Derrick Archer

Apollodorus Alumnus
Bachelor of Design, Major in Architecture, 2012
Current City: Tampa, Florida
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Interviewed for: Fraternal Achievement (serving as Webmaster)

As an Apollodorus active, Derrick served as Superintendent, Recruitment Director, WAA, and WA. Currently, he is working towards his Masters in Architecture at the University of Florida and serving as Webmaster of Alpha Rho Chi.derrick1


Wellbe Bartsma: How did APX help you while an active or shortly thereafter? How did you get more involved with APX after graduation?

Derrick Archer: While an active, I was heavily involved with Architrave, a student publication for design work for visiting professors or guest lecturers. It’s normally about 200 pages full of writing and design from students at the University of Florida, which the school uses to advertise our work. Architrave has improved a lot so now the school is buying more copies.

Alpha Rho Chi and Architrave were my two main organizations. I learned a lot about teamwork, how to delegate work, and how to interact with other people. There were a few members of Alpha Rho Chi who were also in Architrave, and how Architrave was set up helped us reorganize how a few positions work with the fraternity. There were 7 positions, but mostly 2 or 3 of these positions did a majority of the work. We spread the workload more evenly by breaking up the tasks and workload of the original 7 positions. Understanding how to interact with people and helping each person find what they want to contribute to the team encourages them to really dive into their work and contribute best to the team as a whole, so this is what we did! The restructuring of how our chapter works enabled all individuals of the chapter to bring something different to the table that they cared about, while having fun at the same time. APX is a great way to see how architecture firms work and also by talking to Alumni who work in firms give a great idea of what reality to expect in the professional world.


WB: What background do you have in web design? What interests you about it?

DA: Most of what I do is not web design as much as content management. Now that I have more of a feel for it I am getting more comfortable with web design. The APX website is a storefront for our Fraternity; we do not have a physical office, so Facebook and the website are where all of our information is when people have a question or want to find out more about APX.


WB: What are some great updates you have made for the APX website and what are some ideas you have for the future?

DA: We are working on new content to update the website, and have a list of things we can change. An important update to add in the future is an active events page where you can find information, register, and make necessary payments all in one place. Currently, we display information, but we can improve on how interactive the website is. Another idea is creating pages for re-organizing tabs for chapter and alumni information. Furthermore, getting the new Alumni Spotlight interviews on an interactive page where all interviews from the past can be found easily will be a great tool in the future.

A great way for us to know what would need to be done next on the APX website is analytics. This will track what people do on our website so we can see where people go on our website. If we find multiple people went to multiple pages to end up at the same page, then we know we need to make that page have easier accessibility from the home page. I have a prescription with tech support and training so I am in communication with them about updates we would like to make to the website. It’s also enabling me to learn a lot about web design.