The Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal
2006 Recipients

Medal Obverse Medal Reverse

In 1931, the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi established the Alpha Rho Chi Medal to "encourage professional leadership by regarding student accomplishment; promote the ideals of professional service by acknowledging distinctive individual contributions to social life; and stimulate professional merit by commending qualities in the student not necessarily pertaining to scholarship".

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is offered each year to over 100 schools of architecture, whose faculty select a graduating senior they feel best exemplifies these qualities.

The medal portrays Athena seated upon an Ionic capital with a skyscraper resting in the palm of her hand. The words "ALPHA RHO CHI" are arranged in an arch over her head.

2006 Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal Winners

Andrews University

Brenda Fuste

Arizona State University

Danny Eugene Clevenger

University of Arizona

Wayne A. Jenski

University of Arkansas

Ayodele Ahmed Yusuf

Auburn University

Kathleen Simpson

Ball State University

Desma Irene Alderman

University of British Columbia

Ayme Sharma

University at Buffalo

Gabriella Lucia D'Angelo

University of Calgary

Alexis Rae Finlay

California College of the Arts

Lynne Denise Reynolds

California Polytechnic State Univ.

Christopher Allen

Kirsten Borg

Carissa P. Lau

University of California, Berkeley

Sarah Avram Appleman

University of California, Los Angeles

Adam Richard Fure

Carleton University

Karam Georges

Carnegie Mellon University

Stephen Joseph Mrdjenovich Jr.

Catholic University of America

Sara R. Sepanski

City College of CUNY

Elizabeth Shipley

Clemson University

Timothy M. Wiley

University of Colorado

Matthew John Shea

Columbia University

Fatou Kine Dieye

The Cooper Union

Asa Barak

Cornell University

Joseph Zacharie Champagnie

Dalhousie University

Grace Munyee Chan

University of Detroit Mercy

Eva M. Hermesmeyer

Drexel University

Francesca Oliveira

Drury University

Sarah Marie Barb

Florida A&M University

Thomas Gerard Brokaw

Florida Atlantic University

George Maringer

University of Florida

Kelly Marie McCarter

Georgia Tech

Katherine Ann Green

Hampton University

Diana Denise Lavender

Harvard University

Laura Crescimano

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Choy-Ling Wong

University of Idaho

Jessica Nicole Friend

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Wyatt W. Beard

University of Illinois at Chicago

Andrew Clark

Michael L. Hanley

Illinois Institute of Technology

Dominic J. Garascia

Iowa State University

Natalie C. Carran

Kansas State University

Brittany M. Williams

University of Kansas

Richard J. Mulhern

Kent State University

Mazen Sakr

University of Kentucky

Jessica Tennill

Université Laval

Anne-Marie Blais

Olivier Vallerand

Louisiana Tech University

Christal Leigh Beach

University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Paul Morvant

University of Manitoba

Stacy Nichole Dyck

University of Maryland

Jeannie Ahn

Massachusetts Insitute of Technology

Michael Hector Ramage

McGill University

Peter Fensom Sealy

University of Memphis

James Grissim Morrison

Miami University

James Tristan Diewald

Michael Guy Frederick

University of Miami

Georgina Ardalan

Melissa D. Williams

University of Michigan

Mark Gregory Davis

University of Minnesota

Elizabeth McCollough

Mississippi State University

Erin L. Holden

Montana State University

Andrew Daigle

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Gregory A. Brown

Katherine Gluckselig

New York Inst. of Tech.

Michael Catalano

Newschool of Architecture & Design

Keren Afik Peer

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Charles Ashworth Howell

Ashley Jean Wood

North Carolina State University

Elizabeth Ellison Sieck

North Dakota State University

Benjamin John Johnson

Norwich University

Jillian Nicole Roehmer

Ohio State University

Kara Elizabeth Gustafson

Oklahoma State University

Neal Evers

Parsons School of Design

Juanita Wichienkeur

Pennsylvania State University

Andrew R. Blaydon

University of Pennsylvania

Amy Elizabeth Johnson

Prairie View A&M University

Claudia Pacheco

D. Alex John Jr.

Crystal Barard

Pratt Institute

Michael Glenboski

Princeton University

Alexandra Catherine French

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Erin Cusker

Jenna Beltram

Rhode Island School of Design

Lauren E. Bollettino

Rice University

Jean-Marc Tribie

Roger Williams University

Erika L. Barko

Savannah College of Art & Design

Brian White

Stephanie Hurst


Carlos Pinelo

University of South Florida

Adriana Caridad Puentes

Syracuse University

Christopher T. Tom

Temple University

Mary Louise Baily

Tennessee-Knoxville, University of

Sara Catherine Sharp

Texas A&M University

Christine Liu

University of Texas at Arlington

Amber Lynn Sollock

University of Texas at Austin

Meredith Nicole Contello

Texas Tech University

Allison Walton Chambers

Toronto, University of

Joy Charbonneau

Tulane University

Natalie Blythe Woodward

University of Utah

Meagan Brady Smuin

Virginia Tech

Elizabeth Rae Easterling

University of Virginia

Laura Bishop Sullivan

University of Washington

Karen Esswein

Washington State University

Matthew Lafe Weighall

Washington University in St. Louis

Jeffrey Mandyck

University of Waterloo

Farid Joseph Noufaily

Wentworth Inst. of Technology

Shaughn P. MacGilvray

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Joseph Lawton

Woodbury University

Juan Jose Robles

Yale University

Christopher Eden Marchant

Rayonet Fleur-de-lis
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