Risa Schoenfeld

Risa graduated with her M.Arch from Tulane University in 2013. After an emotional goodbye to New Orleans, she moved back to her hometown of New York to start her architecture career and to pursue licensure. She spent some time working on detached houses in Brooklyn, and now works at Gerner, Kronick & Valcarcel Architects, working on mostly corporate interiors and residential buildings.

Risa was initiated into the Hadrian Chapter in the spring of 2009, and subsequently served as Worthy Scribe, Pledge Educator, Worthy Associate Architect, and Worthy Architect. During her time as WA she helped plan and execute the Hippodamus installation in New Orleans. Before serving as Worthy Grand Lecturer, Risa served as the Regional Director for Region 6. Her goal as Worthy Grand Lecturer is that The Ritual be performed correctly, to guarantee that all members have meaningful and safe initiation experiences.

In her free time, she enjoys taking advantage of all that NYC has to offer, including museums, shows, and food. She also runs 5ks, listens (almost exclusively) to classic rock, and loves a good Fitbit competition.