Linda Lilly

Iktinos Alumna
Bachelor of Architecture, 1972
Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Linda was initiated by the Iktinos Chapter in 1967 as the first female initiated into Alpha Rho Chi. While an active she served a year as professional chair for the Iktinos Chapter. This involved inviting guest lecturers (professors and local architects) to come every other Friday for Iktinos’ TGIF events. On the alternating Fridays, the social chair would arrange for a band to come in or provide some other type of social event. She has also served as Vice-President and President of the Iktinos Alumni Association for a total of six years.


WB: How did APX help you upon graduation or shortly thereafter? How did you get more involved with APX?

LL: Because of my husband’s work, we moved around a lot. I kept current with dues and saw brothers as often as I could. We lived in Obernai, a small town in Alsace, France for seven years. While living in Europe we had the opportunity to get together with brothers who were traveling on vacation. Stephen Janick always kept me in touch with the chapter as well as the Alumni Association. Being close friends with him enabled me to become actively involved when we retired to Ann Arbor.

WB: What did you pursue after graduation? Where did your career take you?

LL: When living in France, it was hard for me to find work. At that time there was high unemployment amongst architects. I did however land some small jobs to keep me busy. My husband, George, worked for a company called Clark Equipment, which is now Volvo Construction Equipment. He has grown with the company from marketing, engineering, sales, and up to Vice-President of Business Development and Acquisitions. After living in France, we moved to Cleveland, then Brussels, then Seoul, South Korea, back to Brussels, and finally to Ann Arbor.

Throughout the years I’ve worked for a number of architects and engineers. In Cleveland, I worked for an Environmental Health Engineer where most of the work was overseeing the removal of asbestos. It started as a one week job, but the owner liked my work so much it turned into a full-time job. My title was Staff Architect where I drew plans for the removal of asbestos and specified non-asbestos replacement materials. Another one of my jobs was working for a display company who built sometimes extravagant exhibitions for trade shows. Moving around a lot enabled me to do a lot of architecturally related jobs that I never dreamed of doing when I was in school.

WB: You are very active with the Iktinos Alumni Association; what motivates you to stay so involved?

LL: I would say one of my biggest highlights from college was joining Alpha Rho Chi. There’s a certain loyalty and bond between members of a pledge class. I’m still close with several of my pledge brothers. I would like to find a way to capture that bond and expand that feeling to include the Iktinos Alumni Association as a whole and our national fraternity. I still help put the newsletter together and help the current President with organizing events.

WB: What have you done with the Alumni Association to create a strong alumni base?

LL: We provide two alumni newsletters a year which give information and show pictures about all of the alumni events we organize. Many of the events are held with the active chapter. We also include all alumni, whether they are active with the alumni association or not on the mailing list for the newsletter. We want everybody from Iktinos to know that they are brothers of Alpha Rho Chi, and we want to keep everyone informed of how the alumni association and the active chapter are doing.

We also plan a series of events that enable all of us to get together multiple times throughout the year. In January we have a combination active/alumni dinner where we choose our delegates for convention. In April the actives provide a Founders Day BBQ for the alumni. We just had our first Family Picnic Day this summer where we invited alumni to come spend a day at a park with their families for barbecue, games and camaraderie. When school starts back up in the fall we host a Welcome back to Ann Arbor party. The actives have an end of semester get-together at a restaurant in December and extend an invitation to alums to join them. Furthermore, we invite newly initiated brothers to our Iktinos Alumni Association Facebook page, so they can start to get familiar with what we do as Alumni and feel encouraged to join upon graduation.