abilities of Jesse and Amy to make it happen. We also discussed ways in which the Rhoecus chapter could update the unique traditions of their fraternity to bring them in line with the laws of the state of Kansas and rules of Alpha Rho Chi. There was sincere desire expressed by all three officers to make this happen, and I was confident in their abilities to make it happen. The other concerns that were expressed by the Rhoecus officers at the summer meeting were as follows:

  • A desire to see more action by the Grand Council on issues that were discussed at the 1999 National Convention.
  • A desire to reorganize their alumni association.

The fall rush for Rhoecus resulted in 9 pledges, only 4 or which initiated. This is similar to the numbers for the previous year, where more than 50% of the pledge class was not initiated. These numbers cause me great concern as to why there is such a high dropout rate, and I have expressed this concern in an email message to Scott MacQueen in December 1999, yet received no reply as to why it was happening, or how it can be avoided in the future. I visited the chapter in October 1999 to meet with the new pledge class and officers. Jesse, Amy, and Katie again expressed a desire to make positive changes in the traditions of the chapter, yet no action had yet been taken. I informed them that I would be happy to help in any way that I could, but as of yet my assistance has not been requested. Due to personal reasons, Amy Stillwell stepped down as WA in November 1999, and the WAA, Scott MacQueen assumed the role of WA. My repeated requests to Scott MacQueen to receive an invitation to the initiation ceremony were not returned, and as a result I was not present at the initiation. I intended to meet with the officers and discuss this issue at the colony ceremony of Paeonios in January 2000, but the Rhoecus chapter could not attend, so the ceremony was rescheduled yet to be determined date. The chapter also initiated a faculty member, Susan Sanders, in the spring of 2000. I was not informed of the date of the initiation, or even whether it would take place, and as a result I was not present. The chapter of Rhoecus chose not to attend the National Convention. Their reasons for non-attendance were outlined in a letter sent to the Grand Council and myself. I received this letter on March 16, 8 days before the convention.

The Paeonios Colony-in-Organization at Kansas State University is currently working to fulfill the requirements to become a Colony, and I hope should be ready in the Fall of 2000.

I respectfully present this report to the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi on March 24, 2000.

Scott Alan Tafoya

Chapter and Alumni Association Reports

Andronicus Chapter Report
Michael Ellers

We have been busy expanding our membership. About 2 1/2 years ago, we were down to 7 or 8 active members. We are now at 17 plus one on leave for a study abroad program in Como, Italy. We initiated three new members in January and look forward to initiating our nine pledges sometime in May. (This is good because five actives, myself included, will graduate in May)

Andronicus together with generous assistance from Daedalus, hosted initiation for Satyros on January 16, 2000. It was great to work with another chapter more completely than just one or two token representatives. We are constantly to improve exposure around campus. Part of this is through association with Sigma Phi Delta, the engineering fraternity; together we are attempting to transfer out of the InterFraternity Council (where we are currently “non-dues-paying members”) and into the Independent Greek Council.

Our biggest recruitment tool is our House, and as such we are always expanding and improving its features. In the last year, we have (almost) finished a studio workspace in our Back House that includes desks, pin-up walls, and a plotter. It also features several connections to our House Ethernet Network, another on-going improvement project. We have managed to wire about half the House and are waiting for the summer to finish the job. We are also continuing to work on our House wood shop a marvelous facility that is the envy of most architecture students, if only because it is available for twenty-four hours a day.

Another improvement project is our Chapter room, which has been modified to double as a gallery space. This gallery has featured several exhibits over the last year, including Michael Hricak (an alumnus of our Chapter and a relatively famous Los Angeles-area architect) and Ted Tokio Tanaka (the former President of AIA-Los Angeles). We will also be hosting the reception for an exhibit by Pierre Koenig, FAIA, another alumnus and a well-known modernist architect (case study houses #21 and #22). I hate to end on a bad note, but I feel it necessary to bring up our chapter’s scholarship. Its status is questionable. Our faculty advisor’s suggestion, partially in jest was to kick out the underachievers. The biggest problem with this is that most of the members who are in scholastic trouble tend to be the most experienced members of the Chapter. I have tendered some possible solutions, but none have been well received. So if any other Chapter or members have any insights into improving Chapter scholarship, please pass them along.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Ellars 3.24.00
Convention Delegate
Scholarship Chair
Immediate past Worthy Architect

Andronicus Alumni Report
Michael Rabanera

A list of yearly events at Andronicus:

Professional events:

  • Student/Faculty dinner
  • Scholarship dinner
  • Professional exhibits at our house (one per semester; this past year we had Rockefeller/Hricak and Ted Tokio Tanaka. The exhibits usually run for a week and include a reception with the architect and faculty members)
  • Downtown LA Walking tour – a mandatory event for all first year students at USC; lasts from 2-4 hours

Rush Events:

  • Preview student hosting – we host prospective architecture students visiting USC at our chapter house
  • “Roark Day” – before the start of the fall semester; we take first year students to buy supplies (usually about 2/3 of the incoming students attend)
  • Broomball
  • Museum Tours – visits to the many museums of Los Angeles, usually we go to the Getty Center or the Museum of Contempory Art
  • Coffee Night
  • Canter’s Night – a late night bite at a LA landmark deli
  • Invite

Social Events:

  • various parties
  • Halloween Party
  • White Rose Party
  • Dennis Miller live
  • White Rose Formal
  • Thursday night barbecues

Esoteric Events:

  • White Rose Bowl – the white rose bowl is a pledge vs. active competition (we usually play football). The night before the pledges throw a party for the actives
  • Fall and spring retreat
  • pledge/active party

Philanthropic Events:

  • Christmas in April (charity organization)
  • and on a lighter note: our current pledge class stole all the house toilets one night last week. dang funny (since I no longer live in the house).

