Grand Council Meeting Minutes 2000

2000 Minutes

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Alpha Rho Chi Grand Council Summer Meeting Minutes


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA (see first order of business)
  • Ted Ertl, WGAE

WGA reads recent correspondence to and from his office.

Called to Order Thursday, July 6, 2000 at 6:55PM, upon arrival of Brother Swilling.

WGA requests approval of nominees for appointments to Year 2000-2001 Management Team:

Team Position Appointees

Team Position Appointee
Grand Advisor J. Scott MacKay
National Inspector Charles Morley
Regional Deputies R-1 Shawn Good R-5/6 Corey Hoelker
R-2 Edgardo Martinez R-7 John Lawrence
R-3 Robert Ford R-8 Lance Karutz
R-4 Jennifer Fritz
Grand Lecturer Ted Ertl
National Expansion Program Coord. Appointment remains open
Archi Editor Appointment remains open
Assoc. Archi Ed. Chapter News Appointment remains open
Assoc. Archi Ed. Alumni News Appointment remains open
Assoc. Ed. APX Newsletter Amber Ford
Assoc. Ed. APX Website Jim Thomson/Dana Habel

Motion is made and duly seconded to approve entire list of appointees; passes unanimously.

A. Management Team Action Items

  1. Contact those not present to obtain acceptance of appointment. (WGA 8/03/00)
  2. Contact alumni to fill remaining open appointments and report findings to WGA. (GA 8/03/00)
  3. Request that the Regional Deputy for Regions 5/6 contact Brother Nicole Ludacka in regard to serving as Associate Editor for the APX Newsletter, lest Brother Ford cannot fulfill the appointment as expected and report findings to WGA. (WGS 7/10/00)
  4. Contact those listed in the 53rd National Convention minutes as members of any committees and request that a Chairperson be identified. (WGA 8/03/00)
  5. Distribute a list of committee chairpersons to Grand Council. (WGA 8/03/00)
  6. Compile Policies and Procedures for each GC position. (GC/NI/RDs 7/01/01)
  7. Notify Lark Bear of the Grand Council’s desire to continue the enlistment of her services as Executive Assistant for the 2000-2001 Fiscal Year. (WGS 7/10/00)

Motion to accept the Official Minutes of the 53rd National Convention as received from Convention President Jim Thomson and Convention Secretary Nicole Ludacka.

Motion passes unanimously with the Grand Council’s recognition of appreciation to Brother Ludacka for the exceptional quality of the document.

B. Action items for the 53rd National Convention Minutes

  1. Publish the 53rd National Convention Minutes (WGS 7/28/00)
  2. Distribute one copy of minutes to every chapter and alumni association via Certified mail. (WGS 7/28/00)

Motion to recess 7:35PM; duly seconded; passes unanimously

Called to order 9:50PM

Grand Council participates in Values Exercise as requested by WGA. Motion to recess at 10:35PM; duly seconded; passes unanimously

Meeting called to order Friday, July 7, 2000 at 9:15AM

Motion to host the 54th National Convention of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity in Washington, DC from March 29 through April 1, 2001. Motion duly seconded, passes unanimously.

Discussion topics include the suggestion to move the Annual Grand Council meeting (typically held the day before convention) to the day after convention.
Reason being, any motions passed by the Convention delegates may be addressed immediately. The agenda of the convention shall consist of:

  • Thursday, March 29,2001 Tours and/or presentations by prominent professionals
  • Friday, March 30, 2001 Parliamentary procedure training seminar led by Grand Advisor.
    Business session, including breakouts to address chapter and association issues and training.
    Additional tours and/ or seminars.
  • Saturday, March 31,2001 Business session, additional tours and / or seminars.
    Banquet highlighted by keynote address.
    Swearing-in of new officers.
  • Sunday, April 1, 2001 Grand Council Annual meeting, open to all members.

Note: The Grand Advisor has pledged $6,000 toward this Convention’s costs, guaranteeing that he will recoup his original pledge during convention; the objective being to perpetually bankroll each convention one year in advance. Additionally, the Grand Advisor will contact other alumni and propose they submit like pledges.

C. Convention Action Items

  1. Hotel cost, budget outline (WGAA/WGE 9/23/00)
  2. Marketing strategy (WGAA 9/23/00)
  3. Professional Programs (fund-raising) (GA 9/23/00)
  4. Site proposals for 2002 Convention
    • Las Vegas (WGAA/GA 1/15/01)
    • New Orleans (WGS 1/15/01)
    • San Luis Obispo (WGE 1/15/01)
    • Phoenix (WGA 1/15/01)

D. Administrative Items Action List

  1. Set up Grand Council conference calls scheduled as follows: August 3, 2000; September 7, 2000 & October 5, 2000 (WGE 8/01/00)
  2. Coordinate with Webmaster(s) to set up the capability of on-line chats in place of remaining conference calls tentatively scheduled as follows: 11/2/00; 12/7/00; 1/11/01; 2/1/01 and 3/1/01 (WGS 10/15/00)
  3. Dispensation of approximately $15,000 net income to fund the following programs: 2001 Convention (professional, fraternal and educational programs), publications, convention fee rebate program, and contribution to the Fraternity’s financial portfolio. (WGE 8/03/00)
  4. Reevaluate and fine-tune the FY ’00-’01 budget (WGE 10/05/00)

WGS Note: National Inspector, Charles Morley seated at meeting at 11:30AM.

E. PUBLICATIONS (all) Action Items

  1. Create standard graphic for business cards for all Grand Council officers and appointees. (WGAA 7/10/00)
  2. Coordinate efforts with Image Committee to compile a standardized graphics package to be used when designing Rush pamphlets (tri-folds), colonization packages, Pledge Manuals, etc. (WGS/WGE 9/30/00)

ARCHI: Future editions of the ARCHI shall featurethe following: Leadership, Service, Professional, and Fraternalism.

