Grand Council Meeting Minutes 2001

2001 Minutes

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November 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Nicole Morris, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Rob Ford, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, ND
  • Frank Kitchel, ED

Called to Order Wednesday, November 14, 2001 at 7:00PM (EST).

Motion is made to approve minutes from October conference call. Motion is duly seconded and passes unanimously. WGS will forward minutes to Webmaster for immediate upload to national website.

A. WGA Report

  1. Contacted Seshait WA to begin preliminary planning for WAC02. To balance timing of national activities, have directed WA to consider October timeframe. DONE
  2. 2.Consider following budget options for WAC02:
    • WA’s (all participants) pay their own travel costs. APX pays for lodging, program, and 1-2 meals.
    • WA’s pay 1/2 of their travel, others pay full fare. APX pays 1/2 the WA’s travel and all lodging, program and 1-2 meals.
    • Yet unknown option
  3. Will send letter to all chapters, the listserve, and the website this month outlining GC activity and planning. Will attempt to make this a monthly occurrence.11/20/01
  4. Will send cover letter to WGS for the Archi that is to be sent to the University Deans.11/30/01
  5. Sent letter to UDM Colony President and Dan Pitera, requesting an update on their status and a new Petition for Affiliation. Motion made that, if no reply is received by December 31, the colony be dissolved. Motion passes. WGA will notify colony President and Dan Pitera of 12/31 deadline.11/15/01
  6. Received letter from Frank Reilly (APOL Alumnus) offering legal services to fraternity.

B. WGAA Report

  1. Convention speaker – still awaiting final response from HOK Sport. Will follow up with written correspondence again.11/25/01
  2. Made initial contact with Jeff Aylor (Rabirius workshop consultant); awaiting response for price and topic. DONE
  3. Sponsorship:
    • Rabirius offered to approach their University for funding of professional / workshop programs – will pursue when we get final numbers. 01/15/02
    • Michele LeTourneur has finished a preliminary draft of a letter to potential vendor sponsors. Will distribute shortly. 11/30/01
    • Need to finalize list of levels of sponsorship and corresponding recognition. 12/31/01
  4. Local AIA support – both state and city AIA chapters are run from a faculty office on the UNLV campus. Organized support from them is questionable, but will pursue getting a mailing list, etc. 12/20/01
  5. Will be making a reconnaissance trip with Michele LeTourneur on 12/15-12/16 to:
    • Contact several transportation companies about travel to/from activities.
    • Contact UNLV Arch. Prog. Acting Head
    • Verify shortest routes to/from hotel to event locations
    • Investigate hotel accommodations
    • Investigate other potential banquet sites.
    • Coordinate other potential workshop and tours.
    • Investigate other meal venues to avoid catering costs of hotel.
    • Obtain photographs for use in promotional materials.12/16/01
  6. As of now, convention pricing is as follows: Quad occupancy = $295 per person, Double occupancy = $350 per person, Single occupancy = $483 per person. N/A

C. WGS Report

  1. Archi is running on schedule, currently at the printer. Will be mailed on schedule.
  2. APX letter Editor sent message to WA’s asking for articles for next issue. Deadlines are critical on this one, due to convention registration information.
  3. Website: Replaced ‘Join’ with ‘Rush’ ; Attila series is current; still no email forwarding?webmaster is working with host to determine problem. Requested webmaster work to ‘freshen up’ the site and provided a few names of Brothers interested in helping.
  4. HS Pledge Manual well underway. First drafts of several sections already received and it looks great. WGS will send message to chapters requesting information they would like included on the digital scrapbook portion.
  5. Policies & Procedures Manual – still working on WGS policies.
  6. APX Medals – still receiving requests for medals ‘never received.’
  7. Expansion/chapter maintenance –
    • Potential colonies exist at no less than eight universities, including two that would constitute reactivation of inactive chapters. Will coordinate follow up with Exp. Dir. and Regional Directors.
    • Demetrios Alumni Association sent email outlining their Rush plan – mostly social activities at this time.
    • Andronicus chapter lost entire pledge class; Alumni Association expressed concern, but is in communication with chapter and they are counseling as needed. Chapter has decided to rewrite their C&BL to streamline – have advised them that the new document must be approved by Grand Council.11/28/01

D. WGE Report

  1. Making much progress on re-organizing WGE workload.
  2. Filed for three month extension on our taxes, pushing due date to 2/15/02.
  3. Checking account balance at start of FY 01-02 was $11,381.73. After disbursements and receipts, current balance is $3,128.61.
  4. Cash / Money Market Accounts total $55,224, Mutual Funds balance = $19,743.
  5. we’ve earned $2,903.27 thus far in calendar year 2001.
  6. Will contact Merrill Lynch to request funds from Money Market account IAO $10K to cover expenses until dues remittances arrive.
  7. Three chapters have submitted reports thus far, leaving eight chapters still owing reports and dues for September and October.
  8. Will generate a list of alumni who paid dues last year. 11/20/01
  9. Will arrange audit of financial books. 12/31/01

E. GA Report

Attila Series is current – will assist GC members with other projects, as needed.

F. National Director’s Report

  1. Have received only three of the Chapter Information Forms after numerous requests.
  2. WGA has taken care of information gathering on MNES accounts – ND will assist as necessary.
  3. Regional reports:
    • RD1 has made contact with Vitruvius, although unable to make contact with WA. Voice messages have gone unanswered, but they have exchanged a few brief emails.
    • RD2 – N/A
    • RD3 has suggested GC begin acquiring and logging recommendations from Dean and faculty members of architecture schools with active chapters for use in expansion efforts. ED has already begun this task. RD has contacted both Southern Polytechnic State and Georgia Tech, to assist possible colonization efforts – will meet soon with interested parties and faculty. Will attend APOL initiation, and noted chapter appears to be receiving a great deal of alumni support with initiation prep work. SESH has postponed initiation until start of Spring semester. They sponsored a faculty-student luncheon, which attracted many administrators, as well as the Dean. Chapter is receiving high visibility from its many activities and their first annual retreat was successful – they are currently implementing the ideas discussed.
    • RD4 is now back online. Awaiting official report.
    • RD5 & 6 – no reports submitted
    • RD7 is working with local alumni in Denver/Boulder area to begin colonization.
    • RD8 – no report submitted, but correspondence with local alumni there indicates the alumni association is turning around and could eventually be role model for other associations.

G. Expansion Director Report

  1. UDM – emails and phone calls were not returned. Assume this is a dead colony, unless someone else hears differently.
  2. U. of Memphis – we have been contacted by an interested faculty member and we’ve sent promotional brochures and offered our assistance.
  3. U. of Houston – Interested student has contacted us about colonization. Promotional materials sent.
  4. Southern Polytechnic State Univ. – a Seshait brother has transferred to this school and is interested in starting a chapter there. Sent promotional brochures.
  5. Georgia Tech – several students have contacted us about colonization, sent promotional brochures and offered assistance.
  6. U. of Hawaii at Manoa – Dean Yeh has contacted us about colonization, we’ve offered our assistance and have sent promotional brochures.
  7. Andrews University –Assistant to the Department Head contact this office in response to the blind letter I sent. They will discuss APX at their next meeting; I’ve forwarded promotional literature.
  8. Contact info for Brothers in Denver/Boulder area was forwarded to RD7.
  9. Goal is to get petitions to colonize at several of these sites by 12/31/01.
  10. Sent letters to UNLV and will be sending to western schools (RE: convention)

H. Old Business

  1. APX Letter content issues: need articles from WGA and WGE, chapter and alumni association news. Will delay print deadline until 12/31 to allow for most accurate convention information.
  2. Establish convention pricing (see WGAA report)
  3. Alumni Association Policy and Procedures (see attached). Motion made to approve these Policies and Procedures effective 12/01/01. After discussion of each, motion approved.

