Eric Lynn

Hippodamus Alumnus
Major: Architecture
Current City: Memphis, Tennessee
Hometown: Gautier, Mississippi
Joined Alpha Rho Chi in 2012, started Colony in 2010-2011

Jessica Hines: Why did you start an Alpha Rho Chi chapter?
Eric Lynn: Most of us were transfer students and couldn’t join social fraternities. Adam’s (one of my friends) grandfather was a part of Alpha Rho Chi, and that led us to Alpha Rho Chi and eventually starting a chapter. Every aspect of Alpha Rho Chi was what we wanted as students, so we made it happen.

JH: Why did you choose architecture?
EL: I wanted to be a part of an analytical design culture and once I was in school I clicked with the students.  They were the reason I stayed.

JH: What is something you love about Alpha Rho Chi?
EL: The connections and networking.

JH: In your role as expansion director, how many schools are you in contact with at a time?
EL: Anywhere from 0-7; it depends on the interest level of and ambition of the students.

JH: What do you find most difficult in being expansion director?
EL: The waiting. Not being able to be physically active at every school. Sometimes I can only be a life coach and I can’t make them do anything. Please email me back. The uncertainty is tough.

JH: How long does it take to become a Colony?
EL: Typically 4 months, give or take, depending on tenacity.

JH: How long is the process of going from a Colony to become a chapter?
EL: Approximately 1-2 years

JH: How has Alpha Rho Chi helped you in your career path?
EL: Having the support from brothers in school and after graduation has helped me in my career path. Alpha Rho Chi has helped me understand different perspectives from various majors that normally you wouldn’t have with just architecture majors. Learning to work with people that have other majors while in Alpha Rho Chi helps you with professional aspects after graduation.

JH: What do you love about what you do?
EL: Helping people have fun through the process, helping them see the benefits of Alpha Rho Chi, and how it has helped me as an overall person in professional and social life.

JH: Do you have any advice for brothers out there?
EL: For active brothers, you get out what you put in. If you are not having a good time and it is not providing enough for you then you need to take a step back and ask yourself what are you putting in? The more that you do, honestly the more that you get out of it.

Background Information/Quick Facts:
What is the process of becoming a colony?

It all starts with curiosity and looking for a fraternity about architecture. Once they reach out to Eric that process begins. Eric helps them through the process making sure that the fit is right between both student body and Alpha Rho Chi.
They contact Eric and submit a packet of intent and colony application, and then it gets transferred to the Colony Director for the formation of a colony.
Eric answers the questions from the get-go, giving the information for a healthy chapter.

Eric became expansion director one year after graduation. He has the unique perspective of being mostly a colonist through his student life making it easier to relate to potential colonists. He was colony vice president, was installed in 2013, and graduated in 2014. Eric has a 5-year professional degree.