F. ARCHI Action Items

  1. First in series of columns entitled “Dear Attila” based on the information included in Leadership Skills of Attila the Hun as presented to the Grand Council. (GA 8/15/00)
  2. Contact Brother Dan Pitera, requesting article pertaining to professional image/marketing. (WGE/RD-4 7/21/00)
  3. Inquire as to possibility of quoting advertisement seen in another publication. (GA 8/01/00)
  4. Contact Brother Jay Palu in regard to submitting an article outlining the benefits of membership in both AIAS and APX. (WGA 8/01/00)
  5. Acquire list of 2000 APX Medal Winners from EA (WGS 8/15/00)
  6. Contact Randy Brown for possible critique and expose on Mr. Brown’s recent projects. (RD-5/6 8/01/00)
  7. Contact Brother William Bradford requesting an article relating the skills and benefits he has gained by being a member of APX and how those skills have helped him succeed in both the AIA and his own firm, VOA. (GA 7/28/00)
  8. Contact Harvey Gand and Sam Balen requesting articles. (WGA 7/28/00)
  9. Contact former Philadelphia AIA Chapter President for leadership submittals. (WGE 7/28/00)
  10. State of the Fraternity Address (WGA 8/15/00)
  11. Contact chapter WAs and request submittals outlining their typical philanthropic endeavors for Service focus. (WGS 7/28/00)
  12. Submit articles about the two most recent APX Silver Medal winners. (WGS 8/15/00)
  13. Draft copy of ARCHI submitted to Grand Council for final review and approval (Budget $8,500 printing/setup) (WGS/Archi Editor 9/15/00)
  14. Revised draft submitted to professional publisher. (WGS/Archi Editor 9/22/00)
  15. Final product to Grand Council EA for distribution (WGS/Archi Editor 10/13/00)
  16. Distribution to bulk mail center (Budget $2,000 postage) (GC Executive Assistant 10/22/00)

G. Fall APX Newsletter Action Items

  1. Evaluations of summer meeting (GC 7/28/00)
  2. Graphic illustrations of budget relationship to Convention. (WGE 7/28/00)
  3. Comments and chart provided by Anthemios Alumni delegate from 53rd National Convention. (WGA 7/28/00)
  4. Upcoming Convention information (Convention Corner) (WGS 7/28/00)
  5. Articles outlining the goals and expectations (GC 7/28/00)
  6. Scholarship winners (WGS 7/28/00)
  7. Financial Report (WGE 7/28/00)
  8. List of members Called by the Supreme Architect (WGS/EA 7/28/00)
  9. Team 2000 Master Directory (WGS 7/28/00)
  10. Draft copy submitted to Grand Council for final review (Newsletter Editor 8/18/00)
  11. Final draft to printer (EA 8/29/00)
  12. Distribution to bulk mail center for mailing (EA 9/19/00)

H. Spring APX Newsletter Action Items

  1. Chapter and association article submittals due to WGS (Chapters/Associations 12/15/00)
  2. Further, more specific 54th National Convention itinerary and information. (WGS 12/15/00)
  3. Alumni Dues invoice (WGE 12/15/00)
  4. Draft copy submitted to Grand Council for final review (Editor 1/12/01)
  5. Final draft to printer (EA 1/19/01)
  6. Final copy to bulkmail center for distribution (EA 2/12/01)

Summer APX Newsletter: TBD, based on budget and response to Fall and Spring issues

I. Operational Action Items

  1. Letter to Apollodorus Alumni Association outlining Grand Councils position and intentions regarding chapters missing charter. (WGA TBD)
  2. Initiate search for possible national headquarters for APX in Washington, DC. Preference for space in the same building as AIAS, ASCA headquarters. (WGAA 1/15/01)
  3. Rush Manual revision suggestions to Grand Council (Chapter Maintenance 1/31/01)
  4. Bronze Medal strike needed to fill 2001-2002 orders. Contact Burr, Patterson & Auld and other companies to acquire bids for quantity of 250-500 (WGS 9/30/00)
  5. Gold and Silver medals still in stock, send to WGS (GL 8/3/00)
  6. Internet upgrade: contact webmaster(s), reiterate approval for upgrade based on RFP outlining services included in $100/month rate quote. (WGS 7/11/00)
  7. Check into possibility of setting up new monthly membership reporting structure for chapters on the website (WGS/Webmasters 7/11/00)
  8. Order Membership Certificates. Retrieve leftover stock from past Grand Council files and order at least 250 from Recognition Express (should cost approximately $750.00) (WGS 8/15/00)
  9. Forward membership certificates to calligrapher for future use. (WGS 8/30/00)
  10. Order 500+ E-1 cards (WGS 8/15/00)
  11. Get bids for 20 charters, including revisions as agreed by GC. (GL 8/1/00)
  12. As listed under Convention section above, final proposals for 2002 Convention, including budget, lodging, activities, nearby universities, programs (professional, fraternal, service and leadership) and marketing draw. (GC 1/15/01)
  13. Compile a national version of the Iktinos Alumni Associations Welcome New Alumni packet, including initial dues invoice (WGS 1/31/01)
  14. Send alumni dues invoices and appeal for contributions from lifetime members (send to EA for mailing with Newsletter) (WGE 12/15/00)
  15. Notify Harriett Roddenberg (JAE) of new GC officers (WGS 8/31/00)
  16. Arrange meeting with Apollodorus chapter and University of Florida Architecture Director. (WGE 8/15/00)
  17. Visit Seshait Chapter. (WGAA 10/31/00)
  18. Establish Chat room on website for GC meetings. (Webmaster 11/1/00)
  19. Retrieve all WGS files from outstanding sources (WGS 8/31/00)
  20. Research lost bank accounts of inactive chapters (NI 12/31/00)
  21. Research corporate status of chapters and associations with applicable state governments (NI 12/31/00)
  22. Gather articles and research alcohol-related incidents on college campuses. (WGAA 9/23/00)
  23. Reply to letter from Rhoecus Chapter. (WGA 8/31/00)
  24. Provide fraternal merchandise to new pledges upon receipt of membership reports listing said pledges. (WGS 11/1/00)

Motion to recess 5:15PM, duly seconded; passes unanimously

Meeting called to order 8:15AM, Saturday July 8, 2000

WGS Note, those in attendance for remainder of meeting:

  • Gregory Pelley
  • WGA Ted Ertl, GL
  • Jennifer Fritz, RD-4
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Charles Morley, NI
  • Corey Hoelker, RD-5/6
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Edgardo Martinez, RD-2
  • John Lawrence, RD-7
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • Robert Ford, RD-3
  • Lance Karutz, RD-8

New attendees updated on items discussed during previous two days of meeting.

J. Operations Action Items

  1. Proposals for APX Foundation funding for professional programs to WGA or WGE (Chapters/Associations 8/15/00)
  2. Requests for reimbursement of expenses (GC/Appointees W/in 45 days)
  3. Any motions requiring amendment to Constitution & By-laws received by WGA (All members 2/28/01)

K. Convention Action Items

  1. Submit written reports prior to start of Convention so that such reports may be included in package given to each delegate upon arrival. (Chapters/Associations 3/15/01)
  2. Contact chapters and associations by region and insure they are aware of this request.(Regional Deputies 1/15/01)

L. Pledge Manual Action Items

  1. The APX Pledge Manual will be posted, including the most recent updates, on the website and made available for downloading by chapters as needed until a revised edition is printed and distributed (WGS/Webmasters 7/31/00)
  2. Request that anyone in possession of quality photos and graphics to replace those currently in the Pledge Manual please forward those to the WGS so they may be included in the next edition (WGS 7/31/00)
  3. Provide replacement Pledge Manuals at the beginning of each year. (WGS 8/31/01)

M. Website Action Items

  1. Remind the chapters and associations to check the site for news and information frequently. (GC/NI/RDs 7/10/00)
  2. Add suggested map of the U.S. showing the different regions (Webmaster 7/28/00)
  3. Add each Regional Deputys name, the National Inspectors location, and any Grand Council member within a region (Webmaster 7/28/00)
  4. Event Recap Form make available for download (Webmaster 8/31/00)

Vision Exercise

<WGA leads the National Inspector and Regional Deputies in the Values exercise completed by the Grand Council members on July 6.>

Upon completion of a Vision exercise [source: The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge], much debate and revision, the following is adopted by the current Grand Council:

The vision of the Grand Council: developing excellence in leadership, professionalism, service and fellowship for our members and our communities.

