Alumni Dues

Alumni brothers,

Welcome to 2018! We have some new initiatives and changes in the coming year that we are excited to share. As a part of these initiatives, you may be receiving this alumni dues notice in various forms, even if you have already remitted this year’s annual dues.

In 2017, the Grand Council began the transition from our old and limited membership databases to a new membership management and payment system called MemberPlanet. MemberPlanet will become the fraternity’s intranet, managing our member database, event registrations, emails, messaging, payments and billing, and other features. Alumni Associations can use these features for their own members, events, billing, and outreach efforts. You will be hearing more about this as we onboard all Alumni Associations in the coming months and the rest of the alumni base soon after. MemberPlanet will greatly improve our communications and eliminate paper mails where requested.

In addition to MemberPlanet, we adopted Google for Business to manage the fraternity’s business operations. We also engaged the services of various business professions, including financial/tax services, to ensure that the fraternity is legal and compliant. As we grow, the Grand Council will continue to seek out the professional services we need to get the job done for the benefit of all of our brothers, chapters, and Alumni Associations and to provide the ability for us to offer more services and publications.

Our alumni programming team has drafted a 10-year Alumni Plan to keep brothers connected and involved after graduation. We are looking to get more alumni brothers involved in Alumni Days, Metro Groups, professional programming, networking, and other fraternity efforts and events.

Your alumni dues are helping us pay for the cost of the services needed to support a growing population of over 1,000 students and 8,000 alumni in our MemberPlanet database. Please continue to support our growing fraternity, or start supporting us today, by paying your 2018 Alpha Rho Chi Alumni Dues online with link button or by check.

Thank you and we hope to see you at a future Alpha Rho Chi event!

Pay online

Follow this link to visit our new member portal to pay online.


Pay by check

Please make your check payable to:
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity

Please mail your check to:
Emily Lewis, WGE
243 S. East Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224