Medal FAQs


Our college has several programs in addition to architecture. Could we present medals for those disciplines as well?

The Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal is limited to accredited architectural programs, as prescribed by the fraternity’s National Constitution. While we appreciate the sentiment of recognizing the allied arts in addition to architecture, we are not prepared to offer the medal to all related degree programs.

The medal recognizes a “graduating student.” Does that apply to undergraduate or graduate students?

Given the great diversity of architectural degree programs that have arisen since the medal was established in 1931, there is not a simple definition that applies to all. We allow each school select which graduating student to consider for the medal. Alpha Rho Chi does not distinguish between or maintain separate categories for undergraduate or graduate awards.

Our school has several deserving students, may we present medals to all of them?

To avoid diluting the award, we ask that schools submit no more than one nomination per year.

The Medal and APX Chapters

Does winning the medal make me a member of Alpha Rho Chi?

No, the award of the Alpha Rho Chi medal does not confer membership in the fraternity. Membership in Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity is generally limited to individuals who have been invited to join one of our active chapters and who have completed the fraternity’s ritual.

Is an APX Chapter a prerequisite for a school to present the Alpha Rho Chi Medal?

No, Alpha Rho Chi offers the medal at all accredited schools of architecture in the United States and Canada.

Do you have to be a member of APX to be awarded the medal?

Membership in the fraternity is not a criterion for awarding the Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal. The medal recognizes qualities of leadership, service and merit regardless of membership in the fraternity. That said, we are pleased whenever we are asked to award the medal to one of our active members.

How can I learn about starting a APX chapter at my school?

Please contact our Expansion Director at It would be our pleasure to discuss the possibility of establishing Alpha Rho Chi at your university.

The Medal’s Design

Who designed the Alpha Rho Chi Medal?

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal was designed by sculptor and APX member Robert Merrell Gage.

What appears on design?

The medal portrays Athena seated upon an Ionic capital with a skyscraper resting in the palm of her hand. The words “Alpha Rho Chi” are arranged in an arch over her head. The reverse side depicts elements from the fraternity’s badge along with the words “Leadership, Service, Merit.” The name of the recipient is engraved on the reverse along with the school name and year of the award.

How large is the medal?

The medal is octagonal and is roughly two inches wide.

Can the medal be worn on a ribbon?

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal – like many more famous awards such as the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, or Cadlecott Medals – takes the form of a coin medallion to commemorate the award or honor. Unlike military decorations, athletic honors, and some other prize medals, it is not intended to be worn.

Other Medals

The Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal is awarded at schools of architecture. Are there other types of the medal?

Yes, Alpha Rho Chi also awards medals in silver and gold. The Alpha Rho Chi Gold Medal is awarded by the fraternity to outstanding practitioners in architecture and the allied arts. The Alpha Rho Chi Silver Medal recognizes service to the fraternity. Both medals are only awarded with the approval of 3/4 of Alpha Rho Chi’s chapters and alumni associations.