Motion made and duly seconded to recess, 12:00PM

Called to order, 1:40PM

Appointee Reports

WGA requests reports from appointees, including updates and / or goals regarding chapters and associations.

National Inspector

Charles Morley outlines his initial program for increased communication. The National Inspector will request monthly reports from the Regional Deputies. These reports should include number of actives, number of pledges, graduating members, highlights, areas of improvement needed, problems and concerns, goals, achievements, colony targets, and any other new the Regional Deputy feels warrants communication. The NI will be present on every Grand Council conference call, beginning with the August 3 call already scheduled. Would like to have on-line meetings with the RDs on a regular basis and will update everyone once that is finalized.

Region 1

Regional Deputy is not present, due to a previous professional commitment. WGE reports her observations. Vitruvius Chapter is strong, but could improve further. They could benefit through completion of the Vision exercise just completed during this meeting. Leadership training is needed, just as in all chapters. Alumni association is essentially a one-man organization at this time. Elections tend to perpetuate same board members each year. The association is always represented at chapter functions and the association appears to have a good rapport with the active chapter members.

Region 2

Edgardo Martinez reports that efforts to approach Catholic University as a future site for a chapter is probably not warranted. Apparently, the university does not recognize fraternities or sororities on campus, regardless of Professional, Social or other affiliation. Three students have expressed a desire to form a colony at the University of Virginia and they hope to build their numbers to ten by Christmas break. Have received no response from the Virginia Tech. Institute faculty contacts approached on the advice of Brother Ertl, but will contact Laura Gagliano and other local alumni for assistance. Will coordinate efforts with Shawn Good (RD-1) in approaching the University of Maryland.

Region 3

Rob Ford, reports on the challenges facing the chapters and associations in his region. Apollodorus Chapter has had serious financial difficulties to overcome this past year, but it appears theyre working hard to become solvent once again. Currently, there are only three actives paying dues, though there are six alumni truly working toward the goals theyve set for themselves. Their major focus is a productive RUSH program, but the actives need all the support they can get from other chapters and local alumni. The Alumni Association is facing its own tough challenges. It has been listed by the State of Florida as an inactive corporation for more than ten years and the current board appears to have been split into two distinct factions at odds with each other. The WGE and RD will visit the chapter in September to assist in their RUSH program and any other ways they are needed. Following their last initiation, the Seshait Chapter should have ten actives. The Seshait Alumni Association is currently listed as inactive by the State of Florida and the alumni typically leave the area shortly after graduation. The WGAA and RD will coordinate their efforts to assist in leadership training and any other areas, as requested by the chapter and alumni association.

Region 4

Jennifer Fritz, reports that Anthemios is doing well, as usual. Their RUSH program includes letters sent to incoming Freshmen prior to the semesters start, Saturday morning design charettes, visits from professors who explain the progression through school, Open Houses, Invitation Dinners, formal dinners with faculty. All of this proves to be typically very successful, though they are always searching for improvement. The Alumni Association is probably the strongest in the U.S, and some are on the universitys faculty and staff. The associations Control Corporation also leases a secondary house next door to the chapter house and provides financial assistance for repairs and improvements for the chapter house.

Demetrios is doing well, in terms of membership, though there are questions concerning membership reports received from them. As with most chapters, they could benefit from leadership training, especially where professionalism and vision are concerned. The Control Corporation has issued an ultimatum: five actives must believing in the house, or the actives will need to find other university housing. This obviously has led to some degree of friction between the chapter and alumni association, and Control Corporation. The chapter needs much assistance in putting together a productive RUSH program, especially considering they have virtually no support from the universitys faculty. The WGA and RD will coordinate their efforts with respect to assisting the chapter.

Iktinos is strong and appears to easily handle the typical challenges that face them. There is some concern about the pledge program, as they tend to lose pledges at a fairly high rate. In addition, the University is split into two separate campuses. The College of Architecture is within a section known as the North Campus, while the main social activities take place at Central Campus a lengthy distance from Architecture students. They are still considering the purchase of a chapter house, but this campus separation will be quite a challenge to overcome. The Alumni Association is essentially a one-man show and needs the activity of many more, especially from new alumni still in the area.

There is a joint meeting with the Demetrios Alumni Association being planned and the RD will provide an update as soon as details are ironed out.

Rabirius Colony completed their professional program, the June 2 design charette. They expect to send out their documentation by the end of July and hope to be approved for installation by September. They still need guidance in the area of pledge training, particularly in how to choose the best of the best.

University of Detroit Mercy Colony is still struggling to complete their professional program. They have been hampered by forces beyond their control; namely construction delays imposed by the general contractor. However, the project they have outlined is scheduled to be complete very soon after the fall term begins and they expect to have their documentation to the Grand Council shortly thereafter. Further, they are working hard for a productive RUSH to gain a strong Alpha Pledge class, ready for initiation by the end of the fall term. The RD and WGS will follow up with both colonies on their documentation in an effort to install them as chapters by the end of September.

Motion made and duly seconded to recess, 5:45PM Called to order, 8:05AM, Sunday, July 9

WGS Note, those in attendance: Gregory Pelley, WGATed Ertl, GL Jennifer Fritz, RD-4 Brian Swilling, WGAA Charles Morley, NI Corey Hoelker, RD-5/6 Vicki Horton, WGS Edgardo Martinez, RD-2 John Lawrence, RD-7 Nicole Morris, WGE Robert Ford, RD-3 Lance Karutz, RD-8

Regional Deputy reports continued:

Regions 5/6

Corey Hoelker, reports that the Pytheos chapter has more than 40 members, but that like most large chapters, constantly struggles to keep all the members truly active. The current Executive Board is working hard to improve the quality of pledges and stop worrying about the size of a pledge class. In addition, the active members feel they are missing the emotional tie to Alpha Rho Chi that some of the other chapters exhibited at convention. They want to focus on forging this type of connection with the Fraternity. As part of their RUSH program, they will be sending out a letter to all incoming freshmen and will forward a copy of this letter to the WGS to add to any RUSH Manual updates.