I. New Business

  1. Accreditation requirement for colonies: after much discussion, it is requested that the National Director draft a motion to amend the C&BL outlining requirements.
  2. Anthemios Alumni President has recommended we standardize fraternal URL’s to the following format: (e.g. and (e.g. Discussion ensues – this is a good idea, but concerns are raised that most organizations already have a registered URL. However, recommend national webmaster suggest chapters and associations follow this format if not already registered otherwise.

J. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity


Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 7:58PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held November 14, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 13th day January, 2002:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

October 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Nicole Morris, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Rob Ford, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, ND
  • (absent) Frank Kitchel, ED

Called to Order Wednesday, October 3, 2001 at 7:00PM (EST).

Motions are made to approve minutes from July, August and September meetings. Motions are duly seconded and pass unanimously. WGS will forward minutes to Webmaster for immediate upload to national website.


  • Certificates and Charters have been paid for, will follow up on their progress. 10/15/01
  • Processed numerous membership certificates, shipping many to previous WGA’s for signature. Done
  • Mailed post-WAC01 follow-up letters. Done


  1. Alumni Associations:
    • Nothing new to report on survey, but expect to get out soon.
    • Have verified all known alumni in NYC, DC and PA alumni are alive and well after events of 9/11.11/15/01N/A
  2. Promotional materials: Mailed promotional brochures to GC, participating committee members, chapters, colony and Expansion Director.Done
  3. Service: Have yet to make contact with appropriate representative of Habitat for Humanity (RE: national partnership). Will attempt to do so again. 10/06/01
  4. Convention “Architecture as Entertainment”:
    • Keynote speaker: Wil Bruder is unavailable, but have made contact with Daphnis alumnus, who is a Sr. Associate at HOK Sport in Kansas City. He will check with their award-winning speaker for availability. He will also check with recruiting department (RE: table at reception lecture at UNLV). WGA will contact APX member about possible keynote address centered on Environmental Design.
    • Make second contact with UNLV Department of Architecture
    • Tours: no reply from Federal Courthouse yet, will pursue further. Hoover Dam tour has been arranged, will confirm three months prior. Have yet to make contact with Mayor’s office, or designer(s) for Bellagio and Venetian Hotels.
    • Workshops: Will make second contact with Jeff Ayler this week. Will make first contact with David Hickey (UNLV). Will remind Michele LeTourneur to make contact with a professional photographer for workshop (potentially also a group photo).
    • Promotion: Spoke with graphic designer at Vitruvius (RE: postcards). Need to get information to him this week. Sent two page ad to Archi Editor two weeks ago and expect to have 2-4 pages for Spring APX Letter. Will forward Archi ad to national Webmaster for upload as well.
    • Sponsorship: Received regional alumni list from WGS. Will have draft letters to potential sponsors for review next week. First contact = alumni in region for personal or firm sponsorship, also for contact with local suppliers. Second contact = alumni presidents for delegate chair sponsorship. Third contact = local suppliers (initial letter by 11/28, 2nd letter by 12/5, 3rd phone call by 1/5/02). Note: sponsorship level pricing structure almost complete (will complete after consultation with experts).
    • AIA/CES application: almost complete. Will submit upon completion.
    • Transportation: Will contact busing companies to establish budget outline.
    • Cost to participants: Will send out a preliminary cost option to all GC members for discussion at November conference call.

C. WGE Report

  • Will catch up following recent events
  • Remittances in mail to various vendors and staff.
  • Jewelry photos received from BP&A on CD. After copying this CD, will forward to Webmaster for upload to national website, or convert to web-friendly format and forward to Webmaster via email.4.Monthly membership reports should begin arriving in next 2-3 weeks. 5.Will update budget to reflect lack of advertising and list remaining balances in each account. 10/13/01 Done 10/15/01 10/31/01 10/31/01

D. WGS Report

  1. Archi
    • Running on schedule, should be no problem to publish right on time.
    • Received text file from Editor this week. Membership will be pleased.
  2. APX Letter
    • Remaining stock of Fall APX Letter were shipped to printer in Champaign for final mail processing. Will have the up-to-date database sent directly to printer; still more updates taking place on daily basis.
    • APX Letter to be mailed to individual members/Webmaster (for upload).
  3. Website
    • Received copy of message from webmaster to ISP requesting they go ahead with email forwarding accounts. Webmaster will notify when completed.
    • Need more recent articles (or ramblings) to coincide with Leadership, Professionalism (etc.) links at bottom of home page.
    • Will have Webmaster spend time on freshening up format, so that it more directly correlates with our mission headings (see item b)
  4. Pledge Manual
    • a. Phase II is now underway. Laura Schmidt (Anthemios alum living in LA), Rick Jenkins (Metagenes alum) and myself held a conference call this past Sunday to discuss vision, goals, format, etc. Laura will head up text portion of project, Rick will head up graphics and format portion. WGS will provide assistance and guidance as requested.
    • b. Will be following up on monthly basis to monitor progress. Will have final product to printer and prototype for presentation.
  5. Policies and Procedures
    • a. WGS policies and procedures in process.
  6. APX Medals Program
    • Nothing new to report.
  7. Expansion/Chapter Maintenance: Received following emails from interested parties:
    • U. of Houston student (forwarded to ED/RD for follow-up)
    • AIAS faculty advisor at U. of Memphis listing several interested students. (Issue: U. of M. is not accredited suggest this issue be brought to convention floor for discussion).
    • RD8 will approach UCLA.
    • Meeting at UT-Arlington went very well, though still unable to meet directly with Dean. Will continue to assist RD5 and others in local area on re-colonization of Xenocles.
    • U. of Hawaii Dean awaiting promotional materials to begin efforts there.

NOTE: Seeing much progress in this department kudos to our Expansion Director and the Operations team for all their hard work!

E. GA Report

  • Attila series on schedule, forwarded 14th installment to WGS.
  • 2.Formulating approach to potential convention vendors.

F. National Director Report

Received report(s) as follows:

  • RD1 – no report submitted
  • RD2 – (N/A)
  • RD3 – RD will meet with Association Presidents to discuss city-based associations. Seshait Chapter has established a fund to raise monies for a chapter house. Chapter retreat is scheduled for weekend of October 6-7. WA has developed a goal of continued professionalism and community service. Chapter provides free movies at the school each Wednesday – they plan to incorporate professors, video lectures and interviews. Apollodorus Chapter has reported interest from 14 students. Small numbers do not appear to be hampering goals, as they appear to be building an extremely effective Rush and pledge semester.
  • RD4 – Report will be submitted at later date
  • RD5 through RD8 – no reports submitted

G. Old Business

  • Convention: After much discussion on the potential opportunity to renegotiate the contract for Convention 2002, it is agreed that the Grand Advisor will contact the hotel in question (so as to preserve rapport already established between WGAA and hotel) and investigate our options. He will report back as news becomes available.

H. New Business

  • Email received from chapter WA requesting advice on how to deal with active who cannot meet their financial obligation to the chapter. Current policy lists no official “inactive” status, but chapter may consider this individual for alumni status upon establishment of an alumni association. Advise chapter to remind member that his/her financial obligation does not disappear if classified as an alumnus.
  • Establishment of clear policy and procedure for determining status of alumni association. After much discussion (which began in August), three factors appear to lead an alumni association to “inactive” status: 2 or more years without paying association dues to National Fraternity, 2 consecutive years without representation at convention, or lacking valid corporate status within respective state. WGA will draft potential policy, based on Board’s discussion and, pending adoption by convention delegates, will become official APX policy.

I.Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity


Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 7:45PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held October 3, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 3rd day October, 2001:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

September 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Nicole Morris, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Rob Ford, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA

Called to Order Wednesday, September 5, 2001 at 7:03PM (EST).

