Aimee Moore

Demetrios Alumna
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 1982
Masters of Architecture
Current City: Columbus, Ohio
Hometown: Alexandria, Ohio
Joined Alpha Rho Chi in 1993

Background: Aimee has been teaching at Ohio State University for 17 years. She has taught a variety of classes including an introduction to the built environment and multiple study abroad trips. During her time as an undergrad she received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal.

Jessica Hines: When did you join Alpha Rho Chi?
Aimee Moore: In 1993 as a freshman at Ohio State University

JH: Why did you join Alpha Rho Chi?
AM: I was not living in a dorm and wanted to make friends as well as professional connections.

JH: What is the process for receiving the award?
AM: There are three phases to the process. The first phase is being nominated by the students and faculty. In the second phase I have to put together a two-page teaching dossier and I have to answer the questions as well. I also need to produce an exemplary teaching artifact of one facet of my teaching that I think is successful. Since I teach study abroad I chose the ‘sketchmans’ that my students do: those are diagrams and sketches to represent the world in a new way. Once I pass the second phase, the third phase is getting a letter from the head of the department on my behalf and the committee reviews past student evaluations and then a decision is made.

JH: So you graduated… then what?
AM: I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture in 1997 and my Masters in Architecture in 1999. I ended up teaching right away at the age of 24. As a grad student I was a teaching assistant and taught an introductory course. At the end of my program the teacher that was teaching the class was retiring, and I was asked to teach the class. It was quite the learning process. It made me learn a lot about myself, because I had to rethink what I had learned before to be able to teach it to my students. I found myself through this process, because I had to believe what I was saying. I taught full time for two or three years and then worked at a firm part time while teaching for three years. I received the opportunity to teach study abroad in 2003 and then went back to teaching full time. I took a break and came back in 2010 to teach study abroad and became a full faculty member.

JH: What courses do you teach?
AM: I teach a range of courses, one of them being Explore Columbus. In this course I take students out every Monday morning in the autumn term to explore the architecture, landscape, and urban planning of the city. This class is great for students to get to know the city they are in and teaches independence and self sufficiency, which I also teach in my study abroad trips.

JH: Do you have any advice for fellow brothers?
AM: Network and talk to people. Get out and communicate!

JH: What is a fun fact about yourself?
AM: I was born in Venezuela and lived there until the age of four.