By July 31, the WGA will send an official reply to the Rhoecus chapter’s infamous letter, addressing the points listed within (to the previous WGA, RD and NI). Also within this reply, the WGA will reiterate the necessity of each chapter and association to pay their dues so that the Fraternity’s publications can be completed. In addition, the letter will outline the various ways to apply for Foundation funds for local professional programs. The chapter continues to have successful RUSH and professional events. The new RD has already begun a successful dialogue with the chapter’s WA.

The RD is currently coordinating a regional leadership retreat for the first weekend in August and is confident there will be strong attendance by both chapters and the colony in the region. There are still concerns about the typical drop in numbers during pledging; perhaps they need some guidance in progressing through a successful pledging period. The RD will find out when initiation and other events are scheduled and attend if at all possible. While the Regional Deputy and Grand Council do not want to interfere with valuable chapter traditions, the chapter needs to fully understand that any activities even remotely considered dangerous to the welfare of the Fraternity will be dealt with swiftly and sternly by the Fraternity’s membership as a whole. There is still no Alumni Association, though efforts by recent graduates have been mentioned.

Paeonios appears to be closer to reaching the magic number of ten, necessary to petition for affiliation as a colony. The RD has spoken with Laura Brown to offer the Fraternity’s assistance with any problems facing the potential colony. The school is on a co-op program, much like Rabirius. Ms. Brown still appears to be motivated in starting a colony, but the time she has already put into this venture is sapping that motivation.

Region 7

John Lawrence, reports he will soon approach several schools in an effort to colonize. The first potential chapter sites are at the University of Oregonin Eugene, University of Washington at Seattle, Washington State University, and University of Idaho. There should be plenty of support from local alumni, as well as brothers who intend to attend as graduate students at these universities. RD requests that a listing of local alumni be sent to him, so that he may contact them and see if they will be able or willing to assist in his efforts. WGS will have Lark Bear send each RD a listing of local alumni, living within their respective regions.

Region 8

Lance Karutz, is concerned with the news that the Andronicus chapter currently owes more than $1,100 in dues and fees. The chapter has approximately 25 members and typically has a successful RUSH program. However, they could benefit well from some financial training, particularly how to budget themselves. There is still some confusion and concern about the chapter’s corporate status with the State of California. The new NI will once again try to resolve this issue. The Alumni Association is very weak and does not live up to its potential in providing support to the chapter. Additionally, their corporate status is also listed as suspended within the State of California.

Daedalus appears to be a very strong chapter, their WA is solid and the membership is motivated. RUSH is very successful and includes such things as: Club night on the Quad, Faculty wine and cheese receptions, new student tours and supply runs, a published RUSH schedule and alternating professional and social events. The Alumni Association is strong and will be very motivated, with more new members in the fall. The Alumni Association sends out a New Alumni packet to every graduate, which seems to be successful in keeping the alumni motivated, as well. Elections for officers take place next month.

Satyros expects to initiate three new brothers in August, bringing their active membership total to ten. The current actives are very motivated and have formed a strong bond within their own chapter, as well as with the other chapters in their region. The Alumni Associations very supportive and provides much assistance to the chapter. Their annual meeting is scheduled soon and the current alumni president feels they would be stronger if their president were in the local vicinity.

The RD will be approaching faculty and students at the University of California at Berkeley in hopes of organizing a colony there. The RD will make contact with Brother Jay Palu, of Pytheos, and ask for his support and assistance. Dean of the Architecture program at the University of Hawaii, Manoa has expressed interest in beginning a colony there.

Resources and Objectives

Jennifer Fritz, Regional Deputy for Region 4, presented her proposal for an Event Recap Form
and suggested it be used by all chapters to assist in the sharing of information and building of a resource file.
The form will request information on:

  1. Type of Event (professional, social, fund raising, rush, philanthropic, etc.)
  2. Time (which quarter or semester, day of week, time of day, etc.)
  3. Location (chapter house, school, professional office, etc.)
  4. Description (detailed!)
  5. Advertising done (including timeline)
  6. School support (Y,N, if Yes how?)
  7. Other needs (anything not listed above)
  8. Strengths (what worked and why?)
  9. Challenges (what didn’t work, how could it have been better?)
  10. Contact person (permanent address/phone number listed and dated)

Completed forms should be sent via regular or electronic mail to the appropriate Regional Deputy, National Inspector and the Worthy Grand Scribe so that it may be included in their resource files. Much thanks to Brother Fritz for taking the initiative to devise this form, which will certainly be of great use.

WGA encourages Regional Deputies and the National Inspector to utilize the ACSA and AIAS websites to gain information on potential colony sites. Their sites are: and

When considering a colony at a university, one should contact:

  • Alpha Rho Chi alumni living in the vicinity
  • School administration (find out their mission, remind them of the APX Medal and its qualifications)
  • Grand Council and appointees, especially
  • Other student organization leaders
  • General student body

When meeting with the university’s administration and / or staff, emphasize Alpha Rho Chi’s vision of developing excellence in leadership, professionalism and service among its members.
Ask what is the school’s mission or vision for its students and ask how they feel Alpha Rho Chi could help to fulfill that mission. Express the Fraternity’s desire to create an organization tailored to the university’s goals. Stress that Alpha Rho Chi is intended to compliment AIAS, not compete with it and that the current and past two national AIAS Presidents are also Alpha Rho Chi members. A potential marketing strategy should include letters from prominent local alumni, lectures and/or tours by alumni and other local professionals.

Colonization Process

  1. Send Petition to Organize to the Worthy Grand Scribe. The petition must bear the signatures of five students.
  2. Once the Grand Council approves the Petition to Organize, there is currently a three-month organizational period, during which the students must acquire information on establishing a student organization on their campus, etc. They must also build their roster to ten students within this time frame. During this time, they are referred to as a Colony in Organization.
  3. Once there are ten students ready to form the organization, they must send a Petition to Form a Colony to the Worthy Grand Scribe. This petition must bear the signatures of at least ten students.
  4. After the Grand Council reviews and approves the Petition to Form a Colony, the students are put through a pledge-in ceremony and they remit a payment of $25 for each pledge. Colony members then utilize a six-month period to complete the steps to petition for installation, as outlined by the Grand Council.
  5. Once the requirements, as outlined by the Grand Council, have been completed by the Colony, the Colony submits a Petition for Affiliation (the petition to become a chapter) bearing the signatures of at least ten colony members. Backup information is also included.
  6. Once the Colony has completed the university’s requirements for forming an organization and the requirements as listed by the Grand Council, the petition to affiliate is deemed complete. At that time, the Worthy Grand Architect sends the entire package via certified mail to each chapter and alumni association, requesting their vote. A ¾ majority is required for passage or failure of the petition. If a chapter or association fails to vote within 30 days of receipt of the package, the WGA retains right to vote for such chapter or association.
  7. Upon approval by ¾ majority vote, the WGA notifies the chapters and alumni associations of the Colony’s pending chapter status and installation date.
  8. The appropriate Regional Deputy coordinates the following activities:
    • WGE prepares an installation budget
    • WGS orders a charter and membership certificates
    • Grand Lecturer reviews the Ritual and other requirements
    • Fees, payable in cashier’s check, money order or other cash payment are collected (Charter fee is $200 and initiation fee is $50 per person) prior to installation.
    • Grand Lecturer supervises the Ritual and administers the oaths of office to the chapter’s executive officers.
  9. The WGA sends notification of the installation of the new chapter to the university, school of architecture, all chapters and alumni associations, etc.

Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

  1. Potential APX merchandise ideas: calendars, baseball caps, key chains, coffee mugs, umbrellas, etc. etc.
  2. The network of mutual support starts here and now, with this very group!
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  4. Every member must know, understand and support our goals and objectives and understand their important role in reaching them.
  5. Consider changing the title of Regional Deputy to Regional Director. National Inspector to _____?

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 2:55PM

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the summer meeting of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, July 6-10, 2000.

Respectfully Submitted this 3rd day of August, 2000:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

August 2000 Conference Call


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • Charles Morley, NI
  • [J. Scott MacKay, GA – please refer to note within New Business]

Called to Order Thursday, August 4, 2000 at 8:05PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of Minutes from the Summer Meeting held in Charlotte. WGAA requests change to the record regarding the month of his scheduled visit to Seshait from September to October. WGS notes the discrepancy and will change immediately. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve Summer Meeting minutes; passes unanimously.

A. WGAA Report

  1. Draft of inquiry letters to Frank Gehry and President Jimmy Carter with regard to opening and keynote address speeches. Letters to include request for typical honorariums required for their services. (08/11/00)
  2. Results of research on convention venues such as Dupont Circle, downtown (preferably sites with easy Metro access), Alexandria, Georgetown or Crystal City. (09/23/00)
  3. Specific information and updates with regard to the dangers of hazing. (09/07/00)
  4. Apologies for the delay in sending the WGAA’s article for the Newsletter. Will transmit via email to WGS. (08/05/00)

B. WGS Report

  1. Revise Summer Meeting minutes and transmit via email or regular mail to all WA’s, Assoc. Presidents, Grand Council, National Inspector, Regional Deputies, and the Webmaster. (08/06/00)
  2. WA Conference airline reservations are almost complete, with the exception of WA’s from Rhoecus, Demetrios and Iktinos, UDM President (all waiting for confirmation of travelers’ names) and Anthemios WA (will fly standby through relative’s employer). Suggest approval for funding to send NI and RD’s to the WA Conference. Such action would require approximately $2,000 more. After discussion, motion is made to request that these appointees attend and to apply their expenses to the budget for the conference. Motion passes unanimously. WGS will acquire airline reservations for these additional attendees. (08/10/00)
  3. Fall APX Newsletter: WGS will forward all remaining articles and items for insertion into the Newsletter to the Associate Editor, Amber Ford. (08/10/00)
  4. ARCHI: Deadline for article submissions is fast approaching; please do your best to make contact with your required authors this week and advise WGS of any possible delays. (08/14/00)

C. WGE Report

  1. The last bank statement received indicates $46,833 in the checking account, $53,324 in the savings account. Fiscal Year report shows a net loss of $6,725. Summer meeting final cost amounted to $6,332 – by comparison, last year’s summer meeting totaled $2,810 (with far fewer attendees). (N/A)
  2. WGE is in receipt of numerous alumni dues and has forwarded alumni anecdotal comments to Lark Bear for insertion in the APX Newsletter. (N/A)
  3. Will compile a preliminary budget for WGE’s suggestion that the Grand Council provide Convention T-shirts to all brothers who pay the full cost of convention (obviously including delegates), as well as to the actives from the host chapter who attend the banquet. (09/02/00)

D. National Inspector Report

  1. Region 1 Vitruvius doing well. RD reports that approximately 75-80% are truly active. The chapter has essentially extinguished their expasion efforts at Carnegie Mellon at this time. They will consider another attempt at a later time. The RD has taken on the re-establishment of Metagenes as a priority and will work with the RD from Region 2 to help in any way possible. (N/A)
  2. Region 2 no report received from the Regional Deputy of this region. (N/A)
  3. Region 3 Regional Deputy reports very low membership as primary concern, as well as an apparent lack of focus at the Appolodorus chapter. However, 100% of the Appolodorus actives are truly active. He has made virtually no contact with the Seshait chapter as of yet. Corporate status within the State of Florida is also a major concern, as neither Alumni Association is currently in good standing. (N/A)
  4. Region 4 no report, RD is in process of moving. (N/A)
  5. Region 5/6 Regional Deputy reports that regional meetings with Rhoecus and Pytheos have gone well. Highlights of suggestions from Rhoecus: regional or national alumni associations instead of associations affiliated by chapter, which they deem ineffective. [WGA will not respond officially to Rhoecus letter from last Winter until he has spoken to their WA via phone] The Regional Deputy should continue to build rapport with the chapter and express the GCs willingness to work with them on the various issues they have raised. Concerns have been raised with regard to Paeonios the fear exists that the students will lose interest due to the amount of time already spent on their efforts to establish a colony. It is agreed that our efforts to reestablish Xenocles should not be delayed simply because of the search for a new Dean. RD reports that the Pytheos chapter is strong in number, but possibly feeling the effects of growing pains i.e., no emotional tie to APX, not being selective in their acceptance of pledges. (N/A)
  6. Region 7 no report, but RD is working hard on expansion. (N/A)
  7. Region 8 Andronicus and Daedalus alumni associations need help with truly providing assistance to the chapters. The Andronicus chapter appears to be emerging from their financial woes of the last year. Daedalus seems to be divided into various cliques but the actives are strong. What Satyros lacks in numbers, they make up for in activity 100% of the actives are truly active. (N/A)

E. WGA Report

  1. Will contact WA at Rhoecus in response to their letter from last Winter (08/15/00)
  2. Letters of appointment are being prepared and will be distributed. (08/10/00)
  3. Interview Harvey Gand for Archi article. (08/15/00)
  4. Will send official letter to Appolodorus Alumni Association requesting they rectify their corporate status with the State of Florida (note: the Apollodorus charter has been returned). (09/07/00)
  5. Brother Ronald Grogan should be receiving a check for reimbursement of duplicate lodging charges he incurred while attending the 53rd National Convention. (08/04/00)
  6. APX Newsletter and Convention planning are on schedule. Need further details of convention prior to WA Conference. (09/23/00)