WGA requests minutes from July and August meetings. WGS has not completed, but will have available by September 15 and thanks Board members for their patience.

A. WGAA Report


  1. Hotel has been confirmed with signature and $1,000 deposit.
  2. Catering has been confirmed. Received and will finalize menus.
  3. Will begin fundraising campaign.
  4. WGA to make initial contact with keynote speaker, Wil Brudere.
  5. Finalize promotional materials with Mike Martinjuk of Vitruvius
  6. Will follow up on email conversation with UNLV lecture series organizing professor by contacting acting department head.
  7. Send out email asking for volunteers to serve on convention committees.
  8. Convention information to be updated on website
  9. Complete (very lengthy) AIA/CES application. 09/30/01


  1. Will issue survey
  2. Recognize alumni dues payers, deaths, personal notes in next APX Letter.
  3. Submit draft of alumni dues invoice to ED for suggestions.
  4. Work with webmaster to create alumni email group, beginning with eboards.
  5. Get a complete list of alumni dues payers from WGE via Quickbooks.
  6. Canvas Vitruvius alumni at their annual BBQ for input.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Have drafted 3 for WGE position, forwarded to current WGE for further work.
  • WGAA topics in progress

Promotional Materials

  • Per discussion with WGS, decided to print 2,000 two-color items at less than the cost for 500 four-color pieces. Total cost was $2,500. Expect delivery within 2 weeks.
  • Will distribute equitable quantities to each chapter based on membership as recorded last year, with remainder going to Expansion Director and 1 each to GC members.


  • Received various invoices and will forward to WGE, along with WGE records.
  • Will ship WGS remaining archival records for permanent storage.
  • No progress thus far on collaboration with Habitat for Humanity

B. WGS Report

  1. Archi
    • Running on schedule, though still waiting for several articles.
    • No vendors have responded to advertising solicitations sent last month. Suggest we review pricing outline prior to next issue.
    • Received vendor contact information from RD3 and forwarded to GA.
    • Forwarded dual not-for-profit bulk mailing permit forms to Archi and Letter Editors for their use. Suggest we limit mailing locations to avoid high cost.
  2. APX Letter
    • Remaining stock of Fall APX Letter will be shipped to Archi Editor so that printer can affix mailing indicia and addresses.
  3. Website
    • GC/Appointees page has been updated
    • Leadership series (Secrets of Attila) is current, through 13th edition.
    • 2001 Pledge Manual is now available via on line .pdf file.
    • Job board is functional, but still hidden pending GC approval of link.
    • Email forwarding accounts are in process, will advise when complete.
    • Look for further updates to the site in terms of language and format.
  4. Pledge Manual
    • Phase I (update and distribution of previous issue) is complete
    • Phase II is now underway. Laura Schmidt (Anthemios alum living in LA), Rick Jenkins (Metagenes alum) and myself will coordinate efforts to issue the 2002 (New and Improved) edition.
    • Distributed questionnaire at WAC with deadline of 9/1. Have received only three thus far, will build upon those.
    • Prototype of N&I Pledge Manual to be presented to membership
  5. Policies and Procedures
    • WGS policies and procedures in process. Already have seven written.
  6. APX Medals Program
    • Executive Assistant continues to input past winners information into dbase per APX Foundation request. (Special fundraising campaign project).
    • Will publicize 2001 winners in Fall edition of Archi (already on website).
  7. Expansion/Chapter Maintenance
    • Will visit with Dean of Architecture at UT-Arlington tomorrow (nothing official, but will introduce local expansion team while on campus for personal business).
    • Contacted Dean Raymond Yeh at U. of Hawaii, Manoa (RE: recent AIAS award) with very positive results. He has requested we send him promotional materials so that he can drum up some interest at this campus.’
    • From the ED: he has instituted and distributed to the RDs the process for following up on prospective colony leads. His priorities are:
      • getting UDM to point of installation,
      • following up on GA Tech, Hawaii and Drury leads,
      • organizing the Colorado contingent.
  8. Miscellaneous
    • Thanks to everyone for filling in the gaps for your worn out WGS at WAC.
    • Will pay one year in advance for permanent storage
  9. Monthly Membership Reports are now on line.
    • Will send out reminder to Worthy Scribes for September reports due by October 10.

C. WGE Report

  1. Deposited $552.00 (alumni and Andronicus dues) on 8/30/01
  2. Will mail deposit in the amount of $6,894.95 ($5,910.00 from Foundation, $800.00 from Apollodorus and $184.95 from P.O. Box refund).
  3. WGA reimbursement will be mailed
  4. Jewelry photos should be available within next 2-3 weeks for upload to website.
  5. Researching bulletin board alternatives for website. In meantime, request webmaster post statement saying, “Career Board coming soon.”
  6. Verified charges from ISP. Webhosting cost will increase to $275-$285 by end of year. Domain registration is $50-$70, due in October.

D. GA Report

  1. Attila series on schedule, will forward 14th installment to WGS.
  2. Will follow up with vendors (RE: Archi advertisements).

E. WGA Report

  1. Spoke with WA of Rhoecus and the conversation was very positive. The WGA, RD and WA will continue to work through the various concerns brought to light by the conversations. N/A
  2. Have not yet issued letter to Appolodorus Alumni Association with regard to their corporate status within the State of Florida. Will do so. 09/30/00
  3. Sending out letter to all chapters concerning GC’s stance on hazing issues. 09/30/00
  4. Sent e-mail to committee members, as per convention minutes, requesting names of chairpersons. Have received no responses. Will follow up next month.
  5. Have ordered charters and certificates from Goose Creek. Need remittance in the amount of $2,742.00
  6. Will contact Wil Bruder about keynote address at convention. 09/15/01

F. New Business


G. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity


Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 7:55PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held September 5, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 2nd day October, 2001:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

August 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Nicole Morris, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Rob Ford, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, ND

Called to Order Wednesday, August 8, 2001 at 7:00PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from Grand Council summer meeting. Motion to table until WGS can complete the minutes. Motion is made and duly seconded to table minutes until WA Conference on August 17; passes unanimously.

A. Officer Reports

All reports suspended in order to discuss specific WA Conference logistics and planning issues.

B. Old Business


C. New Business


D. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

None – travel safely to and from Champaign, everyone!

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 7:55PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held August 8, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 10th day of August, 2001:

Vicki Horton, WGS
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

July 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Nicole Morris, WGAA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Rob Ford, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Frank Kitchel, Expansion Director (see first order of business below)

WGA reads recent correspondence to and from his office.

Called to Order Friday, July 6, 2001 at 8:30AM

WGA requests approval of nominees for appointments to Year 2001-2002 Team:

Team Position Appointee
Expansion Director Frank Kitchel
National Director Charles Morley
National Inspector Charles Morley
Regional Directors R-1: Kellie Hall R-5: Mary Baum
R-2: Sharlee Seeley R-6: Trevor Hull
R-3: Warees Smith R-7: John Lawrence
R-4: Katie Majchrowski R-8: Lance Karutz
Grand Lecturer Brian Swilling
Archi Editor Karen Marker
Assoc. Archi Ed. Chapter news: Aaron Feldman-Grosse
Assoc. Archi Ed. Alumni news: Laura Gagliano
APX Letter Editor Amber Ford
Assoc. Editor National Website Dana Habel
National Historian OPEN (see new business)

Motion is made and duly seconded to approve entire list of appointees; passes unanimously. WGA will contact appointees to verify their willingness to serve. In the event of vacancies, WGA will request Nominations Committee search for and locate Brothers willing to fill such vacancies.

Motion is made and duly seconded to approve the official minutes from the Grand Council Annual Meeting held March 31, 2001; passes unanimously. WGS will request Webmaster upload to national site by July 13, 2001.