Michael Rabanera
Andronicus Alumni Representative
625 East Del Mar #107
Pasadena, CA 91101

Anthemios Chapter Report
Johanna L. James, WA

The Anthemios Chapter initiated 11 new brothers on January 15th, 2000. Chapter membership now stands at 28 actives. An additional 7 are currently studying abroad in Versailles, France. Spring rush has brought in 6 pledges. Only one member will be lost to graduation. Our projected fall membership is as follows:
Additions: 6 pledges, 7 returning from France
Subtractions: 1 graduating, 4 studying abroad in France
This makes for a projected total of 36 heading into Fall 2000 Rush. Our numbers have seemed larger due to the participation of our Alumni. Our off-campus as well as on-campus alumni have been valued participants in Initiation, Rush, Pledge Education, and our Professional Program. Sixteen active brothers are enrolled in Architecture, 3 in Landscape Architecture, 6 in various Visual Arts, 1 in Civil Engineering, and 2 in other fields.

Anthemios Chapter Executive Board

  • Worthy Architect Johanna James
  • Worthy Associate Architect Ryann Craig
  • Worthy Estimator Liz Laske
  • Worthy Scribe Melodie Leung
  • Worthy Clerk Renee Horwedel
  • Worthy Superintendent Alex Garbe
  • Worthy Pledge Trainer Bob Knecht

Anthemios Chapter Officers

Co-Rush Chairmen Colleen Blomgren and Ann Harezlak
Associate Estimator Matt Kiss
Professional Chairman Steve Laico
Social Chairman Colleen Blomgren
Formal Chairman Matt Booma

Anthemios Chapter Active Membership

Torrie Prescott Liz Laske Andy Weith
Brandon Kane Matt Kiss Tim O’Sullivan
Beth Barta John Sieck Gary Piper
Colleen Blomgren Pat Minetti Ed Tung
Johanna James Matt Booma Erin Connor
Rob Hohnsen Steve Laico Alex Garbe
Marie Venable Ryann Craig Ann Harezlak
Bruce Phillips Bob Knecht Jeff Chandler
Kathleen Herzog Melodie Leung Renee Horwedel
Chris Macko

Anthemios Chapter Study Abroad Brothers

Doug Milburn Erin Bahrke Kate Doyle
Renae Brossman Eric Johnson Issac Eun
Brian Smith

Anthemios Chapter Inactive Brothers

Seth Stevens Eric Gould Jeanne Haegele
Justin Molloy Liz Miszczyszyn Thorn Budzik
Amanda Yu Kelly Roman Sean May
Emily Siegler Joanna Strauss

Although our inactive list seems long, all but two brothers have not been active for at least 3 semesters, and we haven’t lost anyone to inactive status since Spring 99. Time constraints are usually sited as the reason to go inactive. School, work, and personal relationships (engagement, for example) prevent some people from remaining active. Although we try to work out an arrangement on an individual basis to help people remain active, it doesn’t always work. Inactive brothers are still welcomed to the house at all times, and often retain social ties to members. They are considered withdrawn from the University on our membership reports as per the Anthemios Chapter Constitution and By-Laws.

Anthemios Chapter Pledges

Brian O’Rourke Emily Doubet Leslie Thoreen
Rachel Lannan Marybeth Radzienda Scott Strnad

Five pledges are freshmen in architecture, the other is a sophomore in architecture. The pledge class was closed at 6 with the Formal Pledge Ceremony on February 19th of this year. It is an average-large number for a second semester class.

The Anthemios Control Corporation owns and operates both the Chapter House at 1108 South First St. and the Annex at 1108 South First St. The Certified Housing Department of the University of Illinois lists the maximum capacity of the Chapter House as 41, although the Chapter considers seventeen to be a full house. When the house is fully occupied, Active and Alumni brothers have priority in occupying the annex for a substantial reduction in the rent over non-member renters.

The Annex’s rooms are available on a seniority basis.

The lease for the Chapter House is for a full school year. However, members can sign a semester lease if they know they are leaving the university after the first semester or if another member moves in at the beginning of the second semester to take their place–moving into the house at second semester is always encouraged. Rent for the 99-2000 school year is $2400/semester for room, board, utilities, and chapter dues with a $250 deposit, returned to the lessee if everything is in order at the end of the lease term. Members pay for long distance calls and weekend meals. The Chapter House is completely self-sufficient; we do our own cooking (including meal planning and shopping), cleaning, and minor repairs. The Anthemios Control Corporation handles major repairs while the Anthemios Alumni Association helps with furniture and kitchen supplies, etc. The Chapter House is closed for the summer, but actives have the option of occupying the annex for this time even if it has been occupied during the school year. The annex lease is for the school year only, insuring its availability during the summer months.

