58th National Convention

Buffalo, New York
March 17-20, 2005

58th Convention Attendess

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Official Minutes of the 58th National Convention of Alpha Rho Chi.

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Buffalo’s Architectural Riches

The New York Times states—
“Buffalo has an even longer history of architectural distinction than Chicago; you could do worse than to take it as a textbook for a course in modern American buildings.”

Considered one of the most prosperous cities of the gilded age, this prosperity is still reflected in the number of mansions that dominate the city. In addition, Buffalo boasts 5 homes by Frank Lloyd Wright, 2 homes by H. H. Richardson, and one of the finest examples of sky scraper design; the Guaranty Building by Louis Sullivan. Before the conception of Central Park in New York City, Frederick Law Olmstead designed Buffalo’s Public Park System; the first of its kind in the United States.

Park building

Over 200 miles of fresh water borders the area, and the city of Buffalo is currently investing over 100 million dollars in waterfront improvements.

Waterfront Projects in Buffalo - click to link

Buffalo is only a 20-minute drive to Niagara Falls, and consequently, the Canadian Border. It is also the home of University at Buffalo, the largest public university in New York State, home of Senenmut Chapter.

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