A. Operations

  1. Publish 54th National Convention minutes via CD-ROM WGS/WGE 08/17/01
  2. Contact those listed in 54th National Convention minutes as members of any committees and request that a Chairperson be identified WGA 07/01/01
  3. Distribute list of Committee Chairpersons to Grand Council WGA 08/03/01
  4. Notify Pat Wilcox of Grand Council’s approval of her as Exec. Asst.WGS 07/10/01
  5. Send gift of thanks to outgoing Executive Assistant WGS 07/31/01
  6. Retrieve and exchange all necessary files for officer transitions GC 08/31/01
  7. Send alumni dues invoices (along with appeal for contributions from lifetime members.WGAA/WGE 12/15/01
  8. Notify chapters and associations of APX Foundation funding proposal information WGA 08/17/01
  9. Analyze various ISP’s for on-line chat options to GC meetings WGS 09/01/01
  10. Set up the following GC conference calls: 8/2, 9/6 (on-line), 10/4, 11/8, 12/6 (on-line), 1/10/02, 2/7/02, 3/7/02 WGE 08/01/01
  11. Request Gold and Silver Medals still in stock from previous GL/WGS 08/03/01
  12. Order membership certificates and charters from Goose Creek WGA 08/01/01
  13. Notify Harriett Roddenberg (JAE) of new GC officers WGS 08/31/01
  14. Send fraternity merchandise to new initiates WGS Ongoing
  15. Send national database to new Archi Editor for publishing purposes WGS 09/30/01
  16. Notify archival records storage facility of new billing address WGS 07/31/01
  17. Compile ‘exit interview’ form/procedure for chapters usage GC 08/19/01
  18. Research joint venture with Habitat for Humanity WGAA 11/30/01
  19. Glass Ceiling project WGA/GA 12/31/01
  20. Reminder to turn in Expense Reimbursement forms to WGE/GC/Apptees W/in 45 days
  21. Contact APX alumni in academia for written references to use in marketing materials given to universities. GC 10/31/01
  22. APX Letter
    • Fall: Draft copy submitted to WGS for final review and approval Letter Editor 07/20/01
    • Fall: Final copy to printer Letter Editor 07/31/01
    • Fall: Printed edition to bulk mailing houseLetter Editor 08/08/01
    • Fall: Deliveries begin USPS 08/15/01
    • Spring: article/news submissions due Chptrs/Assocs 12/01/01
    • Spring: 55th Nat’l Convention information to Editor WGAA 12/15/01
    • Spring: Draft copy submitted to GC for final reviewLetter Editor 12/15/01
    • Spring: Final copy to printerLetter Editor 12/20/01
    • Spring: Printed edition to bulk mailing house Letter Editor 01/03/02
    • Spring: Deliveries begin USPS 01/10/02
  23. Archi
    • Acquire list of 2001 APX Medal winners from Exec. Asst. WGS 08/15/01
    • Contact chapter WA’s (RE: successful philanthropic events)Archi Editor 08/15/01
    • Contact vendors in design and construction industries (RE: paid advertisement space) GC 08/15/01
    • General request for articles Archi Editor 08/15/01
    • Copy approved, submitted to design Archi Editor 08/31/01
    • Article submissions due to Editor All 09/10/01
    • Draft copy submitted to GC for final review and approval Archi Editor 09/24/01
    • Artwork to printer Archi Editor 10/21/01
    • Final printed edition to bulk mailing house Printer 11/05/01
    • Deliveries begin USPS 11/12/01
  24. Pledge Manual
    • Revised (updated) version printed contact chapter for orders WGS 08/17/01
    • Distribute 200 copies of revised version to chapters WGS 08/31/01
    • Assign chapter history research to chapters WGS 08/17/01
    • Chapter history material due Chapters 04/04/02
    • New and Improved Pledge Manual debut GC 04/04/02
  25. Compile at least 5 policies and/or procedures for P&P manual GC 11/30/01
  26. Pure Ritual (revised draft) ready for review by chapters WGE 08/19/01
  27. Update Rush manual with pull out sections for easier use WGS 12/31/01
  28. WA Conference
    • Coordinate travel arrangements for attendees WGS/WGE 07/15/01
    • Compile / coordinate agenda with Anthemios Chapter WGA 07/31/01
    • Forward WA2K video to WGE for editing GA 07/31/01
  29. Compile “Welcome New Alumni” packet similar to Iktinos WGS 09/30/01
  30. Website
    • Upgrade site to include: Job Board, Pop-up for convention information,
    • Auto-forwarding email addresses for GC and appointees, updated forms. Webmaster 7/11/01
    • Post current Pledge Manual on site for download by chapters Webmaster 07/31/01
    • Upload most current Master Directory Webmaster 08/15/01
    • Update GC/appointee listing as changes occur Webmaster 07/31/01
    • Continue Attila Leadership series until otherwise notified Webmaster Ongoing

B. Chapter Maintenance and Expansion

  1. Notify affected Chapters and Alumni Associations of status change WGA 08/31/01
  2. Distribute Expansion Plan to GC, ND, RD’s and WA’s WGS/ED 08/19/01
  3. Develop target list of six colonies to be realized by Convention 2003 GC 08/31/01
  4. Deliver final draft of marketing materials to printer WGAA 09/23/01
  5. Coordinate with L.A. alumni to renew Andronicus Al. Assoc. corp. stat. ND/RD 809/30/01
  6. Contact Andronicus Alumni Association, RE: Scholarship program WGA 09/30/01
  7. Continue reminders / updates to corporate status with chapters/assocs. ND 12/31/01
  8. Research lost bank accounts for inactive chapters ND 12/31/01

Motion to recess 7:30PM; duly seconded; passes unanimously Called to order 9:00PM

C. Convention 2002

  1. Determine budget outline (specifically, hotel cost) WGAA/WGE 09/23/01
  2. Coordinate accommodations, meeting space, catering, banquet WGAA 12/31/01
  3. Coordinate continuing education credit program WGAA 12/31/01
  4. Coordinate fundraising and trade booths GA 12/31/01
  5. Coordinate local tours WGS 12/31/01
  6. Coordinate professional program WGA 12/31/01
  7. Contact chapters/associations to insure they deliver reports by 3/15/02 RDs 01/15/02
  8. 2003 Convention site proposals due GC 01/15/02
  9. Motions requiring amendment to C&BL received by WGA ALL 02/04/02
  10. Revise/update Convention Survival Kit WGA/GA 04/01/02
  11. Annual Grand Council meeting (all APX members invited) GC/Appts 04/07/02

D. Convention 2003

  1. Site Analysis of New Orleans. GA 12/31/01
  2. Contact Convention & Visitors Bureau again for information / preliminary information. WGS 12/31/01

Motion to recess at 12:15AM; duly seconded; passes unanimously

Meeting called to order Saturday, July 7, 2001 at 8:30AM

E. Budget

Very lengthy budget discussion ensues, with resolution of almost all items. The WGA requests that the WGAA and WGE work together to reach consensus on remaining issues and issue final budget by August conference call.

F. New Business

WGA moves that we appoint a National Historian. This Brother would serve for a term not to exceed five years, but no less than three, in order to fully mature the duties involved with this appointment. Discussion follows, including Brothers possibly interested in serving in such a manner. Motion duly seconded; passes unanimously. WGA will submit resolution at 55th National Convention for approval by delegates and will notify Nominations Committee chairperson to search for interested parties.

G. Resources & Objectives

Brainstorming session takes place to finalize Alpha Rho Chi’s official marketing materials. WGAA, chair of the “Morris Commission” will have final prototype printed by WA Conference on August 15. Final production, including distribution to all necessary parties, is to take place by September 30, 2001. Unofficial discussion continues until approximately 2:30AM.

H. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

WGAA suggests all Grand Council members will complete at least one unit of community service. All are in agreement and feel this should take place prior to the end of 2001.