Last semester, the occupancy of the Chapter House was 14. Three actives moved out at the semester, and 4 new initiates moved in, bringing the spring total to 15. We project a full house for fall 2000. Rooms are chosen on the basis of seniority, as are the nine parking spots (which cost $60 per semester).

In addition to the normal workdays and maintenance, members have refinished the kitchen cabinets and installed a doorbell. The current pledge project will improve the guest bathroom. Alumni have completed the installation of fiber optic cable, phone lines, and TV cable, and are working to set up an in-house server or network. Control Corporation has redone the lighting in the kitchen, and repaired the chimneys. After a year of a co-ed bathroom, the Chapter is very anxious for Control Corporation to complete the girl’s bathroom renovation. Current goals for the Chapter house include repairing the front door, installing a new sink part, and working to improve communication with Control Corporation.

The Executive Board meets every Sunday at 6pm to discuss the day-to-day operations of the chapter: for example, implementing chapter policy, financial matters, problems dealing with individual members, etc. The Board also discuses the general operations of the Chapter, prepares initiatives to present to the Chapter, and discusses the progress made by the Chapter. Following the Executive Board Meetings are presentations, Formal Dinner, and then the Chapter meeting. During Chapter meetings, the officers and committees deliver their reports, old and new business is discussed, suggestions are made for the benefit of the Chapter and the pledges, and then personal announcements are made. Roll is taken and any absent member must have a valid excuse and read and initial the minutes before the next Chapter Meeting. If an active fails to do this twice, they forfeit their right to vote until the matter is resolved. These fines can be appealed to the Executive Board. The Board’s decision is final. Attendance over the past two semesters has generally been good, although a few individuals have chronically poor attendance records.

The Anthemios Chapter elects Executive Board positions and other officers each semester. This allows many members to participate in Chapter leadership roles and aid in the direction of Chapter policy. Actives sign-up for one or two committee positions that they are interested in: their position is confirmed by the Worthy Associate Architect. Elections are held in early December for the Spring Semester, and late April for the Fall Semester.

Elected Chairmanships
Rush Social
Professional Commissary

Appointed Chairmanships
Chairmanships may change from semester to semester at the discretion of the Worthy Associate Architect. Examples are:

  • Homecoming Publicity Parliamentarian
  • Dad’s Day Historian/Documentation Fundraising
  • Founders’ Day/Alumni Chapter Room/Ritual Web Page
  • Mom’s Day Philanthropy Recycling
  • Art Chair Technology Chair

Highlights of Chairmanship work this year have been Dad’s Day, ritual repair, and T-shirt sales.

The Rush Program of the Anthemios Chapter is regarded as one of the most important events of the semester and is highly organized. Rush begins with Quad Day (in the Fall) or Activity Day (Spring). Quad Day is usually very successful- we obtain the names of many interested people. Activity Day is usually less successful, but we feel it is worth it even if we only one pledge discovers us that way. We hold several open houses at the beginning of the semester. This allows students the opportunity to come over to the house and meet the actives on an informal level. During this time they are given a very brief explanation of the Fraternity so as not to put too much pressure on or overwhelm the rushee. They tour the house and are encouraged to stay and talk. Rushees can attend as many open houses as they wish. We provide snacks and drinks at the open houses. Outside of the open houses, we hold social and professional activities to interest the pledges. Examples are Rush Parties, picnics, superbowl parties, football games, and wallyball games. Professional events include project presentations by actives and alumni.

We advertise Rush in many ways. We display flyers throughout the College of Fine and Applied Arts, actives talk to classes and studios, and we have large banners on the front of our house. We place ads in the School of Architecture newsletter and in the University paper. Rushees from previous semesters are contacted again. Most of our fall semester pledges have discovered Alpha Rho Chi from our publicity, but most of the spring semester pledges seem to find out from word-of-mouth, or from friendships with members.

After the rushee has attended an Open House, the Rush Chairman invites them to dinner either during the week or to a Formal Dinner on Sunday nights. At this time, the rushee has met and spoken with many of the actives. They arrive half an hour before dinner as a further opportunity to meet and talk with actives. After dinner the rushee is taken to an active’s room by at least two actives (usually a newer brother is paired with an older one). There they are told about Alpha Rho Chi and the Anthemios Chapter in detail. They are informed of the commitment that they are making, including pledge semester events, active events after initiation, and the life-long commitment that they are expected to maintain with the Fraternity and the Alumni Association. The pledge fee, pledge education nights, how the house operates, etc. are all explained. They are then given a chance to ask any questions. At the following Chapter Meeting, the rushee is discussed and voted on during new business. Voting is based on the interest they have shown and their participation during the Rush events. The brothers who took them into rooms, the Rush Chairman, and any other actives who so wish give their impressions of the rushee’s potential as a pledge and brother. After discussion, the rushee is voted on. Rarely does Anthemios turn down a Rushee for pledgeship. If the vote fails, they are asked to dinner for a second chance and voted on again. The second vote stands as the final decision.

