John R. Ross Scholarship

Scholarship Applications Open For 2021

Applications are currently being accepted for the John Ross Scholarship. All collegiate brothers are encouraged to complete the online application via Memberplanet.

The application deadline is February 26, 2021.
Apply Now For The John R. Ross Scholarship

The application form can be viewed prior to anything being submitted — should you wish to compose the short service descriptions offline (to paste in later). The APX Foundation will also request professional headshots via email to publicize scholarship winners.

Please email the Foundation at if you have any questions or comments.

About the Scholarship

The John R. Ross Scholarship is the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation’s scholarship program recognizing academic success, leadership, and service in the fraternity’s active chapters. This past year, three scholarships were awarded, valued at $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000. All active chapter members of APX are encouraged to apply at the beginning of each year; the award is traditionally presented at APX’s National Convention. All applicants are encouraged to attend; however, attendance at Convention is not a factor in who wins the awards.

John R. Ross, FAIA

About John R. Ross

John R. Ross, FAIA, was Worthy Grand Architect of Alpha Rho Chi from 1981 to 1989. Initiated as a member of Andronicus Chapter in 1941, Ross was soon called to active duty as a U.S. Army Unit Commander in the Pacific theater of WWII. He returned to the University of Southern California to earn his Bachelor of Architecture in 1949. Ross maintained a private practice in San Luis Obispo while lecturing at Cal Poly and joining California Board of Architectural Examiners – becoming its president in 1970. An officer and director of National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Ross served as NCARB president in 1979. As WGA, he was instrumental in establishing the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation in 1989. Ross briefly served as the Foundation’s first president until his death on June 6, 1990.

Past John R. Ross Scholars

Year Name Chapter
2020 Elizabeth Herfel Rabirius
Melissa Holder Polyidus
Thomas Wyatt Apollodorus
2019 Lames Alkebsi Olynthius
Cassidy Brown Apollodorus
Andrew Fabry Andronicus
2018 Leira Carreon Metagenes
David Maples Hadrian
Timothy Huntley Polyidus
2017 Emily Buckberg Olynthius
Kylie Miller Pytheos
David Maples Hadrian
2016 Allison Baker Metagenes
Proanne Liao Andronicus
Kyle Graham Hadrian
2015 Anna Barchick-Suter Rabirius
Patricia Hazle Metagenes
Kelsey Dressing Iktinos
2014 Bryan Perez Pytheos
Eneida Pinon Nicon
Jeff Ziemann Dinocrates
2013 Margo Puette Rabirius
Jessica Elliott Apollodorus
Desmond Johnson Seshait
2012 Allison Burrell Iktinos
Laura Trainor Anthemios
2011 Erin Cuevas Andronicus
2010 Jonathan Fair Seshait
2009 Jennifer Rearich Satyros
2008 Anthony DeLaPaz Anthemios
2007 Erin Ostendorf Dobesh Pytheos
2006 Katie Schmidt Pytheos
Jeffrey Johnson Imhotep
2005 James Wall Apollodorus
Alberto Lopez Andronicus
Carlos Machado Cleisthenes
2004 Emile Pointex
Kristen Walker Apollodorus
Randy Kirschner Pytheos
Melissa Goris Iktinos
Matthew Soisson Iktinos
Allison McDonnell Iktinos
2003 Karen Williams Seshait
Rachael Lannan Anthemios
2002 Aaron Feldman Vitruvius
Tzveta Panayotova Apollodorus
Alex Estill Rabirius
2001 Brandon Harwick Vitruvius
David Ciavarella Pytheos
2000 Matthew Gillen Vitruvius
Ryann Craig Anthemios
Johanna James Anthemios
Mara Braspenninx Iktinos
Trevor Hull Pytheos
1999 Robyn Brown Vitruvius
Joshua L. Thompson Anthemios
Robert S. Lewis Apollodorus
Melissa S. Kleve Pytheos
Amy Stillwell Rhoecus
1998 Corey M. Hoelker Pytheos
Robert Ford Apollodorus
1997 Todd A. Erickson Pytheos
1996 Kevin Teague Anthemios
1995 Phillip J. Heelan IV Pytheos