WGS suggests successive Grand Council summer meetings include either such community service projects, or other appropriate GC Team Building Project, preferably related to architectural or allied arts professions. (e.g. small-scale construction, landscape, renovation, etc.)

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 1:15AM

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the summer meeting of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held in Garland, Texas, July 6-10, 2001.

Respectfully Submitted September 10, 2001:
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

June 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Nicole Morris, WGE/WGAA-Elect
  • Vicki Horton, WGS;
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Rob Ford, WGE-Elect

Called to Order Thursday, June 7, 2001 at 7:05PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from May teleconference. Motion to table until everyone can review minutes further. Motion is made and duly seconded to table minutes until July 6-8 meeting; passes unanimously.

A. WGAA Report

Not present.

B. WGS Report

  1. Convention minutes will be formatted to CD and mailed to all relative parties. 7/31/01
  2. Will send out Fellowship & Respect statement to everyone on convention roster. 6/15/01
  3. Updates to Pledge Manual in progress. Will have draft for GC review. 07/06/01
  4. Revisions and updates to the Policy and Procedure manual are well underway. Will have draft for GC review. 06/23/01
  5. Master Directory revisions complete, as per information received thus far. Will have webmaster upload to site and will issue complete directory to all WA’s, Association Presidents, appointees and Foundation directors once new appointees are assigned. 07/15/01
  6. (Semi) permanent national address will be changed to PO Box in Richardson, TX this next weekend. Will forward new address info to all. 06/10/01
  7. Please send any website calendar updates to me for coordination with webmaster. 06/30/01

C. WGE Report

  1. Wrapping up financial recording processes preparing to forward records to next WGE. 07/06/01
  2. Have received very few monthly membership reports for April. WGE-Elect has received one (from Andronicus) and will forward to current WGE for filing. 06/30/01

D. Grand Advisor’s Report

  1. Attila series on schedule. WGS will remind webmaster to upload all in series 06/15/01

E. WGA Report

  1. Have had no replies to repeated attempts at communication with UDM Colony. Will try again and forward updates as necessary. 06/30/01
  2. Still having difficulty with charters. Will request printer send samples of colors they intend to use on crest.06/15/01

F. WGE-Elect Report

  1. Will begin scanning of Ritual. 07/06/01

G. Old Business


H. New Business


I. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity


Everyone looking forward to revitalization at summer meeting in 4 weeks!

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 7:25PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held June 7, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 7th day June, 2001:
<signed Vicki J. Horton>
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

May 2001 – Grand Council TeleConference


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Nicole Morris, WGE/WGAA-Elect
  • Vicki Horton, WGS;
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Frank Kitchel, ND
  • Rob Ford, WGE-Elect

Called to Order Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 7:00PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from February and March teleconferences and April 1 Annual meeting, pending any necessary changes (to be discussed immediately). No such changes are deemed necessary. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve minutes as submitted; passes unanimously. WGS to request Webmaster upload to national website immediately.

A. WGAA Report

  1. Final Convention expenses leave $3,685 debit balance. Will research further with WGE. N/A
  2. Suggestions for future convention planning forwarded to WGAA-Elect.Complete
  3. Have not received final word from Holiday Inn, but apparently all outstanding items have been taken care of in a satisfactory manner. N/A
  4. Expresses thanks to the rest of the Board for assistance and support over the past two years. N/A

B. WGS Report

  1. APX Medals program moving along well, have received several requests for GC representation at awards ceremonies, however all are long distance. N/A
  2. Recent conversation with RD 5/6 have yielded some unnerving news with regard to possible changes in AIAS mission. RD will pursue further with national AIAS President and forward information as necessary. N/A
  3. Have received convention minutes package and will forward for everyone’s review. If no corrections are needed, will proceed with customary printing and mailing.
    *Note: discussion leads to suggestion – format and mail the official minutes via CDROM. WGS will forward digital files and hard copy documents to WGE-Elect per his request. 05/26/01
  4. Chapters and Associations have requested copies of the national database be sent to them for marketing and informational purposes. After discussion, will forward by request only, to avoid overwhelming workload involved. N/A
  5. Convention Attendance database was forwarded to WGE. Will forward to others upon request. N/A
  6. Master Directory updates are in process. Will send to GC and appointees per deadline stated, but will wait to publish to all sources until FY ’01-’02 appointees and other changes (chapter elections) are complete. 05/26/01
  7. Last visit to Brother Grogan’s was quite profitable. Completed filter of records from that trip, leaving first two loads yet to filter. This filtration will be completed by end of summer meeting. 07/08/01

C. WGE Report

  1. Preliminary financial records indicate convention yielded $10,174.74 in the red. Reserves as allocated in FY ’00-’01 are right in line with this figure. N/A
  2. Chapters / Colony status: mostly all caught up at convention, but no reports or monies received since convention. N/A
  3. Alumni Association status: eight are paid to date; four of those paid by individuals, not by association. N/A
  4. Alumni dues collected: $4,550 to date = 60.5% of expected. Receipts of Alumni dues much slower than last year. N/A
  5. Budget figures: 83% complete with FY ’00-’01, with 84% projected income, 72% of projected expense. Many pending expenses. N/A
  6. Florida trip went well; met some faculty, but not enough time for full meetings. N/A
  7. GC position statement: still need to make edits per GC comments. 05/31/01
  8. IRS letter received; they are waiving all penalties, thus saving APX $600. N/A
  9. Preliminary arrangements for Convention 2002 going well. N/A
  10. Preliminary arrangements for marketing materials have gone nowhere. Still awaiting Image Committee output from Brother Dan Pitera. N/A

D. Expansion Director’s Report

  1. Working on some very good leads at schools of architecture across the nation.
    • U. of CA at Berkeley: Daedalus contact has successfully met with faculty and APX graduate student; plans to compile a tabletop presentation. Requests information about funding.
    • U. of TX at Arlington: WGS continues to correspond with students who seem very organized. Will continue the work throughout summer.
    • U. of MN: graduating student will be transferring to U. of Illinois and has inquired into possibilities of joining Anthemios as a graduate student. Will follow up with him to learn likelihood of Mnesicles comeback.
    • U. of Idaho: APX Medal correspondence with WGS has given light to possibilities of APX on campus there. Will follow up with general correspondence.
  2. Will focus much needed attention on struggling active chapters, such as Apollodorus (WGE-Elect provides updates on their situation – looks better).
  3. Director requests strong assistance from all Regional Directors.

E. Grand Advisor Report

  1. Attila series being issued on schedule. N/A
  2. Will pursue UNLV rush ideas and professional vendors. Metagenes Alumni Association President has offered assistance; will coordinate with her. N/A
  3. Already researching potential sites for 2003 convention. Will forward information as it becomes available. N/A

F. WGE-Elect Report

  1. In response to convention motions passed, will scan the Ritual with the intention of purifying to 1968 version. Will add edits as requested by convention, along with addendum including Director’s remarks, etc. 07/06/01

G. WGA Report

  1. Committees have been informed of their tasks and what is expected of them. N/A
  2. Revisions to the National Constitution and By-laws are complete. Have sent ½ of the sealed copies. Will send out sealed copies to remaining ½ of applicable members upon receipt of odd sized seals. 06/30/01
  3. Certificate/Charter orders are behind schedule at the printer. Will update ASAP. N/A
  4. U. of Detroit Mercy colony has not made any contact with WGA. WGAA-Elect has made contact via email, but nothing significant. N/A
  5. Demetrios visit postponed until further notice, as no contact has been made. N/A
  6. Summer meeting: suggest only GC officers, ND and ED attend meeting, in order to save significantly on expenses. Also, RD’s will be most needed at WA Conference, which takes place only 5 weeks later. After further discussion: *Motion to request RD’s attend only the WA Conference instead of both meetings. Duly seconded, passes unanimously. WGS will notify RD’s. N/A
  7. Summer meeting will be held July 7 and 8 at the home of the WGS. Please plan to arrive Dallas by Friday afternoon or evening, as meetings will begin early on July 7, and should adjourn by noon on July 8. Please coordinate your arrivals and departures with the WGS. N/A

H. Old Business


I. New Business Owner


J. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

WGS: Include a brief bio of select APX Medal winners, in addition to the listing, in each issue of the Archi.