F. New Business

  1. Grand Council is in receipt of the petition and documents in support of the petition to affiliate as a chapter of Alpha Rho Chi from the members of Rabirius Colony. Motion to accept the documents and request vote by the chapters and associations; duly seconded passes unanimously GC. (N/A)
  2. WGA will send the official ballots, with attached list of items completed by the Colony, to each chapter and association via certified mail. (WGA 08/06/00)
  3. Upon receipt of required ¾ majority responses, or after the required 30 day waiting period, the WGA will inform all parties of the outcome. (WGA Unknown)
  4. If the chapters and associations approve of the petition, all available Grand Council members should attend the installation, in addition to the Grand Lecturer. Note: Grand Advisor, J. Scott MacKay joins meeting at 9:00PM EST All update GA (GC Unknown)
  5. WGAA will lead and mediate the WA Conference in conjunction with WGE and WGS. Provide an outline for the agenda to the Grand Council. (WGAA 09/02/00)

G. Grand Advisor Report

  1. Making progress on assigned duties with regard to convention planning. Will provide updates at each subsequent conference call and meeting. (09/07/00)
  2. Have had no success in attempts to discover candidates for NEPC or Archi Editor. Will continue to search. (Open)
  3. Will perform due diligence with respect to possible 55th National Convention site in Las Vegas, invites WGAA to join in the effort. (11/30/00)
  4. The first installment of the column tentatively entitled “Dear Attila” is in the hands of the Newsletter Editor and the second installment will be sent to the Archi Editor or WGS upon completion. (08/15/00)

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 9:20PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held August 4, 2000.

Respectfully Submitted this 7th day September, 2000:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

September 2000 Conference Call


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, NI

Called to Order Thursday, September 7, 2000 at 7:03PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of Minutes from August 4 Conference call. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve minutes; passes unanimously.

A. WGS Report

  1. Pick up packet of blank membership certificates, several blank charters, negative of certificate from 1920’s era and WGS records from Brother Ron Grogan’s home. (09/17/00)
  2. Forward blank charters to WGA for updates as approved in April (09/23/00)
  3. Letterhead and envelopes are being printed. Lark needs to have desired quantities sent to GC officers. (10/01/00)
  4. Lark has layout for business cards and will forward appropriate quantities to GC officers as soon as printing is complete. (10/01/00)
  5. Bids have been received for APX Bronze Medal strike. Upon reaching consensus on vendor to strike medals, WGS will contact each vendor with outcome and will notify vendor chosen to fill order of 500. (09/15/00)
  6. WGS received bid for engraving identical to previous order from same vendor. Will notify vendor of pending order of 500 medals. (09/15/00)
  7. Website is looking fantastic. Most recent updates include: E-1 forms, Event Recap forms, etc. Chapter spotlight for Anthemios will be up within the week, as will minutes from previous conference call. (09/15/00)
  8. Purchased MS Publisher 2000 for WGS (and future ARCHI Editor) in order to reduce cost of production on the ARCHI. WGS currently producing latest ARCHI edition. (09/22/00)
  9. Newsletter sent via e-mail to GC for review: see new business (N/A)
  10. ARCHI updates: see new business. (N/A)
  11. WA Conference updates: see new business (N/A)

B. WGE Report

  1. The last bank statement received indicates approximately $36,000 in the checking account, approximately $54,000 in the savings account. (N/A)
  2. Taxes (form 990) due by 12/15/00. Need copy of last year’s filing information, have contacted previous WGE and IRS. (12/15/00)
  3. Requested review of the investment portfolio by Brother Sam Douglass in order to get the most favorable return on our funds. Will transfer approximately $26,000 to the portfolio (all mutual funds, unless otherwise advised). (09/30/00)
  4. Monthly Membership Reports are now on line. Will send out reminder to Worthy Scribes for September reports due by October 10. (09/18/00)

C. GA Report

  1. Preliminary research indicates the WWII Memorial is a potentially hot topic for APX to feature at convention. Will contact members of design team to inquire as to possibilities of tours, presentations. (11/01/00)
  2. Have spoken with several industry product representatives in terms of potential sponsorship in the future. Will advise of updates to situation as necessary.(03/01/01)
  3. Recent correspondence and communication has yielded a fine NEPC candidate in Brother Frank Kitchell. Advise the GC to vote on his appointment immediately. (09/07/00)
  4. Will be visiting Las Vegas between 12/10 and 12/21 to do reconnaissance for 2002 Convention sites. Interested GC members are welcome to join. (12/31/00)
  5. Leadership series (Secrets of Attila the Hun) is under way. Next up, “Attila at Play” will be in the ARCHI. WGS has already received the next article. (09/07/00)
  6. GA offers assistance in setting up video additions to the national website, using recent software and hardware acquisitions. (N/A)

D. National Inspector Report

  1. Region 1 The chapter has not indicated they will resume efforts at Carnegie Mellon but they are considering other potential locations. The main priority for the chapter right now is alumni involvement. (N/A)
  2. Region 2 – There appears to be great interest at U. of Virginia; the possibility exists that there will be enough students to start colonization process this Winter. (N/A)
  3. Region 3 – Regional Deputy reports continued slow dialogue with the Seshait chapter. However, the current WA has indicated he is monitoring the Executive Board closely to ward off further problems. Rush is going very well at Appolodorus, though the problem still exists of warring factions within the alumni association. (N/A)
  4. Region 4 – RD plans to visit Iktinos for their next initiation. Reports problem with receiving sufficient schedule information for Rush and other activities. Will spend time with each chapter and alumni association with respect to issues of hazing. Expresses concern about Anthemios: while the quantity of membership is not an issue, RD has heard the same concerns of quality members from current actives. (N/A)
  5. Region 5/6 – Scheduling a meeting to build a professional program team from members of Pytheos and Rhoecus. These two chapters will be applying for Foundation funds, but are disappointed in the low limit set by the Foundation for available funds. Rhoecus is working through the issue of moneys owed to the Fraternity for this past year and look forward to setting up a payment plan with the WGE. They have had great success with changes to their initiation activities. RD would like the WA from Rhoecus to spotlight these improvements for the other WA’s at the conference later this month. RD is working hard on expansion, focusing mostly on inactive chapters and alumni associations, but also approaching LSU. (N/A)
  6. Region 7 – no report received prior to teleconference. (N/A)
  7. Region 8 – no report received prior to teleconference. (N/A)

