Chapters and Colonies

Active Chapters

Alumni Associations

Alpha Rho Chi currently has 32 collegiate chapters and 25 alumni associations divided into eight regions.

A sun

Agamedes Chapter

University of Miami | Coral Gables, Florida


A scarab

Amenophis Chapter

Southern Illinois University | Carbondale, Illinois

A fleur de lys

Andronicus Chapter

University of Southern California | Los Angeles, California

A label

Anthemios Chapter

University of Illinois | Champaign, Illinois

A chambered nautilus

Apollodorus Chapter

University of Florida | Gainesville, Florida


A lantern

Callimachus Chapter

University of California | Berkeley, California


A millstone

Cleisthenes Chapter

University of Houston | Houston, Texas


A tribar

Cossutius Chapter

California College of the Arts | San Francisco, California

Cossutius site

A bull's horns

Daedalus Chapter

California Polytechnic State University | San Luis Obispo, California

A five-pointed star

Dinocrates Chapter

University of Texas at Austin | Austin, Texas

A constellation

Domitian Chapter

New Jersey Institute of Technology | Newark, New Jersey

A tour à trois

Hadrian Chapter

Tulane University | New Orleans, Louisiana

A flail and crook

Hemiunu Chapter

Howard University | Washington, DC

A bell

Hippodamus Chapter

Mississippi State University | Starkville, Mississippi

A label

Iktinos Chapter

University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan

An escutcheon

Isidorus Chapter

Miami University | Oxford, Ohio


A pheon

Metagenes Chapter

Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, Virginia

A scroll

Mnesicles Chapter

University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, Minnesota


A pierced pile

Nicon Chapter

Florida International University | Miami, Florida


An anchor

Numisius Chapter

NewSchool of Architecture + Design | San Diego, California

A terrapin

Olynthius Chapter

University of Maryland | College Park, Maryland


A trireme

Philon Chapter

Washington University in St. Louis | St. Louis, Missouri

A hexagon

Polyidus Chapter

Southern Polytechnic State University | Marietta, Georgia


A cross quadrate

Pytheos Chapter

University of Nebraska | Lincoln, Nebraska

Seven hills

Rabirius Chapter

University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati, Ohio

A trident

Satyros Chapter

Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona

A crown

Senenmut Chapter

University at Buffalo | Buffalo, New York

A hieroglyph

Seshait Chapter

Florida A&M University | Tallahassee, Florida

A Möbius strip

Severus Chapter

Kent State University | Kent, Ohio


A beacon

Sostratus Chapter

Washington State University | Pullman, Washington



Theodorus Chapter

University of Tennessee | Knoxville, Tennessee

A rampant lion

Vitruvius Chapter

Pennsylvania State University | State College, Pennsylvania


Two schools currently house APX colonies. If you are interested in starting a colony, please contact us.

A crescent

Demetrios Colony

Ohio State University | Columbus, Ohio


Syracuse University Colony

Syracuse University | Syracuse, New York

Dormant Chapters

Eleven schools have previously been home to APX chapters, but these chapters are not currently active.

A passant bengal tiger

Aristobulus Chapter

Clemson University | Clemson, South Carolina

A griffon

Daphnis Chapter

University of Arkansas | Fayetteville, Arkansas

A crescent

Demetrios Chapter

Ohio State University | Columbus, Ohio

An embattlement

Heracleides Chapter

University of Oklahoma | Norman, Oklahoma

A uass scepter

Imhotep Chapter

The University of Memphis | Memphis, Tennessee

An annulet

Kallikrates Chapter

University of Virginia | Charlottesville, Virginia

A rose

Paeonios Chapter

Kansas State University | Manhattan, Kansas

A cross moline

Polyklitos Chapter

Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A torch

Rhoecus Chapter

University of Kansas | Lawrence, Kansas

A double quatrefoil

Theron Chapter

Oklahoma State | Stillwater, Oklahoma

A six column Greek temple

Xenocles Chapter

University of Texas at Arlington | Arlington, Texas