John Conway

A born and raised New Yorker, John is always looking for opportunities to continue to learn about the place he calls home. From brunches in Brooklyn to the beaches in the Hamptons, he is always looking for the next adventure to be had and a new place to explore. The countless architectural styles throughout New York had always served as an inspiration and led John to pursue a degree in architecture at The Pennsylvania State University. Coming from a family of engineers and architects, the decision of what career path to pursue was a simple one.

John was initiated into the Vitruvius chapter in 2010. As a collegiate member, he had the opportunity to serve on several committees and eventually lead the chapter as Worthy Architect. Upon graduation, he began to seek opportunities to work as a national appointee, which led to his time as Colony Director for Agamedes, Theodorus, and Amenophis in addition to serving as Awards Coordinator.

John strives to learn as much about the built environment as possible and hopes to gain exposure in various fields of design. He has worked on residences, bars, offices, and sculptures. He currently works as a Design Coordinator for Stantec and specializes in healthcare and pharmaceutical design. In his free time, John enjoys traveling, rooting for New York-based sports teams, and can be found ordering the strangest sounding craft beer on the menu.