E. WGA Report

  1. Spoke with WA of Rhoecus and the conversation was very positive. The WGA, RD and WA will continue to work through the various concerns brought to light by the conversations. (N/A)
  2. Have not yet issued letter to Appolodorus Alumni Association with regard to their corporate status within the State of Florida. Will do so. (09/30/00)
  3. Sending out letter to all chapters concerning GC’s stance on hazing issues. (09/30/00)
  4. Sent e-mail to committee members, as per convention minutes, requesting names of chairpersons. Have received no responses. Will follow up next month. (10/15/00)
  5. Have received notification of receipt for 19 ballots for Rabirius installation. Only 8 votes have been placed by chapters – all in favor. The WGA is authorized per the By-laws, to place votes for those not responding by 9/22/00, but will send out another reminder in order to get votes from chapters and associations. (09/20/00)
  6. 6 Assuming a ¾ majority exists, initiation will take place for 50% of the Rabirius colony members by mid- or late-October. The remaining 50% will be initiated in January, culminating in their official installation. (01/31/01)

F. New Business

  1. APX Newsletter was received for review. Will notify Associate Editor of changes. (WGS 09/07/00)
  2. ARCHI is approximately 50% complete. However, still waiting on numerous articles and submissions, now late. Request assistance in article on Silver Medal recipients. (GA/GL 09/22/00)
  3. WA Conference Agenda discussed and minor changes made. Agenda to be sent to every attendee. (WGAA 09/18/00)
  4. Budget currently reflects $200 deficit. Please revise to 0. (WGE 09/10/00)
  5. Appointments:
    RD – Region 1 (S. Good resigned) Trish Slovinak
    NEPC – Frank Kitchell
    Assoc. ARCHI Ed., Chapter News: Scott Swanson
  6. Foundation has requested we approve a change to their By-laws, Article V, Section 2 to reflect the addition of at least five members. Request the issue be tabled until the next teleconference, so that the GC officers may review the Foundation By-laws. WGA will forward copy to all GC officers. (WGA 09/24/00)
  7. [Convention not discussed due to WGAA’s absence.] (N/A)

G. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

  • Please continue the search for the Policies and Procedures document.
  • GA trying to set up a tour (during the WA Conference) to the offices of an architect located in LA, whom he recently met. Will advise of any updates prior to 9/22.

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 9:40PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held September 7, 2000.

Respectfully submitted this 16th day September, 2000:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

October 2000 Conference Call


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, NI

Called to Order Thursday, October 5, 2000 at 7:06PM (EST).

WGA requests the Grand Council table discussion of the Minutes from September 7, 2000 conference call until November 2 conference call. Motion is made and duly seconded to table minutes discussion; passes unanimously.

A. WGAA Report

  1. Convention schedule and budget have been revisedand will be sent to the entire Grand Council. (10/06/00)
  2. Coordinate with Grand Advisor on involvement ofprofessional sponsors and their effects to thebudget and schedule. (11/02/00)
  3. Research and report on other mid-range priced accommodations and activities, with goal of $150 cost perconvention participant. (11/02/00)

B. WGS Report

  1. Made an attempt to visit Brother Grogan to pickup blank certificates and charters, as well as past GC officer records. Once again, he was unavailable. Will try again. (10/22/00)
  2. Received email from Grand Lecturer stating he hadrequested bids from Burr, Patterson and Auld, and Goose Creek Publishing to print our charters and certificates. Informed him of pending changes to certificate process and advised him to contact WGA for further information. (10/05/00)
  3. Letterhead and business cards should be in themail to us by the end ofnext week. If you need a larger supply, pleasecontact me and I will forward your request to Lark. (10/13/00)
  4. Will send medals vendors letter of acceptance/rejection of their medal strike bids, as soon as the WGS binder is returned from the Andronicus house. (10/23/00)
  5. The ARCHI is approximately 90% complete. Still missing three items, but should have those resolved within the next 7-10 days. Will submit final draft to GC forreview upon completion. (10/15/00)
  6. In light of comments made at the WA Conference, it is apparent that accurate, official copies of the Ritual need to be distributed much sooner than originally anticipated. WGS requests the WGA send a copy to Vitruvius Chapter immediately. (10/15/00)
  7. Updates are constantly being made to the website. Please spread the word far and wide. Most recently, a FAQ page has been added. Considering the questions the webmaster has received of late, it is advisable to add GC officer and appointee commonduties to the page, or make them easily accessible for non-members. (11/02/00)

C. WGE Report

  1. We currently have approximately $5,350 inthe checking account and approximately $78,000 in the savings account. (N/A)
  2. Still working to acquire tax filing informationfrom 1999 – 2000. Will continue the efforts. (11/02/00)
  3. Transferred $25,000 to investment portfolio account. (N/A)
  4. Spoke with Sam Douglass of the Foundation with respect to our investment options and possible changes to our portfolio. Will send updates to GC via email. (11/02/00)
  5. Monthly Membership Report reminder letters will be sent to every chapter’s WS. Apologies for the delay, due to computer / technical problems. (10/15/00)
  6. WA Conference expenditures were roughly $7,840–well below the $9,000 budgeted. (N/A)

D. GA Report

  1. In process of editing the videotape from WA2K. Will forward digital file to webmaster upon completion for inclusion onto the national website. Will also archive the tape for future training purposes. (11/30/00)
  2. “Attila at Play” is complete and has been transmitted to the WGS for distribution and publication in the ARCHI, as well as on the national website.Next in the series will be “Inciting Insurrection.” GA will also compile Attila’s WA2K presentation notes for website and future publication. (10/23/00)
  3. GA’s and WGE’s Convention reconnaissance trip to Las Vegas is scheduled for December 14-17, 2000. Will report findings to GC. (01/11/01)
  4. NEPC has been contacted and has accepted his appointment. Will get additional contact information to WGS. (10/06/00)
  5. Will follow up with product representativeswithrespect to convention setup and sponsorship. (11/02/00)
  6. Will follow up with WWII Memorial landscape architect for possible tours and/or presentations. (11/02/00)

E. National Inspector Report

  1. Region 1 – New RD, Trish Slovinac, isacquaintingherself with the duties of appointment and with the current rosterof students at the Vitruvius Chapter. The Chapter is in the process of reviewing their initiation activities, based on theinformation gathered at the WA Conference. They currently have 8 pledges. Nothing to report on Alumni Association. (N/A)
  2. Region 2 – No report. (N/A)
  3. Region 3 – No official report, but newsisthat both chapters are doing well. (N/A)
  4. Region 4 – No official report. Anthemios currently has 15 pledges and will ask 3 more prior to October 6. Chapter and NI are still searching for the missing manuscript, as requested by GA. Chapter is in the process of reviewing their initiation activities. (N/A)
  5. Region 5/6 – Rhoecus is doing very well and even included favorable comments regarding the GC in their latest meeting minutes. Philanthropic and fundraising efforts continue to be successful. They are working diligently to rectifytheir current financial situation with APX and Kansas. They, too,are revamping initiation activities. Pytheos is concentrating on recruitingquality pledge classes and pledge program is going very well. They have developed more specific Rush guidelines. The current officers arefocusing on training and choosing the next generationof chapter leaders. Their main concern is their wide diversity, that thechapter may have difficultychoosing only one direction for their goals. RD is currently tryingto contact previous WA’s and Association Presidents of defunct chapters, focusing first on Xenocles and Paeonios. (N/A)
  6. Regions 7 and 8 – No report. (N/A)