Once the Chapter votes to accept the rushee, they are asked to dinner the following week. As before, they are explained everything pertaining to Alpha Rho Chi and the Anthemios Chapter and given a chance to ask questions. They are then asked on behalf of the Brothers of Alpha Rho Chi to become a pledge of the Fraternity. If they accept, they are given the Alpha Rho Chi Pledge Manual, the Anthemios Chapter Supplement, and a pledge pin and are told to attend a formal function on a certain date–the Formal Pledging Ceremony.

With the close of the Pledge Class at the Formal Pledging Ceremony, the Pledge Semester begins. The Chapter takes the Pledge Semester very seriously. We all know that the future of the Chapter rests on how well pledges are educated. The semester is structured into an eight-week period full of many enjoyable and educational events.

Pledges are expected to attend Formal Dinners on Sunday nights. During this time, they see presentations by professors, actives, alumni, and professionals. They learn the proper conduct for Formal Dinner and learn the Before and After Dinner Songs. Pledge education nights are a time for the pledge class to come together and show the Chapter what they have learned. This event is mandatory for both pledges and actives. During this time, the class displays the information they have learned for that week’s pledge tests. These nights center on the history and tradition of Alpha Rho Chi and the Anthemios chapter, as well as the University. They last approximately one hour. The pledge tests are given once a week to ensure that the pledge is learning the necessary information. They must pass the test or take make-up tests until they pass. The pledges also cook breakfast for themselves and the Chapter on Saturday mornings. During this time the Worthy Pledge Trainer and other actives teach the pledge class how to operate the house kitchen and how to effectively cook for a large number of people. This time is also used to help the pledges with their knowledge of the Fraternity by reviewing information and helping them learn songs. Afterwards, they clean the kitchen and the dining room, thus teaching them how to properly maintain the kitchen. Saturday morning breakfasts are also a good time to meet visiting alumni or non-graduate members since many visit on the weekends. Pledges also sign-up for pledge jobs during the week. Jobs may include cleaning up common areas, or sweeping the stairs. Pledges learn proper house maintenance from these jobs. Pledges also sign up for one hour Study Hours once a week. They must answer the door and phone during these times. This time is often used for homework, studying for pledge tests, doing house jobs, or interviewing actives.

Pledges must interview every active, non-graduate, and on-campus alumni as assigned by the Worthy Pledge Trainer over the course of the semester. Interviews usually last 30-60 minutes and are a chance for the pledge to get to know the brother on a personal level. These interviews help the pledge feel comfortable with the membership and aid their integration into the Chapter. At the conclusion of the interview, the brother signs the pledge’s interview sheet and asks for a “Goodie” in exchange for the interview. This “Goodie” must cost less then the price of a stamp and is given to the active during Initiation. Brothers usually ask for something creative and imaginative–usually pertaining to the Chapter or the brother.

Several special events occur during the semester. Lock-in occurs early in the pledge semester. It begins as a pledge father-son event and progresses to a pledges-only sleepover. Live-in week allows pledges to learn what it is like to live in the house an how it operates. During this week they take on the same responsibilities as an active living in the house. Walkout is a time when the pledge class really comes together and is usually the most memorable event of the Pledge Semester. The pledge class chooses a time to sneak out on a weekend vacation. Pledges participate in Homecoming, Dad’s Day, and Founders’ Day/Mom’s Day. They cook, meet alumni, and show their parents the house. The pledge class takes on a house improvement project with the assistance of the Worthy Superintendent. It is an exercise in organization as well as a source of pride. The class organizes a pledge party where they pick a theme and learn how to work on a budget. The semester ends with the University wide Reading Day. Pledge Dads and Sons exchange paddles, pledges give out silly active awards, and the pledge class donates a book to the library. A Holiday party or a spring sport follows. It is a welcome break from studying and often the last time everyone is together before break.

The pledge class elects their own Pledge Class President and other officers. The pledges are assigned a pledge dad who acts as their liaison to the Chapter, helps with studying and guides them through the semester. The pledge dad gives their son advice not only on the Fraternity, but also on school and other matters. These relationships are very important to the development of the pledge. They often continue past the pledge semester and further develop through time. Great care is given when matching dads and sons. Every member in good standing. who wants a son has to apply with 3 or 4 choices to the Worthy Pledge Trainer. The requests are reviewed by the WPT and another board member. Factors in the decision include age, (active is usually older), major, year in school, and personalities. If a pledge is friends with someone coming into rush, the match between friends is avoided so as to encourage the pledge to interact with other brothers.

The Anthemios Chapter promotes an atmosphere where the pledge feels honored by the invitation to pledge, but the Chapter also understands and appreciates the fact that these pledges have been identified as being worthy to join the brotherhood. We strive for an atmosphere of mutual respect: pledges are not abused, but they aren’t allowed to cross the line between themselves and the actives. The Pledge Semester of Fall, 1999 went very well. The pledge class was a very self-motivated and responsible class. It was blessed with several “leader” personalities who are now contributing as actives. The class met on their own after every Pledge Education night. The class identified problems themselves, and were able to solve them without the intervention of the Worthy Pledge Trainer. The class became very close over walkout, and the Chapter was blessed to gain 11 quality brothers.