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 8:55PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held May 10, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 22nd day May, 2001: <signed Vicki J. Horton>
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

April 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Nicole Morris, WGE/WGAA-Elect
  • Vicki Horton, WGS;
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Rob Ford, WGE-Elect
  • Frank Kitchel, ED
  • Dana Habel, Webmaster
  • Ted Ertl, WGA Emeritus
  • Rick Jenkins, Metagenes Alumnus

Called to Order 9:03AM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from March 8 conference call, pending any necessary changes (to be discussed immediately). WGS expresses apologies; no minutes are available at this time. Motion is made and duly seconded to table approval of minutes until May conference call; passes unanimously.

A. Grand Council reports

All Grand Council reports were submitted to convention secretary – none necessary for purposes of this meeting.

B. Old Business


C. New Business


WGA requests review of all motions passed by 54th National Convention, and that all related tasks be delegated accordingly.

  1. Motions passed:
    • Motion #1, that the Nominating Committee’s charge be expanded to include pool list of members interested in serving as GC appointees and convention officers, as well as members to serve on special committees and projects. Need GC member to coordinate.WGA 07/01/01
    • Motion #2, the Awards Committee be created to review, revise and disseminate policies and procedures for awards and recognition programs and to develop forms and schedules to apply for said awards, as well as recommend new awards.WGA 07/01/01
    • Motion #5, the Marketing Committee organize, finalize design, work with designers, approve and oversee publication of national marketing material/brochure, to be issued by 9/30/01.WGAA-Elect 9/30/01
    • Motion #6, that the Marketing Committee may hire professional graphic artist, utilizing budget of $3,000. Discussion: existing product from Image Committee is visually pleasing, but needs to be somewhat more cohesive/easy to grasp. Per motion #5, Marketing Committee will work from Image Committee’s design and come up with final product. Suggestion: publish the Image Committee’s product in AIAS CRIT magazine for public relations. WGAA-Elect 9/30/01
    • Motion #10, exclude all personal mottoes, tag lines, etc. from official Grand Council correspondence. Will do Immediately
  2. Provide electronic or printed copy of all passed motions and directives from 54th National Convention to GC officers.WGS 04/08/01
  3. Update Constitution and By-laws 54th Convention documents. WGA 04/15/01
  4. Will propose motion at next convention to adopt new edition of APX Ritual per 54th National Convention delegates.WGE-Elect 09/30/01
  5. Draft ‘Fellowship and Respect’ position statement for distribution to all WA’s and Alumni Presidents. WGA will contact Colony Faculty Advisor.GA / WGAA 04/15/01
  6. Provide list of all convention attendees to WGE WGS 04/08/01
  7. Membership Certificates will be ordered through Goose Creek Publishers and include certificates void of all wording for use as recognition of special thanks.WGA 06/30/01
  8. APX Foundation requests the Grand Council reconsider their motion from October, 2000 to allow for a minimum number of Directors. Motion made and duly seconded to amend original motion to include “a maximum of ten and a minimum of five Directors.” Will notify Foundation Board. WGA 5/1/01
  9. Remaining Fiscal Year Conference calls / on line meetings / meetings scheduled as follows: May 3 – on line meeting, unless official business is necessary June date – to be determined at May 3 conference call July 12 through 16 – fiscal year planning meeting (either Beaver Creek, CO or Richardson, TX) GC N/A
  10. Anthemios Chapter has offered to host this year’s WA Conference, and invites all participants to observe a full initiation at the chapter. There will be logistical issues to contend with and some concerns relating to feasibility to hold productive meeting. Will change WA Conference to August to accommodate their initiation schedule. Will coordinate with Chapter WA to work out details and possible changes to the current plan.WGA 07/12/01
  11. Send full membership database to Expansion Director, National Director, and Regional Directors via CDROM WGS After postal returns (6/1)


  1. Alpha Rho Chi Newsletter will be produced, sent to Executive Assistant for printing and distribution.Letter Editor 04/30/01
  2. ARCHI to be published. WGS will coordinate with ARCHI Editor.Editor10/01/01


  1. Grand Council submit itemized budget requirements to WGE. GC 05/15/01
  2. Provide working draft of FY’01-’02 budget WGE 07/06/01


Convention 2002 Motion is made and duly seconded to host the next National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 4 – 7, 2002. Per preliminary investigation – including cost analysis – and the wishes of most convention attendees, Las Vegas appears to be the most logical venue; after discussion, motion passes unanimously.

  1. Acquisition, coordination of lodging, catering and banquet coordination.
  2. Acquisition, coordination of professional programs and workshops. Ideas by July 2001 meeting.
  3. Coordination of tours.
  4. Contact previous President, Jimmy Carter for keynote address.
  5. Thursday night lecture and RUSH function at UNLV.
  6. Vendor exhibitions and representation. (suggestions: Burr, Patterson and Auld, Micromedia, etc.)

D. WGA Notes

Petition for installation of University of Detroit Mercy Colony should be received in time to discuss on May conference call. Should it be approved, they have asked for a September initiation date.

Lark Bear, our current Executive Assistant, will be resigning her post effective June 30 of this year. Ms. Pat Wilcox of Garland, Texas will assume her duties effective July 1.

E. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

Proposed by WGAA-Elect:

  • WGAA-Elect will compile a National Protocol for Habitat for Humanity to focus attention on this very visible philanthropic endeavor.
  • All Grand Council officers should perform at least 20 hours of community service by the end of this calendar year and submit a report of their activities to the next convention.

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 11:25AM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held April 1, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 8th day of May, 2001:
<signed Vicki J. Horton>
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

March 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA.

Called to Order Thursday, March 8, 2000 at 7:03PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from February 8 conference call, pending any necessary changes (to be discussed immediately). No such changes are deemed necessary. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve minutes as submitted; passes unanimously. WGS to request Webmaster upload to national website immediately.

WGA reminds everyone the main focus of this conference call is to finalize 54th National Convention.

A. WGAA Report

  1. WGAA updates everyone on final agenda, cost and contact information. N/A
  2. Several questions concerning convention fee refunds have been received; GC will need to address each case on an individual basis.4/30/01
  3. White House tour will likely not happen, due to long waiting period through official circuit. Other tours are as follows: Liminality firm (Michele LeTourneur), National Building Museum (John Peterson), National Arboretum and AOL. 03/28/01
  4. Attendance figures appear to be right in line with expectations. N/A
  5. Ritual/Hazing discussion forum: Scott Swanson (Daedalus active) has agreed to facilitate meeting. *Note: GC agree we will simply observe. N/A
  6. Keynote address will be made by Friedrich St. Florian at Catholic University. Edgardo Martinez is coordinating the event and will meet everyone at Catholic. AI will be providing food for the reception, freeing up more funds for ground transportation costs. N/A
  7. Chapters will be notified to bring their activity boards to display during the keynote presentation.3/10/01
  8. Suggest we have disposable cameras at each banquet table so that attendees can snap photos. Cameras would then be developed and photos compiled on a CD for everyone to take home with them. N/A

B. WGS Report

  1. Questions/comments on WGS report submitted to GC prior to meeting- None.

For purposes of GC records, please see WGS notes at end of minutes. N/A

C. WGE Report

  1. Deferred in order to discuss conventionN/A

D. National Inspector Report

  1. Not present – no report. WGS notes NI sent email informing us that only RD-3 and RD-5/6 had submitted reports prior to meeting. NI will forward ASAP. N/A

E. NEPC Report

  1. Not present – no report. WGA notes NEPC has agreed to give brief speech at convention banquet. N/A

F. GA Report

  1. Latest installment (‘Intermission’) is complete and will be included in the GC report. N/A
  2. Will serve as moderator at keynote panel discussion – have already worked up several questions. N/A

G. WGA Report

  1. Defer to WGAA for further discussion on specific convention schedule. N/A

H. Old Business

  1. None. (All to be addressed by convention delegation). N/A

I. New Business


J. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity


Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 8:15PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held March 8, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 13th day April, 2001:
<signed Vicki J. Horton>
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

February 2001


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Brian Swilling, WGAA
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, NI
  • Frank Kitchel, NEPC

Called to Order Thursday, February 8, 2000 at 7:00PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from January 11 conference call, pending any necessary changes (to be discussed immediately). No such changes are deemed necessary. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve minutes as submitted; passes unanimously. WGS to request Webmaster upload to national website immediately.

