Master DirectoryContact information for national officers, appointees, chapters, alumni associations, and the APX Foundation

  •  APX Master Directory

    Contact information for national officers and appointees and the APX Foundation – as well as all chapters, alumni associations, and colonies. Contact with changes.

Handbooks and ManualsReference publications

  •  Recruitment Manual

    Comprehensive guide for recruiting new members of Alpha Rho Chi.
  •  The Archi Pledge

    Alpha Rho Chi's official pledge manual. As an educational tool, it explains the operations of Alpha Rho Chi, illustrates traditions and symbols of the fraternity, and presents a concise history of the entire fraternity.

How To GuidesBrothers share their experience organizing special events or initiatives to guide chapters and alumni

Governing DocumentsNational Constitution and Bylaws

Policies for ChaptersPolicy documentation applying to active chapters

  •  Advisors

    Each chapter and colony must maintain an advisor of record at all times.
  •  Policies on Suspended Actives

    Policy on the powers of chapters to suspend active members, reporting of suspensions, and administration by the Grand Council. Adopted July 2011.

Policies for Alumni AssociationsPolicy documentation applying to alumni associations

Policies for National Officers and AppointeesPolicy documentation applying to national officers and appointees.

  •  Officer and Appointee Relationships

    Adopted July 2013, updated May 2015.  A national officer or appointee may not engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with a collegiate member, pledge, or colonist.

Financial PoliciesDues and fees and WGE-related policies

Risk ManagementRisk management information

  •  Accident/Incident Occurance Form

    Microsoft Word form to record key details of an accident or incident.
  •  APX Risk Management Policies

    Adopted February 2012, amended November 2015. Policy document includes Alcohol and Drugs Policy, Anti-Hazing Policy, Automobiles and Transportation Policy, Members Personal Property Policy, Contractual Agreements & Additional Insured Policy, Sexual Harassment, Abuse, or Misconduct Policy among other policies.

AwardsInformation on national awards

  •  Awards Program

    Criteria, procedure, and schedule for each of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity's national awards. Includes sample forms for submitting biographical information (Form A-100), award petitions (Form A-101), and other award nominations (Form A-102).

ExpansionInformation and tools for expansion and new colonies

  •  Cadency Mark and Chapter Name

    Guidelines for Selection of Cadency Marks and Chapter Names. Written for colonies selecting a cadency mark and chapter name. This guide covers the relevant design criteria for cadency marks and lists potential chapter namesakes. A history of the cadency marks of Alpha Rho Chi provides background on each chapter's emblem.

Clip ArtDownloadable hi-resolution artwork of fraternal symbols and cadency marks

  •  Clip Art

    High-resolution artwork of Alpha Rho Chi symbols and chapter cadency marks for download.

MinutesMinutes from Grand Council meetings and past National Conventions