The Spring pledge semester is off to a good start. The pledges are getting to know each other pretty well. They are working on planning the pledge party, and have taken 2 tests already. They all have outgoing personalities and are getting to know the actives.

The Anthemios Chapter professional program has many different parts. Day to day contact with people who are further advanced in your field of study is a valuable part of Anthemios. We also have a structured professional program. Every week, we leave a half-hour block of time before Formal Dinner for a professional event. Examples of events are professors speaking, alumni coming back from the “real world” to show their work, as well as grad students and members presenting projects. Time is left for questions at the end of the presentations. It is a great way for people to learn about future design projects or what it is like to work in a firm. The past year, the professional chair has involved people from all majors. Presentations have been on sculpture, graphic design, and landscape architecture as well as architecture. Actives can practice presentation skills while teaching others.

Presentation nights during rush also give people a chance to practice skills. They are usually conducted similar to a review, with short presentations followed by questions and discussion. The night often produces constructive criticism and advice as well as some interesting debates. The Chapter also hosted a school wide sketching seminar taught by an alumni. The Professional Chair is currently working on bringing a photography professor in to give a portfolio workshop.

The Worthy Architect has a seat on the Presidents’ Council. Twice a month, the Presidents of all the architecture organizations meet to coordinate events and lectures. Through these meetings, we find ways to locate our “niche” among the architectural organizations, and we support and cooperate to bring events to the School of Architecture.

The Social Chairman has worked hard balance out the school and professional aspects with a bit of fun. Fall semester we hosted a Rush party, a Halloween party, and the pledges hosted a pledge party. The parties were followed by post-cleanup sports events. Spring semester has already seen a Mardi Gras party, and the pledge party will be held in mid-April. In addition, the Formal Chair has planned the White Rose Formal. The formal will be held on the Spirit of Chicago.

There has been growing sentiment to revise the nature of our parties. The Chapter is looking at scaling back the parties so they are more intimate, quality affairs. The Chapter is currently in the brainstorming stage. It looks to be an important matter for the next Fall board.

The Chapters social heath is also maintained by informal events such as Wednesday night get-togethers and weekend pool room gatherings.

The goals of the Anthemios Chapter for the next year are to keep active membership high, and attitudes positive. We believe that having a strong chapter is the best way to attract new members. We would also like to find positive ways to involve on-campus alumni. We would like to reform the current system for house repairs and improve our relationship with our Control Corporation. We want to work with the Alumni Association to bring lots of people in for Homecoming and Founders day.

Respectfully submitted,

Johanna L. James
Worthy Architect
Anthemios Chapter

Anthemios Alumni Report
Submitted by Caroline Pelley

The Anthemios Alumni Association is committed to providing an environment in which the active chapter can flourish and develop its membership into leaders; provide support and assistance to individual brothers in their academic pursuits and facilitate unity amongst the alumni members.

The property at 1108 S. First St. is seemingly under constant renovation. Projects this past year include the wiring of each bedroom for internet access, as well as the (hopefully) soon to be completed renovation of the third floor bathroom. The alumni association is currently reviewing development of long-term plans on restoration of the Anthemios Chapter house. All of this with the goal of providing a safe, comfortable and workable environment in which the active chapter can thrive.

With the Aid of APX Foundation, the Anthemios Alumni Association has established a scholarship fund for the active chapter. With $8000 already raised, this program is on its way to becoming a sustaining source of scholarship funds for individual activities, while providing a vehicle for Anthemios Alumni to contribute to this important mission.

The Alumni Association fundraising efforts have led to approximate $3200 in dues collected for fiscal year 1999. 34 of those members are part of the “5 year club”, having paid dues each of the past 5 years. Those funds go directly in supporting the production of quarterly newsletter, updates email addresses, and maintenance of the Anthemios Alumni database.

The annual meeting of the Anthemios Alumni Association is held during homecoming weekend. Although last years meeting was cancelled, this year promises to have a good turnout with the soon to be annual alumni chili cook off and the house.

Daedalus Chapter Report
Submitted by Howard Jeng

We had and awesome rush this year. Our rush started with a pre-rush promotion at week of welcome (W.O.W). WOW is a program that is put on by the school where incoming freshmen start a week early and they are to explore and get involved with the community and the school. At the WOW club day, we solicited Alpha Rho Chi very successfully. With the diversity of majors of the last pledge class, we were fortunate to interest other than architecture majors. This year we started out …We are trying to obtain a house, hopefully within the next year, if not sooner. After twenty years of using Andronicus’ house, we are hoping to obtain one ourselves. We hope that our alumni chapter would help us in achieving this.

We are currently putting our website together and it will be up and running in the next month or two.

Demetrios Chapter Report
Submitted by Jason Welker

Fall Quarter
Over fall quarter we did a three-week rush instead of just one. From this rush we obtained six pledges. Even though our rush went well we felt that we could have done more variety wise. The pledges coordinated our annual Halloween Party, which proved to be a large success, especially since one of the Pledges was a DJ we saved a significant amount of money. The quarter went well with pledges and actives. By the end of the quarter we still had all six pledges. At formal chapter, (which all the pledges attend), a conflict arose between an active and the pledges. The conflict resulted in the removal of one active and the deactivation of four pledges.

Winter Quarter
After break we came back to school with yet two more less actives, due to financial situations. We then initiated the two previous pledges. Since we had lost four actives between December and January our position situation was quite uprooted. It took us a while to then re-teach the positions to the new appointees. Lost another active from their removal of school.

This year we have started to reaffiliate ourselves with our alumni. One active in particular has done a good job of inviting alumni to all of our events. One event that proved substantial was when one of our alumni came to studio to aid in critiquing our projects. Showing others our alumni base.

This year our Fraternity Holding Corp. turned over the management of our house over to a campus real-estate co. This raised rent from $230.00 per month with utilities to $315.00 per month without utilities. This drastic change in cost has hurt the chapter substantially. Due to this all of our actives are living somewhere else. Most could not afford to pay the $315.00 without utilities again. So right not we have to meet with our Holding Corp. to see what to do with the house next year.

Next Quarter
Next quarter we are starting with 6 actives. All though we have dwindled in numbers this year we are confident in our rush program next quarter. We have worked hard to bring our program up to par. We will be adding more open social events, which we haven’t done in the past. This way people can see that we don’t sit and talk about Peter Eisenman. In addition to rush we have elections for a new board next quarter. We have some dedicated people now ready to stand up and lead our fraternity in the right direction.

We have come through a lot of problems this year, but we are confident in the future of the Demetrios Chapter.


Demetrios Alumni Association Report
Susan Boder

This past year has been rather rough. The three members that have stepped up to take on the responsibilities have all been plagued by some sort of either fraternal, professional, or personal crisis. Now that these crisis have begun to pass, we have collected some fabulous ideas on how to get our younger alumni involved which will hopefully draw back some of the more experienced alumni. By strengthening our ties among ourselves, we feel that we will be able to better support and guide our active chapter in a fraternalism and professionalism.

Respectively submitted,
Susan Boder

Iktinos Chapter Report
Courtney Donahue, WA

This year has been a year of growing pains. How do you form a group of five actives to fifteen to eighteen to twenty-one?

It has been a difficult road, but Iktinos has moved steadily toward stability. For the first time in my memory,
we have been paying our dues on time, rather than handing the WGE a huge check for the full year! We started the school year with 18, pledged nine, initiated four, and graduated one. We currently stand with 21 and have an incredible pledge class of six. Currently we’re attempting to increase our activities within the college of architecture at U of M. We have been working in conjunction with student groups and faculty to provide social and educational resources to the students. In our 2+2 program, we are the only group that will act as an advising group for “pre-arch” majors. Objectives for the long term include creating some faculty relations, of which we have no official ties to faculty. We would also like to see a combination of better relations with alumni and a way to create ‘real world experiences’, which we feel is important because we aren’t taught much that can be practically applied in school. To this end, we have attempted to update our (completely) outdated records, and created an alumni association welcome packet.

Overall, the growing pains aren’t all that terrible. We’re still growing in strength at the school. We’re providing resources for students that otherwise do not exist. We’ve come along way in a very short time, and I believe we will continue to grow.

Iktinos Alumni Report
President Stephen P. Janick, AIA

Greetings to all who read this report


  • 583 total names
  • 275 good address

to collect 10% dues or 28, so far 6 paid.

to create more interest and interaction between students and alumni.


  • 40,000 in operating funds long term
  • 7,000 in operating funds short term
  • 35, 000 + APX endowment at U of M.
  • 5,000 Vern Gibbs Fund-National APX
  • $100 New-Iktinos Fund-Natioanl APX Vern Gibbs find will give its 1st scholarships this year at this convention

This year marks my 30th year as president of the Iktinos Alumni Association.

Respectfully Submitted,
Stephen P. Janick, AlA

Metagenes Alumni Report
Laura Gagliano

The Metagenes alumni association has reactivated within a week due to the power of e-mail. On Saturday, March 18 an e-mail went out to roughly twenty alumni who have worked hard in the past to keep the association and chapter alive. By Wednesday. seven signatures were obtained with promises of assistance from many others. At this point in time, the association needs to elect officers, determine the extent of their indebtedness to National, and determine how much money they owe in back incorporation fees to the state of Virginia. Once this is done, a mass mailing will go out to obtain support of the remaining alumni. One primary goal is to get a chapter going within the next five years, although with the support shown this week, it may be achievable within three years. The alumni association looks forward to any input it can get regarding how it can help the active brotherhood.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Gagliano

Pytheos Chapter Report
Kelly Krzycki, WA

The Pytheos chapter has had a successful year. This summer we met with Scott Tafoya, Regional Deputy and the Rhoecus Chapter to discuss the upcoming year. We brain-stormed about what types of things we could do for Rush events and how to make the pledging process more successful. Pytheos discussed the removal of the “national test” and the modification of certain parts of our initiation ceremony due to member concerns.