A. WGAA Report

  1. Convention packages have been sent to all chapters and alumni associations, as well as all alumni on WGAA’s personal distribution list and on the list serve. N/A
  2. Deadlines listed as 2/14, 2/28 and 3/14 for deposits and payments of fees
  3. Banquet is still scheduled to be held at Maggiano’s, but early projections of attendance may require larger venue. N/A
  4. Will review convention budget with WGE. 02/28/01
  5. Current agenda will be revised to provide more time for business session. 02/15/01
  6. Convention Professional Program is shaping up. RD-2 is making inquiries to Howard, Catholic, and UMD regarding sponsorship of Keynote event. 03/01/01
  7. Working on logistics of WGS’s idea for having chapter presentations displayed during Keynote address, as well as awards for presentations. N/A
  8. Tours thus far consist of White House, WWII Memorial, RTKL project, Liminality firm tour. Also pursuing AI and another firm – likely engineering or related discipline. 03/01/01
  9. Alumni Dues mailer was sent this past week, along with convention information. N/A
  10. Logistics involved with Ritual reenactment are discussed. WGAA will contact Vitruvius and ask if they’ll bring equipment. Anthemios has offered to provide personnel, as they’ve had plenty of practice of late. 03/01/01
  11. Will write synopsis of Ritual, Part 20 2/20/01

B. WGS Report

  1. The Archi will be in the hands of the printer by next week. Barring further problems, it should be mailed no later than 2/2602/28/01
  2. Caps have been received. Will request list, via email, of all new initiates from all chapters. (note: WGE will forward list to WGS, based on E-1 cards and reports received)02/28/01
  3. Will also request all chapters send latest listing of all officers. (so far, only 6 chapters have sent this information). 02/28/01
  4. APX Medals nomination letters were sent to qualified schools (approx. 150). Have received no responses as of yet. N/A
  5. Will request EA send most recent membership database to all chapters for their review and updates. Two chapters have indicated they never received the newsletter. 02/15/01
  6. Spoke with RD-8 this past weekend, RE: Andronicus and letter from faculty. RD indicated he would be attending chapter meeting this past Monday and would update NI for this week’s report. N/A
  7. Will write synopsis of Ritual, Part 102/20/01

C. WGE Report

  1. Checking account consists of $1,813. Invoices on hand total $2,017.34, expecting $4,400 this month. Will pursue transfer of funds from Merrill Lynch. 02/15/01
  2. Will send (alert and advisory) status letters to chapters. 03/10/01
  3. Sent alumni association invoices. 02/05/01
  4. Finalize convention budget with WGAA. 02/28/01
  5. Mailed badge/certificate orders. Certificates were sent to WGAE and WGA for proper signatures Any badges with incomplete information will be mailed to WGE’s address. Revised form to ask jeweler to mail all badges UPS signature required. N/A
  6. Will mail convention payback policy letters 02/10/01
  7. Will mail death notices to WGA for sympathy notes to be sent. 02/17/01
  8. Mailed spring rosters to WS’s and emailed second reminder that January membership reports are due on 2/10. Included copy of chapter status report. N/A
  9. Chapter updates: Rhoecus has sent all membership reports through 12/00 and also sent check for $424. Still owe money for this year’s dues. Daedalus sent December membership report and dues. Still owe report from September ’00. Rabirius sent badge order forms, E-1 cards and initiation fees. Still missing membership reports for October, November and December. Once these received, can determine if they overpaid for initiation fees. N/A
  10. Will visit Seshait and Apollodorus (still waiting on confirmation of visit with Apollodorus faculty). Have been in email contact with both WA’s and RD-3. 02/28/01
  11. Will write synopsis of Ritual, part 4. 02/20/01

D. National Inspector Report

  1. RD-1 has created draft form of alumni survey and shared with several alumni and actives to get feedback. Plans to send out survey to alumni via email. Results of polling will be discussed with chapter’s alumni liaison. NI will copy GC on survey. Vitruvius doing well, enthusiasm is high and change of officers went well. Rush events have been successful, leading to possibility of 8 pledges. 02/28/01
  2. RD-2: no report. N/A
  3. RD-3: attended Rush activities at Apollodorus and advised on financial and organizational issues as they prepared to close lease on chapter house. Have received no contact from Seshait. Advise the GC contact them directly. Expansion efforts have been halted, as RD wants to focus on strengthening the current chapters in region. Overall, rush, pledges, and overall active motivation remains the primary focus in region. *Note, WGE has received email correspondence from Seshait WA. N/A
  4. RD-4: no report. *WGA will contact UDM Colony and advise of petition deadline. Colony is processing incorporation paperwork. 02/15/01
  5. RD-5/6: no report. N/A
  6. RD-7: no report N/A
  7. RD-8: no report

E. NEPC Report

  1. Nothing more to report since January. Have been on numerous business travels since last month. N/A

F. GA Report

  1. Attila series is on schedule. Latest installment sent to WGS for review prior to uploading to national website.
  2. Will send final proposal for Convention 2002 to all GC members02/28/01
  3. Attended Rabirius initiation at Anthemios, provided verbal report to WGS.
  4. Will write synopsis of Ritual, Part 3. 02/20/01

G. WGA Report

  1. Items completed: notices sent to Apollodorus and Seshait Alumni Associations informing them of their corporate status with State of Florida. Have requested they rectify prior to convention, but will give them 6 months to resolve. Invitation sent to Freidrich St. Florian, architect of WWII Memorial to give Keynote address. Will also send out invitation to Oehme van Sweden, to participate in panel discussion. Memo was sent via email to all membership requesting input on trade organizations to display during convention. Some replies have been received. Letter was sent to each GC member for forwarding to prominent alumni, asking for professional sponsorships. Copies of ‘generic’ By-laws sent to Anthemios Alumni Association President and Metagenes Alumni Association.
  2. Will meet with Satyros Chapter to discuss their ALERT status, per our last meeting. 02/26/01
  3. Have been in contact with Demetrios Control Corporation regarding alleged dispute between Chapter and the Board. Have not received any replies to my requests for information from Demetrios Alumni Association or Chapter. Decision to close house to active chapter was done with chapter’s knowledge and participation (RD confirms this). The Alumni Association appears to be dedicated to assisting the chapter to become a strong, professional organization. Have been invited to attend one of their monthly meetings in Columbus. Will attempt to do so later in the spring, schedule permitting.
  4. Have not been able to call Rhoecus, Pytheos or UDM as planned. Waiting for confirmation of WA’s name in order to send correspondence to Demetrios. Will request from RD-4
  5. In process of developing the Executive Assistant job description based on Lark Bear’s and the Foundation’s input. Three possibilities exist for replacements so far: one each in Charlotte, Orlando, and Garland, TX
  6. In receipt of three motions from RD-3, two from Pytheos, and have been informed of 8 coming from Daedalus. Will compile them in a package to be sent to relevant parties on the Master Directory. 02/15/01
  7. Was informed by the Faculty Advisor that Andronicus Chapter as a whole has been doing rather poorly academically. Chapter GPA has fallen to unacceptable standards and the GC has been asked to intervene. Will discuss with them at convention.
  8. Daedalus incorporation status: At Cal Poly, it is required that all organizations be incorporated under Cal Poly’s Associated Students, Inc. After research, it is advised and agreed that the benefits and requirements are not in conflict with APX C&BL and Daedalus should be considered in good standing with the State of California.
  9. Will build Convention ‘Survival Kit’ to be given to all delegates upon their arrival in DC. Will include Standing Rules, known motions, copy of FY ’00-’01 budget, and agenda (from By-laws). 03/20/01
  10. In process of converting video tape from WA Conference to VHS and will send to GA. 02/15/01
  11. Will send a copy of Ritual to Rabirius and Vitruvius 02/15/01
  12. Will establish Awards Committee at next convention 03/31/01
  13. Awaiting information from WGE/WGS/EA on condolence notes to be sent 02/28/01
  14. Will send NEPC a copy of the GC Handbook 02/28/01
  15. In receipt of bid from Goose Creek Publishing for certificates and charters. WGA and WGS will organize and make decisions based on discussion. *Note, Rabirius is scheduled to receive their charter at convention. 02/28/01
  16. Beginning work to write GC report to convention. Need GC members to submit their report to WGA in order to compile one comprehensive report. 03/01/01

H. Old Business

  1. Pledge Manual still not available on website. After further review and discussion, it is decided that the Pledge Manual be made fully available via the national website immediately. WGS will notify Webmaster. 2/15/01

I. New Business

  1. Discussion concerning policy of forgiving debts owed by inactive chapters and alumni associations who wish to reactivate. Deemed to be an issue to be decided on a case by case basis by the convention.Convention 03/31/01
  2. Proposal that GC officers, since required to attend convention (and to whom no annual stipend is paid), have their convention fees budgeted and paid for. Deemed also an issue to be proposed and decided upon by the convention. Convention 03/31/01

J. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity


Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 8:10PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held February 8, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 1st day March, 2001:
<signed Vicki J. Horton>
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

January 2001 Conference Call


  • Gregory Pelley, WGA
  • Vicki Horton, WGS
  • Nicole Morris, WGE
  • J. Scott MacKay, GA
  • Charles Morley, NI

Called to Order Thursday, January 11, 2000 at 7:06PM (EST).

WGA requests approval of the Minutes from December 6 conference call, pending any necessary changes (to be discussed immediately). No such changes are deemed necessary. Motion is made and duly seconded to approve minutes as submitted; passes unamimously.

A. WGAA Report

Not Present (Illness), No Report

B. WGE Report

  1. Major concern: seven chapters now on Alert status, as outlined by By-laws. Varying reasons, mostly for missing reports and/or dues. One chapter on advisory status. WGE will send status letters to chapters, RD’s and alumni associations. Letters will include amount of potential convention fee rebate to be forfeited if payment schedule not met. Letters to be followed up by GC phone calls, as assigned. 01/31/01
  2. Total outstanding from chapter/colony dues = $3,723. N/A
  3. Will process badge and certificate orders currently on hand. 01/15/01
  4. Currently, just under $4,000 in checking; still waiting on final invoices for newsletter printing, Archi printing/mailing and merchandise order. Will need income from alumni dues invoices to be comfortable with convention costs. N/A

C. GA Report

  1. Attila series on schedule – WGS to request Webmaster upload all to website. 01/31/01
  2. Professional Program draft letters sent to WGA for review/comments prior to distribution. Subjects are: invitation to Keynote Speaker(s), Invitation to WWII Team Panel Members, Poll to members, Professional Sponsor Fundraiser. N/A
  3. GA/WGE trip to potential 2002 convention site was successful. Already receiving correspondence from vendors vying for opportunity to host. N/A
  4. Will attend Rabirius initiation at Anthemios on 1/20/01. N/A

D. National Inspector Report

  1. Region 1 RD – finishing alumni relations survey and will discuss results with Vitruvius alumni liaison.
  2. Region 2 RD – no report submitted
  3. Region 3 RD – Apollodorus initiated 2 new members and the chapter is regrouping for the semester. RD is looking forward to the possibilities. Chapter has yet to receive any monies as promised by Alumni Association. Unfortunately, there has been little (no) contact with Seshait. RD has requested that a GC member intervene and ask the WA to respond/facilitate communication. Based on past problems with contacting other Florida schools, the RD will begin expansion efforts in February by sending correspondence to non-Florida schools in region.
  4. Region 4 RD – no report submitted.
  5. Regions 5/6 RD – is planning to attend initiations at Pytheos and Rhoecus. Pledge classes have done very well. Listed new Pytheos officers, no contact information.
  6. Region 7 RD – no report submitted
  7. Region 8 RD – states that Andronicus held their initiation first week of January with Satyros Chapter holding theirs the following weekend. Daedalus’ initiation is scheduled for third weekend in January. Daedalus is planning for their first Spring pledge class in many years.

E. WGS Report

  1. Webmaster will upload previous conference call minutes. Need November, also. 01/15/01
  2. Need copy of webhost contract ASAP for review.
  3. Merchandise has been ordered and should be received by February 1. Will contact chapters to distribute to newest members, per GC summer mtg minutes. 02/10/01
  4. Sent acceptance and rejection letters to medals vendors, as scheduled. APX medal nomination forms and letters are being sent to universities. 01/22/01
  5. Received news from several chapters that they intend to submit resolutions to amend the Constitution and/or By-laws. They are aware of 1/29 deadline
  6. Apologies for not sending blank charters to WGA – will send immediately. Sent two packages of blank certificates to calligrapher so that she can process orders
  7. The Archi is being converted by the webmaster to appropriate program (as requested by printer). He will upload the file for our review; please limit your review time to 24-48 hours. 01/21/01
  8. Will have extra copies of Archi sent to WGAA for distribution at convention
  9. December 15 deadline for Spring newsletter has passed – only one article submission received so far. Agree with Newsletter Editor’s suggestion: continue to accept submissions until March 15. Allot 2-4 pages for convention news, to be gathered by close of convention and plan for publication by mid-April.
  10. Still sifting through Brother Grogan’s archives. Will forward each officer’s records to you as they become complete packages, or if items are deemed urgent.
  11. Metagenes Alumni Association has requested a copy of ‘generic’ C&BL 01/31/01 WGA
  12. 12. Sent NEPC, newest RD, and Newsletter Editors brief outlines of duties
  13. 13. Sent out ‘inaugural’ PowerPoint presentations to chapters (Happy Anniversary congratulations to those initiated in past three January’s). Of course, we’re missing records for many.
  14. Sent out target market plan to NEPC.
  15. WS at Daedalus made inadvertent contact with Jim Snow, faculty member from Daphnis. Brother Snow is interested in reestablishing the Daphnis Chapter. Will follow up with Brother Snow to offer our assistance and guidance.

F. WGA Report (None – ill, will submit notes at later date)

G. Old Business (None)

H. New Business (None)

I. Suggestions for the Betterment of the Fraternity

  • Everyone drink plenty of fluids and get healthy!
  • Convention is almost upon us and we need everyone’s full concentration.

Motion made and duly seconded to adjourn, 8:10PM EST. Passes unanimously.

I do attest and affirm that the above text is an accurate record of the proceedings of the teleconference of the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architecture Fraternity, held January 11, 2001.

Respectfully submitted this 8th day February, 2001:
<signed Vicki J. Horton>
Vicki J. Horton
Worthy Grand Scribe
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity