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  • An independent, six-member Board of Directors administers the operations of the Foundation. The fraternity’s WGA and WGE are non-voting, ex officio members of the Board. These directors have the skills necessary to effectively manage the responsibilities of the Foundation. All directors are unpaid volunteers.
  • The Foundation receives gifts, invests and manages a variety of funds, receives and reviews requests for scholarships and grants, and disburses funds in accordance with the provisions of each managed fund.
  • Under the terms of our charter and tax-deductible classification, the Foundation is not permitted to pay operating expenses of the Grand Council or its member chapters and alumni associations.

Foundation Officers

President William Bradford foundationpresident@alpharhochi.org
Treasurer Charles L. Nickel foundationtreasurer@alpharhochi.org
Secretary Lannis Kirkland scholarships@alpharhochi.org
Director Richard L. Jenkins
Trustee Kristen Cole – Vitruvius
Trustee Kyle Graham – Hadrian
Trustee Jay Mock – Andronicus
Trustee Matt Praissman – Satyros
Trustee Melinda Reynolds – Cleisthenes

Contact Information

By mail:
c/o Charles L. Nickel
2101 Saint James Ave. #3
Cincinnati OH 45206-2612

By phone:
Charles L. Nickel
(513) 751-1133

By email:
William Bradford

Foundation Newsletter

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