Our rush events consisted of go-cart racing, the alumni BBQ, and the annual miniature golf tournament. We had fifteen pledges this year, fourteen of which initiated in January and one who will initiate at the 2000 National Convention. During the fall semester, we also sponsored several faculty lectures of those who had spent time traveling and teaching abroad. We ended the semester with our annual revolving dinner and holiday party.

Our second semester began with initiation in January. Since then, we have been hard at work planning and organizing the 2000 National Convention. It has been a learning experience for all of us. We have a very young executive board, consisting of nine actives, five of which are new initiates. Everyone has really pulled together to help make this convention successful and I’m very proud of all the work everyone has done.

After convention is over, we will finish planning our Founder’s Day Banquet. We’ve also been invited to participate in the annual Derby Days hosted by Rhoecus which takes place in April. We plan to end the year with a weekend trip to a nearby camp for a fraternity retreat to discuss the year and have a little fun, too.

Some of the issues I hope to address as soon as Convention is over are attendance and participation, as well as, making connections with our alumni association. It seems that as our chapter continues to grow, our attendance and participation continues to dwindle. I’m very concerned with this and plan to address it now and when it comes times for rush. I would also like to form a stronger connection with our alumni association. Our connections have become weak in the last couple years and I think a strong chapter needs a strong alumni base, also. A far -reaching goal of ours is to acquire a house, so this may be our next big endeavor! But, we’ll take things one step at a time.

Kelly Krzycki
WA, Pytheos

Vitruvius Chapter Report
Submitted by Ryan R. Binkowski

Membership + Chapter
27 Actives and 6 Pledges
6 of which are in Architecture
11 in Landscape Architecture
9 in Architecture Engineering
1 in Graphic Design

2 brothers went inactive due to personal issues not involving the chapter.

Rush techniques are continually successful, helping us to predict a 25% member growth in 3 years.
Good Points are publicity, high brother turn out and alumni support. We are also exploring better means for rush in allied departments.

(Dance Marathon) we raised approximately $3500. We also take initiative to volunteer services to our neighbors and a local church.

We’ve recently begun to develop the social end of the APX spectrum in order to build within our brotherhood through social gatherings among ourselves and the rest of the university.

Professionally we are establishing group study times, crits from various brothers organizing our wine and cheese event that involves faculty presentations and lectures.

Ties are wonderful and adequate. Contact is weekly if not daily among brothers and the alumnus great enthusiasm, advice, help and assistance is greatly appreciated. Brother Shawn Good’s cabin has become a great vehicle to help stage continued association. Finally they are also supportive and there for us.

Having a House is one of the most valuable treasures that the chapter possesses. It provides a meeting place, affordable housing, and a place of identity and bonding for the brothers. Repairs recently have involved such nightmares as rebuilding our heating system, gutting and completely redoing a bathroom and now replacing a falling plaster ceiling.

We are currently forming ties with Carnegie Melon to reinstall Polyklitos and we are also looking into University of MD and also reinstalling Metagenes. We offer all and all support we can give to Laura Gagliano and our sister chapter.

Vitruvius Alumni Report
Vice President Nicole Morris, WGE

Convention President and delegates, and the gallery:

During the past year the Vitruvius Alumni Association has continued to support our Chapter in their professional endeavors. We had our annual meeting at the Chapter House in April and will be having our annual meeting this April. We sponsored the annual Chicken BBQ at the House this first weekend in the Fall Semester. And I’m pleased to say that we had some alumni show up to cook that haven’t been back to the house in years. Two of our alumni visited the House in January to speak to the actives and interested rushes about our professional careers. The Executive Board of the Vitruvius Alumni Association established a Vitruvius fund at the APX Foundation. For the second time in ten years we sent out invoices and attempted to collect alumni dues. Pleased to announce that we received approximately 50 responses of the 200 or so Vitruvius alumni. This is a 25% return, which is great, and we hope to expand that this year. Goals for this year include strengthening our participation from the older alumni. We had hoped to have a reunion Founders Day this year, but we’ll have to postpone our efforts to next year because we’re expecting to begin a capitol campaign this spring. I hope that we receive a lot of support (monetary and physical labor) to make our House a competitive alternative to the new apartments in town.

Please accept our gift of the Teamwork card to remind us all to strive together as a team to achieve greatness.

Nicole Morris
Alumni Association Vice President
Capitol Campaign Chairperson

Apollodorus Chapter
Submitted via email by Michael McGowan, WA

Hello, Vicki and Nicole, I am sending you this letter in hopes that one of you will take it with you to Convention for the Apollodorus Chapter could not afford to send a delegate on its behalf.

The Apollodorus Chapter has had a productive semester here at the University of Florida, located in Gainesville Florida. We have gotten the word out about the chapter and have focused on becoming more active in the College of Architecture, the two items that this Chapter has seemed to have forgotten in the past. With our efforts in what we believe to be the right locations we have begun to reestablish the influence and prestige that the chapter once had. This has become more evident with the increasing attendance that we have with each new event, and the new questions and glances that we receive while we are conducting a event or assisting a faculty member. Along with the efforts of the Chapter to increase our influence in the college we have focused our attentions to restructuring the chapter to allow it to be more efficient, economical, and to allow it to adjust to the volatile world around it. This has taken the Chapter to point were we have questioned every part of our existence. We have streamlined the officers to promote communication, and efficiency, we are currently arranging our financial obligations and accounts to allow the chapter to exist on a economical budget, and to refrain from financial distractions that we were burden with at the beginning of this school year.

