The Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal
2008 Recipients

Medal Obverse Medal Reverse

In 1931, the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi established the Alpha Rho Chi Medal to "encourage professional leadership by regarding student accomplishment; promote the ideals of professional service by acknowledging distinctive individual contributions to social life; and stimulate professional merit by commending qualities in the student not necessarily pertaining to scholarship".

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is offered each year to over 100 schools of architecture, whose faculty select a graduating senior they feel best exemplifies these qualities.

The medal portrays Athena seated upon an Ionic capital with a skyscraper resting in the palm of her hand. The words "ALPHA RHO CHI" are arranged in an arch over her head.

2008 Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal Winners

Andrews University

Ariel Solis

University of Arizona

Charles J. Pifer

University of Arkansas

Sean Christopher Shrum

Auburn University

Samuel Gregory Bassett

Boston Architectural College

Jonathan Stone

University of British Columbia

Benjamin Tarrant Raines

University at Buffalo

Matthew Aaron Zych

University of Calgary

Erin Kimberly Broda

California College of Arts

Chad Zee Metheny

California Polytechnic State Univ.

Geny Antonia Munoz

Sean Zachary Rinde

California State Polytechnic Univ.

Heather Joy Henriques

University of California, Berkeley

Ryan Lovett


Aaron John Forbes

Carleton University

Stephanie E. Au

Carnegie Mellon University

Zachary S. Hartle

Catholic University of America

Christopher M. Evans

City College of New York

Mubeen Ahmad

Clemson University

Jill M. Allen

University of Colorado Denver

Robert Pyatt

Columbia University

Katherine Scott

Cornell University

Siobhan Rockcastle

Kristen Distefano

Dalhousie University

Asher deGroot

University of Detroit Mercy

Matthew N. Guinta

Drexel University

Jonathan F. Chizacky

Drury University

Kelsey Ann Stein

Florida A&M University

Kenneth Rollins

University of Florida

Miguel Porras

Hampton University

Lauren Elise Greene

Harvard University

Alyson Barry Rogers Tanguay

Sondra Fein

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Melanie Wong

University of Houston

Geri Frances Powell

University of Idaho

John Jerome Faley

University of Illinois at Chicago

Nicholas Kunkle

Adrian McDermott

Illinois Institute of Technology

Gustavo E. Mendoza

Iowa State University

Corey Daniel Schnobrich

Judson University

Ben Scarbro

Dan Carrel

Kansas State University

Laura A. Wilke

University of Kansas

Justin R. Cratty

University of Kentucky

James Rich

Louisiana State University

William Doran

Louisiana Tech University

Amy Christine Garrett

University of Manitoba

Kenneth Borton

University of Maryland

Carl Richard Lostritto

Massachusetts Insitute of Technology

James Shen

McGill University

Rami Abou Khalil

The University of Memphis

Jeffrey S Johnson

Miami University

Christopher Matthew Winston Sale

Brittany Elizabeth Drapac

University of Miami

Mark D. Schrieber

University of Michigan

Mashawnta Amara Armstrong

Mississippi State University

Carly Melissa Allen

Montana State University

Jobe Bernier

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Amber A. Ellett

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Michael Genauer

University of New Mexico

Michael O. Lee

New York Institute of Technology

Matthew Vecchione

NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Holly Christine Meyer

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Amanda N. Cronick

Larry Dwaine Swink

North Carolina State University

Devki V. Gharpure

North Dakota State University

Alexander Gore

Norwich University

Matthew Lawton

The Ohio State University

Michael Scott Herpy

Oklahoma State University

Augustus Chan

Parsons School of Design

Danny Wong

Pennsylvania State University

Philip L. Wessell

University of Pennsylvania

Morgan LeMae Martinson

Pratt Institute

Peter Van Hage

Benjamin Jenkins Martinson

Princeton University

Christopher J. Cornecelli

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Emily Albright

Rhode Island School of Design

Dana Ganssle

Rice University

Alice Chai

Roger Williams University

Moly Salafia

Savannah College of Art & Design

Anthony J. Cissell

University of South Florida

Christa Leeann Scott

University of Southern California

Bradley Cole Zuger

Ashley Ann Snodgrass

Michelle Renee Costamanga

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) Richard S. Michod
Sky Milner

Syracuse University

Carina K. Lui

Temple University

Emma Patricia Castro

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Michael B. Kenney

Craig Reschke

Luke A. Sims

Texas A&M University

Ashley Nicole Dias

University of Texas at Arlington

Jennifer Ann Craddock

University of Texas at Austin

Vilmar Ortega Morgan

University of Texas at San Antonio

Elisa Vasquez

Texas Tech University

Scott Matthew Gorenc

The Cooper Union

Laura S. Steele

University of Toronto

Jessica Anne Grebenc

Tulane University

Evan Randolph Conroy

University of Utah

Camille Coons

Virginia Tech

Jonathan Lorne Grinham

University of Virginia

Andrea Brooke Hubbell

University of Waterloo

Katherine Bowman

Wentworth Inst. of Technology

Vincent Philip De Luca

Woodbury University

Nathan George White

Yale University

Leo Rowling Stevens IV

Rayonet Fleur-de-lis
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