Silver Alpha Rho Chi Medal

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal was the inspiration of Verle L. Annis, who carried out the program’s implementation during his long tenure as Worthy Grand Scribe. As a token of appreciation for his ideas and efforts, the 19th National Convention in December 1938 ordered an Alpha Rho Chi Medal stuck in sterling silver and presented to Brother Annis. Following that example, the Silver APX Medal was established by the 20th National Convention in June 1941 to recognize fraternal distinction of outstanding merit. Honorees can be proposed by active chapters or alumni associations with the signatures of ten brothers. The Grand Council reviews the nomination and, if appropriate, formally submits the nomination for approval of 3/4 of the fraternity’s chapters and alumni associations.

Silver Medal Recipients

Verle L. Annis, 1938
E. E. Eggert, 1941
Dwight P. Ely, 1948
George A. Whitten, 1954
Charles W. Cloud, 1977
Galen F. Oman, 1977
Charles Burchard, 1979
M. Robert DeMarais, 1980
John B. Filip, 1980
Franklin D. Baxter, 1984
Carl E. Meinhardt, 1985
Stephen P. Janick, 1990
John Hagely, 1998
Ronald L. Grogan, 1999
Charles L. Nickel, 2000
Howard Van Heuklyn, 2003
J. Scott Mackay, 2009
Gregory S. Pelley, 2011
Rick Jenkins, 2016