With all of these efforts that have pointed the Chapter into what we believe to be the right direction, we unfortunately have not been able to encourage the development of a pledge class for the current semester. We have come to a point in our existence that the Chapter will be at its all time lowest count. With the conclusion of this school year the Apollodorus Chapter will consist of three active brothers and a large amount of alumni. We are very aware of the situation and the circumstances that this will bring, however, despite the small numbers the Chapter will continue to exist in the Fall and we are confidant that the end is not near.

The Apollodorus Chapter will prevail and will continue on for the three remaining and the alumni are dedicated to the survival and advancement of the Fraternity.

Michael McGowan, Worthy Architect,
Speaking on behalf of the Apollodorus Chapter

Alpha Rho Chi Foundation Report
R. Wayne Burford, AIA, NCARB, ACHA

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation, I am pleased to present our Annual Report for the 1999 Fiscal Year.

The Foundation’s three year, $150,000 fund raising campaign is continuing. Additional donations and growth of our portfolio bring our total investments to $169,404.06, up $33,798.99 over FY 1998. We have $117,221.17 in specified funds and $52,182.89 in the general funds. Four new Chapter Funds were added in 1999.

The Foundation’s operating expenses for 1999 totaled $3,467.93. In addition to these expenses, the Foundation sponsored the professional program at the Fraternity’s 52nd National Convention and awarded four $500.00 John Ross Scholarships at that convention. The Foundation also awarded two $200.00 scholarships on behalf of the Pytheos Fund. Total grants and scholarships by the Foundation in 1999 were $10,069. A Balance Sheet and Income & Expense Statement for 1999 are attached for your reference.

The makeup of the Board of Directors remained stable during 1999. At the Foundation’s 1999 Annual Meeting in Forrest, Illinois, the following officers were elected from the Board of Directors:

  • President – Wayne Burford
  • Vice President – Chuck Nickel
  • Secretary – Jay Mock
  • Treasurer – Sam Douglass

Through the efforts of our Treasurer and Investment Advisor, Sam Douglass, the average 5-year return on the investment account of the Foundation is now 17.49 percent. For FYI 999, that return was 21.20 percent. These are the funds in which the restricted funds of the Foundation participate. Sam’s restructuring of our endowment accounts into a wider range of risk vs. return funds to give our investors more flexibility has proven very successful. The 1999 return on our more aggressive Foundation Endowment Portfolio was 30.96 percent with a 4-year average return of 21 .16 percent.

The Foundation remains committed to increasing both our restricted and unrestricted funds. John Hagely has graciously consented to continue as chair of the Major Donors Committee, and has been successful in reaching out to selected Demetrios alumni. Chuck Nickel continues to chair our effort to contact past recipients of the Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal to solicit their support in establishing an endowment which will fund that program within the Fraternity. Sam Douglass is finalizing a program through which our alumni can purchase reasonably priced insurance with the Foundation as policy owner and beneficiary. As you are aware, the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation is the only vehicle through which our alumni and friends can ensure the long-term financial viability of the Fraternity and deduct their contributions to the extent permitted by law.

With the support of the Grand Council, the Foundation will continue to encourage applications for the John Ross Scholarship Program from the Active Members. In the past several years, the number of applicants has been unexpectedly low and we are glad to see this changing. We are pleased to be able to award five John Ross Scholarships and one Satyros Fund Scholarship here at the 2000 Fraternity convention. Later in the year, we will award two Pytheos Fund scholarships. In addition, the Foundation will continue to educate you, the active and alumni members at this convention, about the Foundation through presentations by Chuck Nickel, our Vice President.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation, I wish you a most successful convention. If you have any questions about the Foundation or how we can be of service to your Chapter or Alumni Association, please feel free to contact me or any Board Member.

Fraternally yours,
R. Wayne Burford, AIA, NCARB, ACHA
Metagenes ’70

Income and Expenses – Actual
January 1, 1999 through December 30, 1999

Total Income 49485.22
TOTAL INCOME $49485.22
Total Expense 42348.72
NET INCOME (LOSS) $7136.50


National Nominations Committee Report
March 22, 2000

To: The Grand Council
From: National Nominations Committee Susan Boder, Vicki Horton, & Nicole Morris
RE: Nominations for the Positions of Worthy Grand Architect and Worthy Grand Scribe

The following brothers have fulfilled the application requirements for running for a position on the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity.

For the Office of Worthy Grand Architect:

  • Ronald Grogan
    <address witheld for privacy>
  • Gregory Pelley
    <address witheld for privacy>

For the Office of Worthy Grand Scribe:

  • Laura Gagliano
    <address witheld for privacy>
  • Vicki Horton
    <address witheld for privacy>