F. WGA Report

  1. Apollodorus Alumni Association corporate status information has been compiled and will be sent to their President. (10/13/00)
  2. The only committee chairperson known at this time is Jennifer Fritz, chairperson of the Chapter Maintenance Committee. Will name other chairpersons, ifno other volunteers step forward. (10/22/00)
  3. WGA has received the necessary votes for Rabirius installation. Anthemios and Iktinos will be unable to assist in the Rabirius installation in Cincinnati, due to prior commitments. WGA will contact Grand Lecturer to confirm if November4 will be acceptable date for installation. Note: WGA and/or GA will attend. (10/15/00)
  4. WGA (and entire GC) is in receipt of Demetrios WA’s email message, wherein he requests the GC’s assistance innegotiationswith their Control Corporation. WGA will offerto serve as mediator in negotiations between the two corporations. (10/15/00)

G. Old Business

  1. Motion to accept the APX Foundation’s amendment to their By-Laws, which would provide for a minimum of five Directors.”Motion fails. WGA will contact Foundation President and suggest the following friendly amendment to the motion, such as: “The ExecutiveBoard of theFoundation shall appoint five additional ex-officio members, allowing the Board of Directors to act as an administrative function to implement programs.” (10/21/00 WGA)

H. New Business

  1. WA2K was apparently a great success. WA’s are genuinely committed to avoiding any and activities that could be even remotely construed as hazing. The issue has been added to the convention agenda and reports will be given to update everyone on the resolutions reached in each chapter. (03/28/01 Chapter WA’s)

I. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

  1. Utilize any and all communication methods(including on line chats) to stay in frequent contact with the chapters and alumni associations. Encourage chapters/associationsto do the same. (All)

Motion made andduly seconded to adjourn, 9:15PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held October 5, 2000.

Respectfully submitted this 7th day October, 2000:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

December 2000 Conference Call


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, NI
  • Frank Kitchel, NEPC

Called to Order Wednesday, December 6, 2000 at 7:04PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from September 7 and October 5 conference calls, pending any necessary changes (to be discussed immediately). No such changes are deemed necessary. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve minutes as submitted; passes unanimously.

A. WGAA Report

  1. An email requesting approval/dismissal of convention contracts and budget was sent. Upon receiving only approvals, WGAA signed contract with hotel. (N/A)
  2. Costs for attendees are tentatively as follows:Quad hotel occupancy + all events/meals: $161/personDouble/single hotel occupancy + all events/meals: $225/personBanquet only: $30/person (N/A)
  3. Tentative Convention Schedule:Wednesday, March 28 – suggested arrival date; check-in; credentials check.Thursday, March 29 – Firm tours and site visits; panel discussion. Trade booths, firm profiles available for presentation during evening reception.Friday, March 30 – Business session (1/2 day); Capitol and Mall tour; group dinner.Saturday, March 31 – White House tour; business session (1/2 day); celebration banquetSunday, April 1 – Grand Council Annual Meeting (open to all); departures. (N/A)
  4. Finalized schedule to be completed and letters sent to guest lecturers/presenters. (01/15/01)
  5. Due to time constraints, alumni dues mailer will be the same format as last year’s. (12/15/00)

B. WGS Report

  1. WGS will notify Webmaster to upload September and October Minutes to national website and will forward to all interested parties. (12/10/00)
  2. The Archi is currently on schedule and should be at printer by end of year, barring any further unforeseen delays. (12/25/00)
  3. Letters to be sent to medals vendors notifying of either acceptance or rejection of bids for Alpha Rho Chi medals strike. (12/08/00)
  4. Have settled on one bid from local vendor for merchandise. Request further information/approval from entire GC prior to placing any orders. (12/31/00)
  5. Have leased storage space locally to store APX documents and paraphernalia acquired from Ronald Grogan’s records. Will keep as long as necessary in order to organize and disseminate records to appropriate parties. (N/A)
  6. Received membership certificate bid forwarded from Grand Lecturer. Will forward to WGA. (12/24/00)
  7. Have exchanged correspondence with parties interested in reforming Theron Alumni Association. WGA will forward information directly to them. 12/31/00
  8. Reminder to GC to sign up on site agreed upon for on-line chats/conferences. (N/A)
  9. One more reminder: Spring Newsletter articles are due in one week – 12/15/00! (12/15/00)

C. WGE Report

  1. Taxes were due on 11/15, but APX owes only $1.00. Will file accordingly. (N/A)
  2. Will send remittance check to medals vendor upon receipt of invoice. (12/31/00)
  3. Checking account balance after sending medals check is approximately $3,143.00 (N/A)
  4. Sent email to chapters and alumni associations with regard to tax filing. (N/A)
  5. Latest installation cost roughly $700, leaving $300 for remaining initiates in Jan. (N/A)

D. GA Report

  1. Attila the Hun leadership series is out on regular basis. Request Webmaster upload to site upon receipt. (N/A)
  2. Will be unavailable next week due to scheduled trip to Las Vegas. (N/A)

E. National Inspector Report

  1. Handbook for officers and members has been found! Will send to Grand Advisor (12/15/00)
  2. Region 1 – Received report listing Trish Slovinac’s goals as Regional Deputy. She is also now listed as Alumni Liaison Officer for Vitruvius. (N/A)
  3. Regions 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 – No report. (N/A)
  4. Region 5/6 – In planning stages for regional roundtable discussion in April. Will keep all informed as details become available. (N/A)

F. NEPC Report

  1. Need written information explaining what is expected of NEPC; look forward to very prosperous activities on a national level. (N/A)

G. WGA Report

  1. Sent letters to all relevant parties of issues concerning Demetrios chapter house. (N/A)
  2. Will meet with such parties if invited to serve as mediator. (01/31/01)
  3. Remaining appointment letters will be sent to appointees (including NEPC). (12/24/00)
  4. Executive Assistant job description has been compiled. The search for our next Executive Assistant is officially on and needs to be complete by May 31, 2001. (05/31/01)
  5. Rhoecus Alumni Association expressed renewed interest in reorganization. WGA expects to receive petition soon. (N/A)
  6. Sent letter to APX Foundation regarding their motion. Also requested copies of their Constitution and By-laws. (N/A)

H. Old Business

  1. Motion to approve Brother Karen Grieves to a two-year appointment as Archi Editor. Duly seconded, passed unanimously. WGA will send out letter of appointment. (WGA 12/24/00)

I. New Business


J. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

  • Reminder that next conference call will take place on line. Contact WGS if you have any questions.
  • Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 8:01PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held December 6, 2000.

Respectfully submitted this 11th day January, 2001:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity